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Tuesday 29th September 2020

Argyle have appointed former Yeovil Town goalkeeper Darren Behcet as their new first-team goalkeeping coach. He replaces Rhys Wilmot, who has opted to step away from first-team duties in order to focus on his role within the Pilgrims' Academy set-up. Ryan Lowe said: "We are delighted to have Darren join us, he is an excellent young coach and a really positive addition to the team. I would also like to thank Rhys, a legend of the club, for his dedicated work with the first-team. He will continue to play a big part in the football club through his new role with the Academy, and will always be on hand to support Darren."

Wilmot himself spoke of his emotional Argyle story, saying: : "It was my first season with the new Gaffer and Neil and the new set-up. I went into that season having had the conversation with the Gaffer I wanted to continue on, and he said 'no problem, of course you can.' That was brilliant. OK, there was a little bit of trepidation with a new set-up, new guys, new manager as is always the case when you're stepping into the unknown. Having worked with them within a couple of weeks I knew it was a great decision to stay on in there and carry on. Little did I know that my knees were going to deteriorate as badly as they did over the season, and they got worse over the back-end. Things became a little bit of a struggle for me. I think I was doing my job properly in terms of preparation, advice, and coaching, but I was struggling with my physicality."

"I had that conversation with Neil towards the end of last season, and there had been discussions about the goalkeeping role going full-time in the Academy. The work in the Academy has been so important to me, and it still is, so when I knew it was going to become a full-time role, I went 'wow, that's me all over'. I've been lucky in that respect, going to another full-time role within the club and with a staff that I like working with."

"My first association with first-team coaching was after administration, really, with Carl Fletcher and Nance. It got a little bit tougher as I got through the stages when I was working in the Academy, first-team, and the police I was effectively working three jobs at one stage. I'd done nearly 18 years. I had come to a stage in my life where I wanted to do the coaching more than I did anything else. I'd made my mind up, really.

"There is that tinge of disappointment, but it's overshadowed by the fact that Mike Cooper has made it. Not many coaches can turn around and say they've seen a full cycle in a player's development. I've been fortunate enough to have Mike since he was eight or nine years of age in the Academy. You look back at it I was in my infancy as a coach, and we've made that journey together. It's great that I've been able to see it and be involved in every stage of his career so far. I'm disappointed that I won't be with him every week, because we've been together on a daily basis for 12 years, but I am very proud of him."

"The coaching team is a very close-knit group, and you need the right mix. I think Darren is that young, enthusiastic, a good coach. I was more than happy to hang on until they've found that right man. I'd like to thank the management team, the Gaffer, Schuey, Neil Dewsnip, director of football for keeping me at the club when they brought the new regime in. I'm in the Academy on a daily basis, and always on the end of the phone. I'll be able to help out, if necessary, but it's Darren's bag now. I'm not going to step on fingers and toes I've got my work cut out, I've got to find the next Mike Cooper."


Ryan Lowe declared himself pleased with the defensive progress made and with the start to the season in general following 5 points from the first three games. He also confirmed that midfielder Lewis McLeod was taken off in the first half as a precaution against injury, adding: "I thought we were the most dominant side, second-half especially, the chances we created. I think Mike has only had to save two, and one's a ricochet for the goal. First half, to be fair, they dominated the first 20 minutes and then obviously we changed it around a little bit to match their two up, and we had Danny in the pocket, and we got a lot more joy. What pleases me most is the intention to keep the ball out of the back of the net also. You limit a good Shrewsbury Town team to two shots on target, shows that they're doing something right."

"You always get frustrated. We're in a new league, credit where credit's due to Shrewsbury, they're a good footballing side and they play the right way. Yeah, we were in the ascendancy, and we possibly could've got a winner, but sometimes that happens.We're the new boys in the league, we'll respect everyone but we won't fear them. We just need to go into these games on the front foot. We'll lose some, we'll win some, we'll draw some. Same today, but we're unbeaten. Would I have liked three points today? 100%, I would've. It wasn't to be, but we have five points out of three games, I'm pleased."

"Lewis had a little bang on his knee through the week, bone bruising. To be fair to him, he wanted to make sure he gave it a go, but that weren't Lewis in the first 25 minutes, so I made the decision for him and took him off the pitch. He was devastated coming off, but that could probably save us two or three weeks out, and hopefully he'll be alright for Saturday. We've just had some discussions there with the staff, and what we feel we need to work on a bit better. It's a big learning curve for us in League One this season because of the way we play, and we'll keep learning, we won't disrespect any team, and we know we need to tighten up in certain areas. When you win, everyone thinks it's alright. But, for us, we want to make sure we keep learning week in, week out, and we've got another good week to work with the boys."


Argyle have continued their unbeaten start to the League One season with a 1-1 draw at home to Shrewsbury Town. The visitors dominated the first 20 minutes and took the lead early on before another strike from in form Conor Grant equalised for Argyle. Argyle: M Cooper, Wootton, Canavan, Watts, McLeod(Camara), Moore, Grant, Mayor, G Cooper, Nouble, Telford (Hardie). Subs: Ruddy, Pursall, Edwards, Randell, Lolos.


