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Greens on Screen started its life in 1999 before many of the football sites that we are familiar with today, including Plymouth Argyle's own official site. Greens on Screen is dedicated to the sights, sounds and history of Plymouth Argyle Football club. It is owned and run by the Plymouth Argyle Heritage Archive, a charity dedicated to the promotion, preservation, and display of the heritage of our great football club.

The site owes its existence to Steve Dean.Without Steve's dedication and commitment for over 25 years, GoS would not exist and be the valued and loved resource for all football fans that it is today. The site is truly the envy of many clubs, and we owe a huge debt to Steve for his tireless work, and continued support behind the scenes.

Greens on Screen's first page was published in January 1999. Its early purpose was to bring Plymouth Argyle a little closer to those unable to see their team, and whilst it has changed a great deal over the years, its core themes - sights and sounds for Westcountry exiles - still stand. The site was very lucky to take on the content of Trevor Scallan's Semper Viridis in the summer of 2007, and in 2009 launched GoS-DB, a wealth of facts and figures from PAFC's history. A year later, we embarked on a complete history of Argyle, with much-valued contributions from chapter authors. Greens on Screen was taken over by its new custodians, The Argyle Archive, in 2024.

Greens on Screen is an amateur website and proud of it. It is run by a team of volunteers from the Plymouth Argyle Heritage Archive (Argyle Archive). Without the hard work and much-valued contributions of these volunteers, running the site would not be possible. Greens on Screen is self-taught and as a result, a little bit quirky.

Greens on Screen remains advertisement free, which means we are grateful for the generous support of our donors and the work of our volunteers to help keep it free of promotions. If you would like to support the work of Greens on Screen, please consider donating to the Plymouth Argyle Heritage Archive.

GoS's sole aim is to be a service to fellow supporters, and we look forward to continuing to celebrate Argyle's history for many years to come.

Plymouth Argyle Heritage Archive.
April 2024

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Top 100 lists for the chosen competitions, with an option to limit the results to a range of seasons. Note: the first list - Time at Club - is for all competitions, regardless of selection.

