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Thursday 31st October 2019

Ryan Lowe revealed he is very much impressed with youngster Adam Randell as he continues to integrate himself around the first team squad. Lowe said: "He has been by far one of the best trainers since I came to the club. He needs to do better with his deliveries so he doesn't miss the first man on some corners or free-kicks. In training, every one goes in the right place and that's just a little bit of nerves. He's a terrific player, a terrific lad and he's learning. Schuey has been working with him on the training pitch, midfielder to midfielder. He deserved a chance against Chelsea and, with Joe not being here, he's been given an opportunity. He has had the two boys and they're all healthy. We would like to congratulate Joe and his missus, and the hard work starts now. We'll probably have Joe back in the building with us on Thursday."

Michael Cooper gave a critical analysis of his own performance, happy with his improvement compared to the Chelsea game last season but wanting to do better in his distribution of the ball. Cooper mused: "It's completely different to last year in a lot of positive ways. I feel like I have just improved a lot more. I feel more grown up. There is still a long way to go in the sense of being a presence, and all the techniques being better, but I have come a long way since last season. The Gaffer has definitely helped with filling me with confidence."

"That game still sticks in my head, in a positive way. The way I reacted at the time, first-year pro, it wasn't the way you should react. I should have just got on with it, pick myself up and dust myself down, and train harder. In the long run it has helped me massively. If you have a bad game, it's not the be all and end all. You can put it right the next game. When you have a few good games and clean sheets it just brings your confidence back up. That game was a massive learning curve for me. It was a baptism of fire really. Seeing the standard of the Chelsea players and what you aspire to be, and then to get pumped 5-0, it was just a massive shock to me. Since then, in the first team games I have been playing, I have just thought 'Why do I need to be nervous?' You can just back yourself and play. That game definitely helped me realise that."

"I made some saves and that, but from a personal point of view, distribution was pretty poor. The way we play, a keeper like Alex shows it on the weekends, being able to pick out your full-backs and pick out the spaces in behind when you need it. It's a big part of the way we play so I was very disappointed with that side of the game. I made a few saves but, obviously, that's what I'm there to do. It's just the added bits that need to be better. Although there was not that many people, it's still a first team fixture. You are still playing against the best players arguably in Europe at my age.

"So it's still a massive task and you have got to get yourself up for it. I have played four first team games this season and each one has been a different challenge. It has been really good. Even when the outcome hasn't been right, there have still been positives to take away from the game. After the drop off I had, I'm back to where I want to be, but obviously I want to get better. I'm loving it really, that's the only way of putting it really. I have got to remind myself that I'm only 20. I do forget I have got time, but you don't want to waste time either. Even when I'm on the bench watching the games, you still learn a lot off what Alex is doing. We help each other out as well. He asks me for pointers sometimes. We have got a good bond. He's top quality. I think he will play in the Premier League one day."

Ryan Lowe went on to add that, whilst not unhappy with his squad, he is prepared to dabble in January's transfer market, leaving open the possibility of inbound and outbound transfers. Lowe explained:| "I'm happy with the squad now. I have put that squad together from the start of the season. "Can that change in January? Course it can. Could one or two players move on? Yeah, course they can. Could I bring one or two players in? 100 per cent. With the squad we have got we feel we can compete. If one or two move out the door will I have some funds to spend? Yeah, course I will. I don't want to just throw money away. I will only sign someone if it's the right fit, and that's what every club does. They have recruitment meetings, staff meetings. Even now, at the end October, I'm getting text messages and phone calls off agents 'What are you looking for, what do you want?' We are no different. Every club does it. You might end up with one player, you might end up with none but you still plan, and that's we will do. If we need anything we will go for it. If we don't we will be fine."

One of the players who may be moving on is right back Tafari Moore who doesn't currently feature in Lowe's plans. The manager detailed: "Taf has been a good lad. He hasn't given us a day's problem. Unfortunately, he hasn't had a chance here or when he has he hasn't lived up to our expectations. We have made him available to go out on loan. That's not the case as yet. We are waiting for some clubs to potentially have a look at him and see if he wants to go. We have put an option in there that he can go and train somewhere to help the lad out."

"As I say the lad has been different class in and around the place. He hasn't spat his dummy out at all and he has worked when he has worked. I have got a squad that I feel is good enough to compete, and at this moment in time Tafari is not in them plans. That doesn't mean he can't stay around the club. It's his call, it's his agent's call. He has been terrific but he has just lacked games. We feel that he has got to go out and get some games, like some of the youngsters have also."

Finally, Lowe assured fans that Danny Mayor would be 'chomping at the bit' to return to the Argyle side following his absence in recent weeks. Lowe said: "People just look at Dan and think 'Yeah, he's the best player. He's this and he's that' but I didn't even have to speak to him. He just stays the same as the way he is. Deep down he was gutted but his answer was 'We are winning'. "Obviously, we have lost so that's then down to me about do I make changes, do I keep the same team? The attitude and application of Danny Mayor to everything is different class. I'm hoping when he does get called back into the team he has got that little fresh spark about him. He has been terrific. We don't have lads who spit their dummies out, and he certainly hasn't. He's champing at the bit to get back in the team. When I put him back you will hopefully see a fresher Danny Mayor. Dan probably played 40-odd games last season. This season he started every game up until the Carlisle game. Really, he has only had a week off of games because we played Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday. I have got no hesitation when Dan is ready to go back in, but the other lads have been doing terrific also."


In spite of another frustrating night for Argyle in the cup, Ryan Lowe was praiseful of goalkeeper Mike Cooper's performance after a number of smart saves in the game. Lowe said: "I didn't know about the game last season because that's irrelevant for us, whether he had a good game or a bad game. Coops has been terrific in training, he's been playing the way we want him to play and in the 11v11, good with possession and patterns of play. He deserved a chance and he's done alright. He can do better with his feet but he made some good saves, and he's there to get some game-time. He's a terrific goalkeeper and could probably play at the highest level with his shot-stopping. Sometimes, it's decision-making and whether to take a touch out of his feet. It's hard for Coops because most 'keepers are just taught to kick it and catch it. He's learning every single day, like Alex, the way I want to play. Alex has been terrific when he's played but can be better, and same with Michael Cooper."