Defender Jerome Opoku has joined Argyle on-loan from Premier League side Fulham. A ball-playing central defender who can also play at left-back, the 21-year-old joins on an initial deal until January. He will wear number 24 for the greens.


Plymouth Argyle FC can confirm that two individuals have tested positive for COVID-19, following the recent round of testing. The pair, who contain one player and one member of non-playing staff, will isolate in according with Public Health England. Saturday's game against Shrewsbury will go ahead as scheduled.


Although there is no requirement to do so, Plymouth Argyle have made arrangements to undertake a precautionary round of COVID-19 testing ahead of Saturday's game against Shrewsbury Town, having received confirmation that a number of Leyton Orient players have tested positive for coronavirus. At the time of writing, no members of the squad or football staff are experiencing any symptoms. As is consistent with government guidance, any member of staff who tests positive or begins to experience symptoms will be required to self-isolate.

Following Prime Minister Boris Johnson's announcement that the plan to allow supporters' return to stadia would be suspended indefinitely, Argyle released a statement to advise supporters that they will continue to engage with relevant stakeholders to encourage a safe and timely return to Home Parl. Andrew Parkinson, said: "We are obviously disappointed and remain hopeful that the Prime Minister's announcement today is only a temporary measure. Of course, the club is, like everyone, of the belief that health and safety of our community must come first. That said, staff at Argyle have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to implement the best possible COVID safety measures at our stadium, including engaging with industry experts. We feel that Home Park meets the highest standards in that respect. The financial position of lower league clubs during this crisis has been well documented. Without the return of supporters to stadia, our viability is impacted. It is not feasible to delay fans' return to stadia without a medium term solution in place. The club will continue to work with our partners at the EFL and the government to forge a way forward, and we thank all of the Green Army for their support in these challenging circumstances."


Ryan Lowe gave a mixed reaction to Argyle's 8 goal thriller at AFC Wimbledon, naturally far positive about the attacking than he was about the defending. The manager said: "It's entertaining, isn't it? Four goals should win the game away at any ground. I'm disappointed with the goals conceded, our shape was good, individual errors cost us the goals. Listen, what character the lads shown. Alright, the goals, we feel, could have been avoided, and that's what we'll learn. We're the new boys in League One, and that's what happens. AFC Wimbledon have been there for many years, we know what they're about, we gave the lads the game plan, and there were times that we struggled with it."

"The pleasing element is that I know I've got lads who just don't roll over. We're in a new league, we know that, last season they wouldn't have scored four goals, with all due respect, in League Two, because you get away with certain errors. In League One you don't, you get punished, and we got punished. It's a tough place to come, and when they get their new ground it's going to be even tougher so we've knocked it off the board now, and we're looking forward to a fresh week with the players."

"We're always pleased with four goals but the disappointing side of that is you shouldn't score four goals away from home and take a point, you should take all three. You can't foul on the edge of the box they scored two quick goals from a free-kick and one getting across. They're just things that we need to learn. We've got a great squad, they listen, they'll learn, and it's opportunities for other players. Niall's come on the pitch, Dom's come on the pitch, and they've done terrific. That's what we want. It's a case of giving headaches for me.

"We've got a squad in there that cares they're very professional in what they do, and their attitude is different class, to never know when they're beaten.

"We've now got a full week of training with the lads, and we'll keep working hard on what we need to work on. Our shape was good, our patterns of play, the chances, the crosses, but we need to stamp out those individual errors, because they will cost us."

Conor grant echoed the sentiment of his manager: "Mixture of emotions, definitely. At 4-2 down, you're fearing the worst, but I think that shows we've got a great togetherness and character to come back and get it back to 4-4, which, in the end, is a good point. We showed good character to come back from 4-2, but we shouldn't have let it get to 4-2 we were in a good position. As a team, we'll look to be better defensively. There's definitely a lot to work on."


Argyle were involved in a dramatic 4-4 draw at Loftus Road against AFC Wimbledon. The greens took the lead in the first half, spectacular strikes by George Cooper and Conor Grant being sandwiched by a Dons equaliser. Wimbledon went on the offensive in the second half, scoring three to lead 4-2 as the game reached its three quarter mark. A pair of substitutions however, proved inspired for Argyle, Niall Canavan and Dom Telford scoring within two minutes of eachother to level the scores. Argyle: M Cooper, Aimson, Wootton(Canavan), Watts, McLeod, Edwards(Moore), Grant, Mayor, G Cooper, Nouble, Hardie (Telford). Subs: Ruddy, Law, Camara, Lolos.


Argyle have announced the passing of former head of youth development Gordon Bennett. Bennett arrived at Argyle in 2006 as head of youth development, working alongside experienced youth-team coach Mike Pejic.