Ranked by Time at Club
(see footnote)
1Wotton, Paul215183
2Hodges, Kevin1471
3Black, Sammy13146
4Leslie, Jack1341
5Craig, Fred2137
6Robertson, George12280
7McCormick, Luke311303
8Sloan, Frank11295
9Barlow, Martin11288
10Uzzell, John11274
11Bungay, Reg11216
12Larrieu, Romain11152
13Evans, Mickey211125
14Russell, Moses21133
15Cann, Harry1115
16Jones, Pat10341
17Raymond, Harry210338
18Williams, Johnny10215
19Shortt, Bill10187
20Hore, John10185
21Cooper, Leigh10115
22Pullen, Jack9359
23Cosgrove, Frank9354
24Vidler, Jack9340
25Dougall, Neil9277
26Burrows, Adrian9264
27Gorman, Archie29262
28Anderson, Peter9169
29Mitcheson, Fred9137
30Atterbury, Septimus29105
31Logan, Jimmy988
32Horne, William2979
33Harrison, Chris918
34Wyatt, Reg8341
35Sawyer, Gary28251
36Burch, Freddie28233
37Rae, Jimmy28141
38Ratcliffe, Paddy8103
39Silk, George28101
40Harper, Bill889
40Forbes, Billy2889
42Crudgington, Geoff876
43Kirkpatrick, Jimmy2867
44McKenzie, Fred847
45Demellweek, Jack810
46Govan, Alex27347
47Davey, Steve7307
48Newman, Johnny7286
49McCormick, Jimmy37265
50Johnson, Brian7247
51Foster, George7243
52Butler, Jack7242
53Saxton, Bobby7223
54Grozier, Tommy7195
55Tadman, Maurice7174
56Dews, George7167
57Wilcox, Harry37160
58Rundle, Sid7153
59Reeves, Mike7114
60Hardie, Alec748
61Sutcliffe, John722
62Strauss, Bill717
63Matthews, Alf713
64Connolly, Paul6351
65Deacon, Leslie6288
66Hodges, Lee26282
67Neale, Duncan6239
68Carter, Wilf6221
69Major, Les6213
70Cooper, Mike6201
71Roberts, Harry6169
72Porteous, Johnny6148
73Willis, George6146
74Nisbet, Gordon6120
75Randell, Colin26114
76Bland, Harry6113
77Mackay, Norman699
78Adams, Steve689
79Titmuss, Fred685
80Fulton, Bryce671
81Sullivan, Colin649
82Reynolds, Richard643
83Black, Tommy629
84Summerfield, Luke5358
85Bowden, Ray5352
86Leiper, John5347
87Dixon, Will25304
88Nelson, Curtis5295
89McCall, Steve25293
90Bickle, Mike5291
91Summerfield, Kevin5275
92*Not Known*, 5274
93Rogers, Alan5257
94Darke, Peter5247
95Astall, Gordon5240
96Baker, William5226
97Clark, Charlie5212
98Randell, Adam5174
99Black, Fred5170
99Furnell, Jim5170
Ranked by
1Hodges, Kevin58634
2Black, Sammy4910
2Wotton, Paul44942
4Craig, Fred4720
5Williams, Johnny4461
6Hore, John4347
6Jones, Pat4410
8Evans, Mickey35181
9Russell, Moses4020
10Leslie, Jack4000
11Cooper, Leigh3807
12Crudgington, Geoff3850
13Robertson, George3820
14Harrison, Chris37110
15Barlow, Martin34137
16Shortt, Bill3740
17Atterbury, Septimus3700
18Uzzell, John34212
19McCormick, Luke3464
20Wilcox, Harry3360
21Nisbet, Gordon3340
22Newman, Johnny3270
23Burrows, Adrian3168
24Larrieu, Romain3144
25McCormick, Jimmy3100
25Tynan, Tommy3082
27Gorman, Archie2980
27Sawyer, Gary28513
29Butler, Jack2970
30Dougall, Neil2900
31Randell, Colin2862
32Rae, Jimmy2870
33Logan, Jimmy2790
34Carter, Wilf2740
35Clark, Charlie2720
36Dews, George2710
37Raymond, Harry2600
38Anderson, Peter2580
39Roberts, Harry2570
39Saxton, Bobby2489
39Sullivan, Colin2525
39Vidler, Jack2570
43Forbes, Billy2550
44Tadman, Maurice2530
45Davey, Steve23812
46Burch, Freddie2480
46Foster, George23414
48Nelson, Curtis2388
48Ratcliffe, Paddy2460
50Horne, William2450
51Norris, David23211
52Hardie, Alec2410
52Mackay, Norman2410
54Marker, Nicky2361
55Heathcote, Mick2314
56Piper, Norman2330
57Cann, Harry2320
58Johnson, Brian21813
59Edwards, Joe19231
59Grozier, Tommy2230
61Hodges, Lee18537
62Porteous, Johnny2210
63Sutcliffe, John2200
64Wyatt, Reg2150
65McKenzie, Fred2140
66Sloan, Frank2130
67Baker, William2090
68Hardie, Ryan14464
69Furnell, Jim2070
70Dixon, Will2040
71Stonebridge, Ian14754
72Pullen, Jack1990
73Corcoran, Patsy1980
74Carey, Graham18611
75Bickle, Mike18411
75Rogers, Andy1905
77Astall, Gordon1940
77Kirkpatrick, Jimmy1940
79Coughlan, Graham1930
80Fulton, Bryce1920
81Chisholm, Jack1880
82Friio, David17213
82Sims, John1832
84Connolly, Paul1716
84Titmuss, Fred1770
86Adams, Steve14630
86McCarthy, Sean15422
88Sheffield, Jon1750
89Silk, George1720
90Beswetherick, Jon15415
91Black, Tommy1680
92Forbes, Fred1660
92Neale, Duncan1615
92Strauss, Bill1660
95Reid, Reuben14619
95Worrell, David1650
97Dunne, Pat1640
98Mayor, Danny14419
98Summerfield, Kevin14122
100Cooper, Mike1592
Ranked by
Goals Scored
1Black, Sammy1820.37
2Carter, Wilf1480.54
3Tynan, Tommy1440.46
4Leslie, Jack1370.34
5Tadman, Maurice1120.44
6Vidler, Jack1030.40
7Burch, Freddie930.38
8Hodges, Kevin870.14
9Bowden, Ray850.56
10Dews, George810.30
10Evans, Mickey810.19
12Bickle, Mike740.38
12Cock, Jack740.80
14Wotton, Paul660.13
15Hardie, Ryan620.30
16Mariner, Paul610.39
17Grozier, Tommy590.26
18Davey, Steve550.22
18Williams, Johnny550.12
20Forbes, Fred540.33