Lowe also spoke of some of the other players who had made a return to the side in the game and the progress that they made, adding: "Billy Clarke's a clever player but nowhere near the fitness levels of the other players and Byron is just coming back. He has been sub lately and coming off the bench but he was a big threat. He could have potentially scored. They know the link-up play and what's expected, I thought they were alright. Will Aimsom is one of them who wants to stay on the pitch but he blew a gasket a bit, so we took him off. We'll manage him again in terms of his workload and I thought he was great in the first half. In the second half, he was ok but he was absolutely shattered. We're always happy with him and players up and down the country are going to make mistakes. It's about how you react to that and his reaction was superb."


Argyle have lost their third and final Checkatrade Trophy game 1-0 at home to Chelsea, with a late goal securing a win for the Blues. Argyle's progress to the next round will now be dependent on the final group game between Swindon and Bristol Rovers. Argyle: M Cooper, Aimson(Canavan)\, Wootton, Sawyer, Randell, Riley, Sarcevic, G Cooper (J Grant), McFadzean, Clarke(JV Grant), B Moore. Subs: Palmer, Peck, Wilson, Rudden.


Ryan Lowe has personally apologised to members of the green army for letting them down following Argyle's awful performance and dismal result at Exeter City. Lowe said of his team: "We're obviously disappointed to lose a derby 4-0. We've let the fans down and we're very disappointed in that. We apologise to them for that. We have to bounce back very quickly. I've bedded myself in down here, I know what it's about in a derby between Argyle and Exeter. That's why I apologise to them because it wasn't good enough. They've travelled in their numbers and we could have sold it three times over. It's disappointing for me as a manager that we didn't play our football, didn't play the way I like. It was a game of football we wanted to win and we haven't done that. We were beaten by a team that wanted it more than us today and that's disappointing. It's not good enough, we know that. Nobody means to get beat. We haven't gone out there and rolled over. We just haven't stuck to the plan and to the way we want to play. They got in our faces and we tried to force it. We've got terrific fans and we apologise to them. We have to get over it and we know they will be sticking with us through thick and thin."

"We will learn from it and that's the heaviest defeat we've had. It's against our arch rivals and that's disappointing. We're absolutely gutted for the fans, we've ruined their weekend and ruined ours as well. We work hard all week for today and we have to bounce back quick because that's football. I share the frustration and the anger because I've bedded myself into it, but what we can look forward to is the next game at home against Exeter in March, when we'll have over 16,000 fans. We can't dwell on it. We've got bigger fish to fry in terms of where we want to be in the league. We've lost a game of football against our arch rivals and now we have to bounce back."

"I can't say too much on the penalty, we've seen it back and we'll ask the referee to have a look at it. It was soft but the referee decided it was a penalty and we're not making any excuses. Conceding a penalty just before half-time kills your momentum and there wasn't enough willingness to fight, not enough desire and commitment, because that's what my teams are about. At this moment in time, we're very inconsistent. We come off the back of two good wins, scoring six goals and looking a good team. All of a sudden, we come away to Exeter and I didn't think we got opened up for the goals really.

"It was a penalty, a silly free-kick, lost our man from a free-kick, then a player has run off the back of our shoulder and the fourth one is a shot from the edge of the box and no-one's reacted. They're goals you can avoid and that's disappointing. It was an uphill task after conceding two goals and there are lessons to be learned. All we can do now is bounce back very quickly. We've bounced back before and we'll now assess for the next game. It's down to hard work and we'll make sure we put it right."


Argyle's good run of form came to an abrupt end with a 4-0 loss at rivals Exeter City. The game is the heaviest Devon Derby defeat since 1925. Argyle went in 1-0 down at half-time and a further three goals put an embarrassing slant on the final scoreline. Argyle: Palmer, J Grant, Canavan, Sawyer, Edwards(Clarke), Riley, Sarcevic, G Cooper, McFadzean(Mayor), Rudden(B Moore), JV Grant. Subs: M Cooper, Aimson, Randell, Taylor.


Joe Edwards stated his certainty that Argyle will be fully prepared for the game against Exeter City in spite of the fact that it will be a kick-off time two hours earlier than the norm for Argyle. Edwards said of the change in routine: "It's better, you haven't got much time left to think about it because you're right at it. I always get the feel of a bigger game when it's earlier. It gives that different added intensity and feeling about it. You wake up Saturday morning really looking forward to it and then you just can't wait to get started. I think with derbies, a lot of the time your physical state doesn't really come into question because of the adrenaline that goes through," he said. "You always find that added little bit. I don't think any of the boys will worry with how they feel physically. We've had two tough games in the week but with two wins that helps your mental side as well. We're going into the game looking forward to it and, like I said, I don't think you will be worried about how you feel with your legs. I think with derbies your form sort of goes out the window, but you would always want to be on a good run coming into it, which helps your mentality be right. Physically, both teams will have that same sort of adrenaline and they will be putting in the same effort. We focus on ourselves, what we want to do and how we're going to win the game. It is nice going into the game on the back of two wins, six goals and no goals conceded. As for them, they will have their own thoughts on the game and obviously they will be up for it as well, so it's going to be a great game, good occasion and hopefully we come out on top."