Argyle have confirmed that they are supporting efforts to re-introduce crowds to football league matches on a pilot basis before hopefully branching out to more regular attendances in October. CEO Andrew Parkinson confirmed: "Staff at the club, along with colleagues at the EFL and Plymouth City Council, have worked tirelessly to prepare for our fans' return to Home Park. Like many clubs in the lower leagues, Argyle is heavily reliant on ticketing revenues. In fact, even with growing revenue generation in other areas of the business including hospitality, conferencing, retail and commercial ventures ticketing accounts for roughly 70% of the club's gross revenue. A failure to address this issue, or to provide more concrete guidance on the return to stadia for supporters, will have significant consequences for many football clubs, and the people of the towns and cities they represent."


After delight in the first league game of the season, Argyle came crashing down to earth with a gutting loss to Leyton Orient in the League Cup second round in East London. Argyle looked to be cruising to victory after goals from Pantuche Camara and Kelland Watts saw us into a 2-0 lead at half-time. We had opportunities to extend the lead further but didn't take them. Orient got a goal back shortly before the break and began to take control of the game at that point, with two goals in the last 20 minutes earning them a 3-2 win and a plum tie against Spurs. Argyle: M Cooper, Aimson, Wootton, Watts, McLeod(Grant), Moore, Camara, Mayor, Cooper(Edwards), Hardie, Telford (Nouble). Subs: Ruddy, Canavan, Pursall, Lolos.


Argyle have started the season with a win and a clean sheet, Luke Jephcott's superb header proving the difference between the two sides in a 1-0 victory against Blackpool. The assist came from an unlikely source, Will Aimson crossing the ball in after a corner was cleared. Argyle had to defend deep at times but saw the game home with a memorable victory, their first win of the behind closed doors era. The 'new normal' saw thousands of fans tune in on ifollow from their sofas. Argyle: M Cooper, Aimson, Wootton, Watts, Macleod, Edwards, Grant(Camara), Mayor, G Cooper (B Moore), Nouble, Jephcott (Telford). Subs: Ruddy, Canavan, Law, Lolos.


Ollie Tomlinson has joined Barnstaple Town on loan. The Devon-born defender joins the North Devon outfit on an initial one-month youth loan, a few days after appearing in the Greens' EFL Trophy opener against Norwich at Home Park.


Argyle came out on the wrong end of a five goal thriller as the greens went down 3-2 to Norwich under-23s at Home Park. The hosts took the lead halfway through the first half but Klaidi Lolos equalised from the penalty spot after being fouled in the first instance. The visitors took the lead against early in the second half, only for Dom Telford to equalise again but it was the visitors who had the last laugh, taking the lead again with 20 minutes to go and seeing out the victory. Argyle featured Jack Ruddy on his debut for the club, joining earlier in the day on a short-term contract. He will wear number 26 for the greens. Gary Sawyer was taken off with Argyle 3-2 down, with what looked to be an ankle injury. Argyle: Ruddy, Tomlinson, Canavan, Sawyer (Pursall), Moore (Edwards), Lolos, Randell, Camara, Law, Jephcott(Hardie), Telford. Subs: M Cooper, Wootton, Miller, Craske.


Argyle young prospect prospect Rubin Wilson has joined Southern League Premier side Dorchester Town on a three-month youth loan. A first-year professional, Wilson had initially agreed to join local side Plymouth Parkway on a similar deal a few weeks ago, but, due to an FA regulation, the deal could not be completed.


Argyle have been handed a potential plum tie in the third round of the League Cup - if the greens can get past Leyton Orient first. The second and third round draws were conducted at the same time due to the packed schedule. Argyle will face Orient next Tuesday in East London and the winners will host Tottenham Hotspur the week after.


Argyle's competitive 2020/21 started with a bang after a thrilling 3-2 victory against QPR in the first round of League Cup. Argyle faced a tough opening to the game, going behind after just 65 seconds. They fought back well however, with Joe Edwards polishing off a flowing team move. Argyle took the lead shortly after the start of the second half but were pegged back within seconds by a Rangers equaliser. It was Argyle whoever who would go onto progress to the third round. Frank Nouble volleyed home a beautiful Conor Grant cross to keep the positive momentum going for Argyle. Argyle: M Cooper, Aimson, Wootton, Watts, MacLeod, Edwards, Grant, Mayor (Camara), G Cooper(Law), Nouble, Hardie (Telford). Subs: Coombes, Canavan, Randell, Lolos.


The good news keeps on rolling for Argyle as Ben Reeves has become the latest addition to the greens after a successful trial with the club. Central midfielder Reeves will wear number 14 for Argyle, after finishing his second spell with Milton Keynes.


Argyle's most exciting news of the close season yet has come today as the greens confirmed that George Cooper has rejoined the club on a three year contract. Argyle paid an undisclosed fee to sign the 23 year old wing back from Peterborough. Cooper will once again wear the number 32 shirt for the greens, hoping to build on his excellent 12 assists and 3 goals last season.

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