21Raymond, Harry510.20
22Langman, Neil500.51
22Reid, Reuben500.30
22Sloan, Frank500.23
25Carey, Graham490.25
25Sims, John490.26
27Marshall, Dwight480.31
27McCarthy, Sean480.27
29Anderson, Peter470.18
30Picken, Jack460.51
31Dixon, Will450.22
31Kemp, David450.47
31Stonebridge, Ian450.22
31Thomas, Dave450.45
35Friio, David440.24
36Astall, Gordon430.22
36Bowler, Bertie430.40
36Johnson, Brian430.19
39Binney, Fred420.52
39Richardson, Frank420.63
39Rickard, Derek420.35
39Strauss, Bill420.25
43Buck, Fred400.40
43Rafferty, Billy400.40
43Wilcox, Harry400.12
46Castle, Steve390.33
46Govan, Alex390.26
46Kirby, George390.38
49Cookson, Jimmy380.79
50Jephcott, Luke370.31
50McAnearney, Jimmy370.25
50Nugent, Kevin370.23
50Piper, Norman370.16
54Cherrett, Percy360.58
55Summerfield, Kevin340.21
56Dalton, Paul320.28
56Keith, Marino320.24
56Littlejohn, Adrian320.25
56Matthews, Alf320.22
56Melaniphy, Eugene320.46
61Boden, John310.44
61Dalrymple, Robert310.34
61Jervis, Jake310.24
61Lord, Frank310.36
65Hinch, Jimmy300.26
66Davis, Eric290.44
66Trebilcock, Mike290.36
66Whittaker, Morgan290.36
69Gauld, Jimmy280.39
69Norris, David280.12
71Batten, Bert270.29
71Jackson, Alex270.36
73Barlow, Martin260.07
73Cook, Jeff260.37
73Corcoran, Patsy260.13
73Coughlan, Graham260.13
73Dougall, Neil260.09
73McCormick, Jimmy260.08
79Alessandra, Lewis250.25
79Fowler, Jack250.64
79Mitcheson, Fred250.24
79Reynolds, Richard250.18
79Staniforth, Gordon250.22
84Bowler, Bertie240.30
84Corazzin, Carlo240.28
84Ennis, Niall240.25
84McGregor, Paul240.27
88Brown, Ron230.82
88Clayton, John230.25
88Ebanks-Blake, Sylvan230.31
88Edwards, Joe230.10
88Gallogley, Tommy230.16
88Hindmarsh, Jimmy230.37
88Hutchins, Don230.23
95Coughlin, Russell220.14
95Edds, Ernie220.25
95Fallon, Rory220.14
95Nelson, Garry220.25
95Rattray, Peter220.40
95Roberts, Harry220.09
Ranked by
Goals per Game
1Townsend, Len1.11110
2Middleton, Peter1.0001
2Swinscoe, Tom1.0001
2Wilkinson, 1.0001
5Rich, Len0.8335
6Brown, Ron0.82123
7Cock, Jack0.80474
8Meyer, Barrie0.8008
9Cookson, Jimmy0.79238
10Hullett, Bill0.69020
11Glover, Pat0.6676
11Smith, Jack0.6674
13Fowler, Jack0.64125
14Richardson, Frank0.62742
15Flood, Charlie0.6003
16Cherrett, Percy0.58136
17Bowden, Ray0.55685
18Carter, Wilf0.540148
19Binney, Fred0.51942
20Swann, Herbert0.51715
21Picken, Jack0.51146
22Langman, Neil0.50550
23Barnes, Bernard0.5003
23Bell, Bobby0.5001
23Bull, William0.5001
23Cave, Micky0.5004
23Jenkins, Ross0.5001
23Jewell, Ron0.5001
23Matt, Jamille0.5007
23Mitchell, Ken0.5004
23Richards, Percy0.50015
23Rooney, Louis0.5002
23Walker, Alan0.5001
23Wheaton, Archie0.5001
23Worden, Wilfred0.5001
36Kemp, David0.47445
37Mantle, Joe0.4677
38Tynan, Tommy0.465144
39Melaniphy, Eugene0.46432
40Wright-Phillips, Bradley0.45917
41Bell, Jack0.45510
41Prescott, James0.4555
43Thomas, Dave0.44645
44Boden, John0.44331
44Tadman, Maurice0.443112
46Davis, Eric0.43929
47Connor, Jack0.43219
47McLuckie, Jasper0.43216
49Hakin, Tommy0.42517
50Peddie, Jack0.41319
51Buck, Fred0.40440
52Vidler, Jack0.401103
53Loft, Alfred0.4002
53Rattray, Peter0.40022
53Simpson, John0.4002
53Thomas, Bob0.40018
53Williams, Keith0.4004
58Bowler, Bertie0.39843
59Rafferty, Billy0.39640
60Gauld, Jimmy0.39428
60Mariner, Paul0.39461
62Ladapo, Freddie0.38819
63Sargeant, Charles0.38712
64Bickle, Mike0.37974
64Thomas, Andy0.37922
66Burch, Freddie0.37593
66Kirby, George0.37539
66Lavery, Caolan0.3753
69Black, Sammy0.371182
70McKenzie, Thomas0.37010
71Anderson, Walter0.36814
71Wright, Vic0.3687
73Cook, Jeff0.36626
73Kellock, Billy0.36615
75Hindmarsh, Jimmy0.36523
75Jackson, Alex0.36527
75Lord, Frank0.36531
78Bryant, Eric0.3644
79Eggleston, Arthur0.36217
80Trebilcock, Mike0.35829
80Whittaker, Morgan0.35829
82Cox, Bill0.3575
83Rawlings, Syd0.35120
84McParland, Peter0.35014
84Rutter, Arthur0.3507
86Rickard, Derek0.34742
87Sheffield, George0.34510
88Leslie, Jack0.343137
89Dalrymple, Robert0.33731
90Allman, Messina0.3337
90Boardman, Paul0.3331
90Bourton, Clarrie0.3333
90Chitty, Wilf0.3331
90Edwards, Keith0.3331
90Evans, Peter0.3332
90Forinton, Howard0.3333
90Landon, Richard0.33312
90Mardon, Paul0.3331
90Middleton, Craig0.3332
90Nugent, Ernest0.3333

Ranked by Time at Club: the total time between first and final first-team games, whilst on PAFC's books. For players who left the club and then returned for a second or third spell, the time for each spell is accumulated. Careers interupted by war are broken into separate spells, so the war years are not included in the results. Loans from other clubs count as a separate spell; loans to other clubs have no impact.

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