Ryan Lowe looked ahead to the game and further emphasised the viewpoint that all form goes out of the window ahead of a derby game. He looked ahead to the trip to Exeter with excitement, saying: "We've had to make up points to get on track. Overall, when you get two back-to-back wins and 23 points from 15 games, it's pretty good. I always say in this league there will be ups and downs. There will be teams that go on a good run, that's just the way football goes. Anyone can beat anyone, we're just happy with the work we've put in on the training ground. We've kept the back door closed and we'll always score goals. We haven't done thing s much different, just been a bit more clinical in both boxes. We've had two clean sheets, a 2-0 and a 4-0, which is what you want as a manager. When you work on things, it ultimately pays off."

"It goes out of the window. I've always followed Liverpool v Everton derbies, Celtic v Rangers, it doesn't really matter. If we win, great. If we get a draw at Exeter, then it's a good point. They've conceded some goals of late and we've scored plenty of goals, but that goes out of the window. It's going to be two teams locking horns for three points. They've been at the top of the league for a while and you've got to give them credit for that. They got off to a flyer and were unbeaten in so many games. Sometimes, that makes the rivalry a little stronger because Argyle will be thinking that should be us. We know we can overtake them if we win and they know they can claw away from us. We won't play the occasion. For me and my lads, we'll make sure we go about our business right, we'll train as normal and we won't change anything because it's just another game of football.

"I get it if it's a cup final or a game you need to win for promotion, but even then, we'd still do our normal stuff. It just gathers a bit of momentum and the fans are obviously excited. I'm excited to be manager of Argyle in a Devon derby but we will go about our business in the normal way. They're all big games because of the rivalry but we'll go about our business the right way, and I'm sure Exeter will do the same."

"Matt Taylor has done a terrific job up there. It's a club that, not being disrespectful, is different to Argyle. The expectations for us are massive, the expectations for them I wouldn't have thought are too massive. He's done a terrific job, he brings the kids through the youth system, but we've just got to worry about us. They will be hard to beat and will be looking to put points on board, just like us. I played with him in the same non-league team and he was actually a goalkeeper then. I've known Matt for many years and he changed from a goalkeeper to a centre-half. He's a good lad, he's managing a rival of mine and I'm managing a rival of his, but the friendship is still there. We came from the same non-league team and followed a similar journey. We've got lads we still keep in touch with from the non-league days at Burscough, but he's looking to get three points for his club and I'm looking to get three points for mine."

Lowe also expressed his disappointment at seeing Scott Wootton suspended for the game due to five yellow cards but said he has faith in Will Aimson or Josh Grant to step in and deputise: "Scotty's been magnificent but we've got Josh Grant and Will Aimson, so we'll have a look at those two and see who the best fit will be. It's then over to them. You've seen George Cooper come in for Danny Mayor after a couple of yellow cards and the next thing you know, Dan has to sit out a game. Scott is obviously disappointed to miss the game through suspension but if someone comes in and does the job, he might find himself in the same position as Mayor. We've got no worries because there are two terrific lads ready to come in. We've changed a lot this season but then you find that balance, whether your best player is in there or not. Danny Mayor might have to work hard to get back in the team but that's not saying he won't play on Saturday. I might still change the team, even though we've won back-to-back games. I'll pick what I think is the right fit for Exeter but it's always a nice place to have a bench like we did the other day."


Joe Edwards spoke of his anticipation for a big weekend both on and off the pitch as his wife prepares to give birth to twin boys for the first time. Edwards spoke about this as well as Argyle's big game with Exeter City. He joked: "If my phone goes off now, it's my Mrs calling from the hospital, we're due twins any minute now. I've told her from minute one that there's one day you can't have them and that's Saturday. It's looking more likely now. It will be a fantastic weekend if we can round off with a victory and then hopefully the little'uns will be born not too many days after that and I can then really celebrate them coming. I'm sure they will understand if I missed it to get the win over Exeter and I'll explain later on in life that it was all about getting the three points against Exeter. A goal would be nice; they don't come often but I do things in twos now because I'm having twins, so a couple of goals on Saturday would be perfect."

"She probably won't, no, but she's fully aware of the implications. Obviously, we're hoping it won't be on the Saturday and I won't have to make that decision. She's been very supportive of myself and the club have as well, recently I've had to have a few days off just to be with her and do the tests. It's been a stressful time but hopefully, if we can time it right, we will have a good game on Saturday and take the three points and, like I said, the boys will be soon after that."

"It will be, intense but I think over the last two or three weeks especially, we've had a real good tempo and focus about training. We went through a little sticky patch where we weren't getting the results we wanted, but we've put that right on the training field. We've worked really hard and the boys are looking fitter and fitter every day," said Joe. "If we can keep that up through the season, not just for this game, then I think that will put us in good stead. The training recently has been really intense, and I think we were probably due a performance on Tuesday where the goals came early, and we got ourselves in front. Recently at home, we've haven't started great and sometimes went a goal behind, but we've been working on lots of things. Our main focus now is just putting a run together of unbeaten performances."

Ryan Lowe noted that for once, his side would travel to a game on the morning of the game but did not believe this would have any impact on the match. Lowe said: "It doesn't really matter, it just means the lads can stay at home on a Friday with their families, rather than travelling to a hotel before the game. It won't change for us, just a normal Saturday afternoon. We're not going to change anything, just one change in the team, maybe two. People might look for excuses and say they've had two away games and the journeys have been horrendous, but it doesn't really matter. Teams have to come to us as well and we won't look for any excuses, and they won't be giving any excuses. Whether you're traveling 100 miles or 600 miles, you're going to play a game of football and to take three points."


Ryan Lowe was impressed with the clinical nature of his side's performance in front of goal as Leyton Orient were demolished by four goals to nil at Home Park. He had particular praise for Zak Rudden in the game. Lowe said: "Four goals and a clean sheet. I thought the pressing of our boys was different class. The work from Saturday to Saturday that John Lucas has got them doing, you can see it paying off. Overall, I'm pleased with the performance, the clean sheet, the goals and the overall work rate of the boys. That's what Zak Rudden gives you, he's a poacher, a sniffer, he actually said to me in the second half when a ball was crossed in 'you shouldn't have taken me off because I would have got that. I'm buzzing for all the lads when they score goals. I said to Fadz before the game as well, 'its' about time you got back on the scoresheet'. It is brilliant, I always say if you want to score, you can score, you can make yourself available to get chances to put the ball in the net."

Regarding George Cooper, Lowe added: "For the first one he put in a great ball, and then again for Zak Rudden's goal, that's what he does, I'm sure he'll be all over social media saying that's three in three. That's the quality George gives you, he's a great crosser. It's two different qualities you have because Danny is a great dribbler, that's how good his quality of delivery is."

Niall Canavan believes that Plymouth Argyle are still very much a work in progress after the two good wins which saw Argyle climb to the verge of the League Two play-offs. He spoke of the new style of play, adding: "It's not bad. We've got back to what we want to be doing - and we set our stall out as a group before this week knowing what is coming on Saturday. I think for the most part this season, the goals we have conceded have been from a lapse in concentration from one or two, or missing the ball slightly, or mistiming something. As soon as we cut out the errors, we know we will start to do much better. The last couple of games we've been pretty clean in our work and limited the opportunities for the opposition and that shows in the results. We knew we wanted to build through these two games and lead us into Saturday in the best possible way. So as far as that goes, I think we've done that job and now our focus is on the derby."

"It's nice to be given the role and be given the confidence to go and get on the ball and play the passes that they know I can play. I've been asked about it before the season, have you always had that passing range? Yeah, you don't just wake up and find it one day. Obviously, it goes with the style that the managers want to play, and I think I've said before we're really suited with wide players coming through."

"It's nice to see them go in. I felt that we were on top and it's nice to really take advantage of that. We've had some good halves of football this season and we've maybe not come away as clear in front as we should've been, so it was nice. We spoke at half time and said that the job is not done, and we have to be very professional in our work. I thought we were that at times and I think Saturday against Carlisle as well, we had to dig in and as a group we really stuck to our task. Like I said, we've spoken before this week saying how we wanted six points from these two games leading up to the derby and that's what we've got. We've very much taken it a game at a time and looking to build from one to the next, but we did set a stall out and say this is what we wanted. It can really kick us on to what is a good period of the season for us leading up to Christmas."


Argyle secured a thumping victory over Carl Fletcher's new side with a fantastic 4-0 win against Leyton Orient, where all the goals came in a first half blitz. Joel Grant scored in his fourth match in a row before Zak Rudden and Callum Mcfadzean extended the lead. An own goal on the stroke of half-time preceeded a quiet second half. Argyle: Palmer, Wootton, Canavan, Sawyer, Edwards, Riley, Sarcevic, G Cooper(Mayor), McFadzean, Rudden(B Moore), JV Grant (Clarke). Subs: Cooper, Aimson, Randell, J Grant.


We have been drawn away to Bolton Wanderers in the first round of this season's FA Cup. The match with the League One Trotters, managed by former Pilgrim Keith Hill, will take place on Saturday November 9th.


Ryan Lowe has assessed the performance of striker Joel Grant following his third goal in consecutive games, as Argyle secured a win over Carlisle. Lowe said: "I will always say to Joel, even when we've won, there are always nitty gritty bits I'll pick out, it's little small details that they take on board brilliantly, and that's how you get better. Joel is on a good run of form and 16 goals away from what I want. Joel has played lots of different positions," he said after the win. He has played wide left, out wide on the right; as a number 10 in behind the striker, so he is learning this role if you like. If I am being a little bit picky with him, I do want him to shoot more. He has been fantastic for me, though. It's always hard work when you want to get three points," said Ryan. "They threw caution to the wind a little bit to tried and ruffle our feathers, but teams will do that. We withstood that today and we were terrific. When you're winning 1-0 going into the second half, it's not always going to be easy. It is difficult when they suddenly throw six or seven players into the box, you think 'what's going on here?' I thought we managed the game well today, a lot better than we have done in previous games. It's great when Sarce seals it because there isn't long to go and you are cautious, most teams who come here are not just going to lie down. It's never going to be easy, so to get the win was brilliant."

Billy Clarke spoke about the experience of leaving his wife and children behind to come down south and play his trade for Plymouth Argyle. The playmaker explained: "I had Phil at Bradford and had a real, good relationship with him and his staff. He asked me to go in and have a couple days training, so I went and trained there for six or seven weeks. I thought I was going to sign there really but Phil left four or five days before the takeover. He did well to last there even that long with what was going on, it was definitely uncertain times for everyone at the club. He left and then the takeover did eventually happen and the new manager came in and had other ideas, which is fair enough. I feel good and I feel fit. I'm only 31, so I think I've got a lot more to offer. I feel fine and I haven't missed a training session or game since I've been back fit. I've been in training all this week and I feel that I've done well. I've known Ryan Lowe from playing against him, so when he asked me to come down – with me obviously being out of the game for three or four months – I just need some game time and to get playing. It was well-documented how good the football was he played at Bury, I did watch some games and had a few friends playing for them. Just as a guy though, he's a top, top man."

"The following that went away to Swindon last week, that was incredible – not even for league two, but incredible as an away following. When I have come down here before, the fans have always been passionate and it's always been a good atmosphere. I have always enjoyed it when I've come here to play for other teams. The week leading up to and this whole week has been good. I've only ever been down here to play football, I've now had a look around and seeing stuff has been good."


Argyle have returned to winning ways with a 2-0 victory over Carlisle. Joel Grant put Argyle into the lead early on and they withheld some pressure before a late goal by Antoni Sarcevic secured the win. Argyle were boosted by a surprise debutant in the second half: 31 year old attacker Billy Clarke was announced as signing before kick-off. Argyle: Palmer, Wootton, Canavan, Sawyer, Edwards, Riley, G Cooper(Clarke), McFadzean, JV Grant (J Grant), Rudden (B Moore). Subs: G Cooper, Aimson, Randell, Wilson.


Joe Riley has turned his focus to the next game against Carlisle, stating his hope that the green army can turn the ground into a hotbed of support for the greens. Riley said: "We all set a goal at the start of the season to be up there and challenging. It doesn't really matter to us about other teams, it's about what we do and the pressure comes from within. There's no pressure from us when looking at other teams. It's up to us to reach those targets and we've got two games at home now that we need to be winning, so we're not really thinking about the Exeter game. We have to be winning our home games if we want to be up there."

"The game this weekend is a good time to build a run. That's what we're hoping to do and start turning a point into three because that's promotion form. Turning draws into wins is what we need to do to be a successful team. That's our aim and what we want to do. You've got to be aware of opposition strengths because there are some good teams in this division. I know some of the Carlisle players and they've got some good players, so you have to be aware of that. It is drummed into us that we have to focus on what we can do and we know that we can compete with any team in this league if we're at it. We don't look too far forward and we've got to take each game as it comes. Carlisle will be a tough task and that's what we're all focusing on."

"I've been in that situation when I came here with Bury a few years ago and you know it's one of the best grounds in the league. You do raise your game for it. You look forward to coming out here and playing in front of 10,000 fans because you don't always get that in League Two. The Green Army have been terrific. They got a lot of praise for last week and rightly so, it was outstanding to make those numbers, especially at our level of football. It shows what a great group of fans they are. They've been great this season and I'm sure they will be again on Saturday."


Joe Riley has spoken out about the demands of his role as right-wing-back in Ryan Lowe's attacking system, stating he has enjoyed getting in on the scoring action a bit more. Riley: "It's the best feeling in football to be scoring goals. Hopefully, when I'm up there, I can have a few more shots and keep getting on the scoresheet. We've got to have that string to your bow, especially when playing at wing-back and playing the way we like to play. He wants us to be playing higher up the pitch and, if you can chip in with a few goals, that's great. It's demanding but one that is enjoyable. You're not just a full-back, who sits back and defends. You have to be fit and can't really carry any niggles. It's a very enjoyable position, I like playing it and want to continue playing it. He played fantastically well that night and we all did as a team. It was probably one of the best performances of the season and we're feeling confident, which we can hopefully show this weekend. We all know there are goalscorers in the team and good technical players, who, when in front of goal, can show a calm head. Hopefully, we can all chip in with more goals through the season to help us win games."

Meanwhile, Ryan Lowe spoke about Dominic Telford's return to fitness and revealed the striker has been training at St George's Park. He later went on to speak about Argyle's fitness generally: "Dom went to St George's Park because we wanted to get him away for a clear week. Dom's in a position where he's not that far off but we wanted him to have something a little different. What they have there through the PFA is phenomenal and everything they've got is different class. He's up there and feeling good, so we'll address that tomorrow morning. Saturday may come a little too quickly but he's not far away. Taylor won't be available, Conor Grant won't be available, Danny won't be available because of the ban. Byron Moore is fine, Telford is in St George's Park and back with us tonight, so we'll address that tomorrow. Byron Moore has trained all week and up for selection on Saturday."

"We've got quality players who can go in there. We could do all sorts, play a flat two in there we can do what we want in terms of how we want to play. Danny's a terrific player but I'm more happy that someone will have the opportunity to go in there and fill Danny's boots."


Whilst Lowe concedes Argyle will miss talismanic Danny Mayor, he stated his faith in Argyle's squad depth and strength that he believes will allow us to do well even with key players missing. He argued: "That's what you have a squad for. We'd like to have a settled 11 players each week, most weeks, but you can't nowadays because the games come thick and fast so that doesn't happen – I don't think there would be one team in the country that's got a settled team. You only have to look at Liverpool – they are swapping and changing their midfielders every other week. We're the same; we'll keep doing it. We've got a couple of injuries; we don't want that but, when you do find a settled squad, something always happens in football. So, even if we did have a settled 11 for the past three or four weeks, I guarantee someone's going to get a little niggle or an injury, or loss or form, or a yellow card like Danny's got and misses the game. I'm not too worried about it; that's what we've got a squad for."

Meanwhile, he had stern words for some of Argyle's younger strikers who have currently been overtaken in the pecking order by youngster Rubin Wilson. He said, first of Klaidi Lolos: "He needs to do better. There have been times when he's been fantastic and times when he hasn't. Young Rubin's in form for the youth team at the moment, so he warrants his place on the bench, Alex Fletcher is another one. They need to perform and they need to show me that they are good enough. At this moment in time, they are not showing me that. The ones that are showing me that are Jude Boyd and Rubin Wilson and Pecky. Hence, they travel with us. If you don't show me, you don't travel."

Whilst Argyle are still looking for the league win to re-ignite their season, George Cooper spoke positively about using the Swindon game as a springboard to better things with particular regard to the support shown by the Green Army. Cooper opined: "We were on top of the game. For the last half an hour, I don't think they got out of their half, maybe the odd counter-attack, but we just need to try and turn that point into three. It's actually a good point, away at Swindon. I know I need to be getting assists and goals. I played in Joel and it was a good finish, we tried to go on and win the game but it wasn't to be. They're a great group of lads and there's great staff. When I've been playing games the past few weeks, I feel like we are on top most of the time, we just need to turn a point into three. It's five out of six unbeaten and if you can keep that going over the coming months you're going to be up there. As long as we start winning our home games and picking up what we can away from home, we are going to be up there."

"I've never seen anything like it. I've been playing professional football for five or six years now and I've never seen anything like the Argyle fans. They get behind us and they are the twelfth man. We have a few important games coming up and then we have to keep taking every game as it comes."


Ryan Lowe gave a characteristic breakdown of the game, citing the substitutions as being the main difference-maker in the match. He assessed: "It's a good point. Both teams were looking to get three points, but it wasn't to be: Swindon scored a good goal on their behalf; we scored a fantastic goal on our behalf. We feel their goal could have been avoided. We were comfortable but we weren't passing and playing as well as I want us to. Swindon put a high block on us and stopped us playing a little bit. I still want us to be a bit more brave, still try and play. Niall's come on; he's done fantastic. Jose's come on; he was fantastic, George Cooper was, too. They are what you want. They have been impact players today because they have impacted the game, come on and done fantastic. That's what you've got them for. I'm the manager – I have to make those decisions. Sometimes people won't be happy with them. Will's more of a defender and a bit more pace in behind, and more dogged and aggressive. I'm not saying Niall's not, but Niall's a footballer, he gets you on the ball, so it was tactical that we made a change and I'd like to think it worked. They are my players. Whether they play or come off the bench, I know what they are going to give us."

"I think for the goal their lad's headed it out and Joe Riley is out of his slot. They have come down; we think we've delayed it and then a little bit of clever movement from their strikers – our centre-half goes with him and leaves a gap. It's a great finish on their behalf but that shouldn't happen from attacking to defending. If we'd gone in at half-time 0-0, who knows what would have happened second half?"

"The message was the same. You know if your team is on form or not and I didn't feel we were at that time; we wanted to get the ball down and play a little bit more – there were a few high balls and I thought the first half was a second-ball game. The substitution was happening anyway. That's what we work on during the week. I thought we could have had a couple more in the first half, and, in the second half, Sarce had one blocked on the line. We've worked our magic; we've got in some little areas, some clever play. Coops and Joel Grant combined very well for the goal. It was a fantastic goal on our behalf. As a manager, you want that more and more and more. We got one and both teams came away with a point which I thought was probably deserved for both teams."

Danny Mayor will be suspended for the pending match against Carlisle following his fifth yellow card of the season coming in the game. Lowe said of his star man: "He's got a free week now. He can't play next week, so it might be a little bit of freshness that he needs because he's played a majority of the games. He hasn't trained all week because of his ankle; he's had an injection to play at Swindon. So you have to give a little bit of leeway there. He is frustrated at times because he does get dragged around, kicked and pushed. It's football; it's a contact sport – we know that. He's a man, he can take it – we've seen the qualities of Dan already – but there's certain times in certain games when he's not going to flourish all the time. But he's a match-winner and we need to keep him on the pitch. When you've got the lad coming to you, saying he wants to play and he doesn't want to let down the fans, the club, his team-mates and I suppose me and the staff…he's a match-winner, so when you've got match-winners in your squad and the team, of course you've got to play them."

George Cooper returned to the side at Swindon, sporting a face mask and he spoke about his return to the side following a nasty injury at Mansfield, reflecting: "It wasn't the easiest for a few days. At the time, I didn't think I had done anything too bad, and then about half an hour later my face swelled right up. I went to the hospital and had a scan and they said, 'you've cracked your cheek and fractured your nose'. It's just one of those things - luckily it was only two weeks out, I'm back playing now, I got out on the pitch at Swindon and made an impact, so hopefully I can get a start next week. I didn't want to waste any time," he said. "I'd just come here, and I wanted to make an impression straight away, so I didn't want to waste any time having operations, I just wanted to kick-on. I just wanted to play; me and the Gaffer had a chat straight away and said I wasn't going to have the operation and wanted to get back playing as soon as I could. I trained for the first time since I broke my nose, so hopefully I'll get a full week next week and then be ready for the next game. I've got to get used to the mask, it's doing the job. I got whacked on the nose as soon as I'd come on against Swindon and it started bleeding straight away but I think the mask saved me. I don't think about the injury, these things happen, I just need to get a run of games and show why the Gaffer tried to get me to the club."


Argyle have kept the unbeaten run going but still failed to secure a win with a 1-1 draw at Swindon Town. The Robins took the lead just before half-time but Argyle fought back after a string of subs with Joel Grant eventually scoring our equalising goal from a George Cooper assist. Argyle: Palmer, Wootton, Aimson(Canavan), Sawyer, Edwards, Riley (Baxter), Sarcevic, Mayor, McFadzean(G Cooper), JV Grant, Rudden. Subs: M Cooper, J Grant, Randell, Wilson.


Ryan Lowe spoke out about Alex Fletcher's frustrating loan spell at Aldershot Town, hoping the striker can be used in his best role going forward. Lowe said: "I don't really want to get into it too much. Look, he went out and got a bit of experience. They didn't play him as a striker, which we wanted him to. I would rather not comment on it. He's back with us now, he has got to work hard and see if he can find himself in and around the squad."


Ryan Lowe has emphasised how he can't wait to be in front of the travelling Argyle fans, when a 2,300 strong green army go to Swindon for the league re-match. Argyle: "When there are 2500 screaming Green Army fans, I want to be there,"I wouldn't mind being in the stand with them, standing with them behind the goal or sitting with them because they're fantastic."

"I wanted to be upstairs on Tuesday night because I wanted to have a look at some things and, what I looked at, we've analysed. It's good for me to see that side of it, especially from upstairs."

Skipper Gary Sawyer gave a glowing appraisal of his new manager's philosophy, as the season reaches its two month mark. He said: "It's great, a real freedom to play. It's been really good for us. He's brought the players in that can play in that way that he wants, it is just getting used to things through pre-season and now to the start of the season, but I've really enjoyed it. Playing left centre-half is a role I really do enjoy playing, it's a bit different to what I would've been used to, but I'm relishing the chance to have a go at it."

On the injury front, Lowe added: "George Cooper is back training, with a funny mask on, but there's no need to rush him either. George is 100 percent available for Saturday, provided he doesn't get a bang on it. I would have thought he'd be alright; he's chomping at the bit. There was talk that he needed to get an operation but he didn't want it. I certainly didn't want it. The mask is the way forward. Conor Grant has got a scan. We'll have that injury addressed, but he's feeling better. We're just hoping with Conor that it's a bit of fatigue. He hasn't played many games of late but he's played two back-to-back. We're hoping it's a little bit mentally fatigued rather than any kind of muscle tear. There might be a little bit of soreness but hopefully it's not a tear. Danny Mayor and Callum Mcfadzean have both been working in-house, they've been up the gym and done some recovery stuff," he said. They've both probably played the most minutes, I thought it was only right to give them a bit of a breather. A bit of a rest period. They'll be at it in training, ready for the weekend."


Ryan Lowe hailed a complete footballing performance from his side as they won 3-0 at Swindon Town in their second game of the Leasing.Org trophy. He said: "It was a good response, not just because of the result but also because of the football we played. I've asked the lads to go back to playing the right style and they did that tonight We played ever so well. We made a few changes to freshen it up and we've come up against a Swindon team that is a good team, they like to play. We know it's going to be a different game on Saturday but to come here on their turf and dominate in large parts was the complete performance and what I wanted footballing-wise. The result is great and scoring three goals, but it was the performance I wanted. We need to get back to our patterns of play and playing the style that we've been playing. At Mansfield, we did it in the first half and then backs-to-the-wall in the second half. On Saturday against Scunthorpe, it wasn't great, even though we found ourselves 2-1 up with a minute to go. Tonight was a complete footballing performance. It can always be better, we could pass it a bit quicker but, for us, it's a good win, a good solid performance and I'm pleased."

Zak Rudden has spoken about his transition into the side following his move from Rangers this summer. Rudden explained his goal in the game first, saying: "It was a good build up. Gaz Sawyer put a great ball in, it's come to my head and I've got it in the net. I've seen it and I've gambled, I've got to get myself in there and I've done it. You've got to take positives from today and take them to Saturday," he said. I've done alright tonight but there were bits of my game that could've gone better. I should've had a couple more goals, but I'm taking what I got tonight and looking on the positive side and try to hopefully get a game on Saturday."

"I've had a tough start, it's been 12 weeks that I've been out through injury. Coming back, I wasn't 100% myself and got thrown in but I like that, you've got no time to think, you've just got to react. To be fair, I could feel myself not 100% right but I just wanted to keep myself going. I've never been injured before a serious one like that, so I thought it was part of being injured but I knew in the back of my mind I wasn't 100% right. I went back to Rangers, had a wee bit of down time for a couple of days and built my leg back up. I had a big cyst behind my knee that had burst, so that was a problem I never knew I had but now it's all good. I've got to kick-on now. Hopefully, I can keep going for the goals and making sure I'm scoring every chance I get in training to get a game."

Lowe said of his loanee: "I'm pleased for Zak because he's been through a little bit of injury. He came from an injury with Rangers, we threw him in at the deep end and he then got another niggle. He deserved that goal and probably could have had a couple, so he's disappointed with that. If you put balls in the box and players in the right areas, that's what happens. We did that and the second and third goals completed it. We want to play football, score goals and we could have had more. Overall, I'm pleased with the chances we're creating. I hadn't seen much of Rubin but he came on against Watford last week and he changed the game. It's his birthday as well, so a nice present from me and the staff, and the football club. When someone comes on with a willingness to run around, all my strikers have to do that. I said to him 'well done last week' because he changed the game, along with Jude Boyd. Jude had his chance against Bristol Rovers and now Rubin's got his chance."


Argyle look all but certain to progress to the next round of the Checkatrade Trophy following an impressive 3-0 win away to Swindon. Goals from strikers Joel Grant and Zak Rudden fired the greens into a first half lead before Joe Riley put the cherry on the cake. Young apprentice Rubin Wilson made his debut from the bench. Argyle: M Cooper, Wootton, Canavan, J Grant, Edwards, Riley, Sarcevic(Wilson), C Grant (Randell), Sawyer, JV Grant, Rudden (Taylor). Subs: Palmer, Peck, Aimson, Lolos.


Will Aimson expressed his pleasure at opening his Argyle account with two goals but frustratedly admitted he'd gladly trade them for a clean sheet and three points. He said: "It's not like we've been carved open. It's a long ball and it's not been dealt with, and it's a runner off. I've held my hands up. I'll look at it back and try and learn what I could have done better; I know there is something I could have done better. A few others will, as well. You ask any defender – if you've scored, but not won the game and you've conceded, you'd trade your goals all day long to win 1-0. We're disappointed. We know we weren't really at our best, but going 2-1 up with 10-11 minutes left, you have to see the game out. There's no other way around it."

"It was a tough game at Mansfield and we really dug in, as a whole team. I wouldn't say the back three or the back five – it came straight from the front, the top boys, and we really did dig in and worked hard. That's why it's so gutting. To get that close to getting the three points and then a soft goal to concede. It's a tough one to take. It's fine margins. You look at Alex last Saturday – he's made a great save for us in the last minute; he could have done the same. We have got to limit teams to those chances late on if we're a goal up. We are going to have a lot more scenarios like that this season, so we have got to learn. We have got to be tighter and tight-knitted at the back. Last Saturday, we ground out a clean sheet and got a win; we weren't as good – that's out there for everyone to see. It's frustrating. We need to get that consistency and start putting runs of results together."

"You have got to be lively in the box and, if we can add goals, as defenders, it's great; it helps everyone out. It is the same as when the opposition get corners – you have got to be just as lively and keep them out. Set-plays are a big part of football. We have got boys in the team – a few of them – who can put [the ball] in good areas, so it is important, when we go up for corners, you have got to be positive and think 'I am going to get on the end of one of these.' When I'm going up for a corner or a set-piece, a free-kick, you have got to have it in your head that you are going to get on the end of it. There's no point going up if not. If the ball is loose in the box, you have got to be lively – you can't just stand and watch – that's how they have come about, just being lively in the box and, if, as defenders, we can add to it, that's great. But the priority is keeping them out of the other net, so it's obviously bittersweet. I'd trade those two goals for a 1-0 win."

Ryan Lowe threatened Argyle's underperforming players with being moved on if they didn't increase their level of performance following the disappointing draw against Scunthorpe. He said: "The players were up for the game and I drummed it into them all week that they were going to come and fight for their manager. He is a good guy, a good manager, a leader and they've got some terrific players. I just felt we looked a bit lethargic all over the park and that's down to us to sort out. Did we press enough? Probably not. Did we give them a little bit too much time? Yes. Could we have scored more goals? Yes. They were definitely up for the game because when you come to Home Park in front of 10 or 11,000, why wouldn't you be. I just felt our runs, our decision-making, our crossing wasn't there. I've said all along we're a work in progress. Even if we'd won the game, I wouldn't have been happy. It's a point but I wanted an extra two. When you're playing teams like Scunthorpe and where they are in the league, you have to punish and we didn't. In terms of going on a run, I think we're ready to give someone a grilling in goals because we're creating so many chances, they're just not going in. I don't use excuses, you've got to make sure you put the ball in the back of the net. The frustration will have to go quickly because we've got another game Tuesday and then again on Saturday. We'll analyse it and make sure it's done properly, but it's hard to put it to bed. There weren't many rights and you can't keep conceding goals. I'll make sure we put that right and I've got players who may be ready to step back in, but if it comes to January and they're not performing, they'll move on. I know I've got the backing to bring people in and I'll certainly have to manoeuvre to move people on. They need to have a good look at themselves and they know that. They're disappointed because you've got to see a game out."

Aldershot Town have decided not to extend the initial one-month loan of Argyle striker Alex Fletcher. The 20-year-old signed for the National League club at the start of September. He made six appearances for the Shots, including three starts, but did not get any goals for them.


Ryan Lowe declared himself very annoyed at poor performances from a multitude of players as Argyle surrendered a late point to draw to Scunthorpe. He said: "I'm angry, disappointed and it was not good enough. Overall, the game wasn't good enough and the performances from every single player wasn't good enough. I've always said that we're not quite there yet and that just proves it because, whatever you do, however you do it, you make sure you don't concede when there's 30 seconds or a minute ago. They've all failed in the attempt to win three points today, which I'm angry about because to get where we want to get to, that can't happen.

"You see different sides to them. You look at last week and it should have been the same. We can't just let one guy have it and another guy run through it. We work hard for our goals, we work on set-pieces every day but teams are not working for goals against us, they're given them. We should be scoring more but it's pointless talking about that. We've got two goalscorers on the injured table and that's no disrespect to the other lads, we know where it stands. We can't keep continuing to score two goals at Home Park and come away with a point, it can't happen. I thought it was a disgusting game from start to finish. We didn't have energy, our decision-making was poor and we stumbled when we got into the final third. No disrespect to Scunthorpe but their coming to our turf, and we've got to be in their faces. I was disappointed with the whole game and at one point, I thought we'd nicked three points, but the lads would have still been told where the wrongs were. We nearly nicked it but the football was poor from both teams. The standard wasn't great today and they say good teams win ugly. We're not quite a good team yet because we didn't win."

He expressed particular frustration at the lack of game management, adding: "Is it a desire to keep the ball out of the net? Possibly. Or mentality in thinking we've already won? You've not won until the final whistle. We've got to get better at managing games of football, get better at being clever. I don't know how many times their centre-halves threw themselves to the floor when there's a touch. The referee picks the ball up after the corner, gives it to their player, the 'keeper kicks it and they go up the other end and score. I was disappointed the referee has picked the ball up off the grass, given it to their player, he throws it to the 'keeper and scores. I'm not blaming the referee but you don't normally see that. I'm frustrated and angry because you've got to have it in your blood that they're not going to score. They weren't like animals but I know they care. They're disappointed and they've had a roasting in the dressing room because you have to make sure you come away with three points and not one. Last week at Mansfield, we got six yellow cards and a fine from the FA. This week, we get no yellow cards but we should have won the game 2-1. I don't want to be getting too many yellow cards but I want them getting stuck in. We gave away too many fouls for nothing but it didn't reflect on the game really. Whether it's keeping the ball at the other end, whether it's fouling the lad as he comes across, whatever it is, we've cost ourselves two extra points."


Argyle returned to Home Park without a win following a late, late equaliser from the visitors that saw the spoils shared. Scunthorpe, featuring the returning Yann Songo'o, took the lead early on but a brace from Will Aimson saw Argyle take the lead before the late sucker punch. Argyle: Palmer, Wootton, Aimson, Sawyer, Edwards (Riley), C Grant, Sarcevic, McFadzean, JV Grant, Taylor (Rudden), Mayor(J Grant). Subs: Cooper, Canavan, Randell, Lolos.


Ryan Lowe has warned that Scunthorpe United are in a false position ahead of Saturday's game between the two sides, urging that the greens don't take the iron lightly: "No, not at all. Paul Hurst is a fantastic manager, he's been there, done it, seen it, he's probably got one of the best squads in the league. There's a lot of players in there that have been Championship level and certainly League One level, so we don't take anything for granted. We know they are down the bottom; we said this a few weeks ago they are in a false position for me. I don't know what's going on there, but listen, they're not turning up here just to make their numbers up, they're turning up here to try and get a win."

Lowe went on to speak about his passion, following his fist-clenched reaction to Argyle's win at Mansfield last week, saying that it is a fundamental part of who he is: "There are not always going to be games where you have to fight and be bullish about everything you are doing, and putting your bodies on the line. I would rather not have many games like that, in all honesty. I would rather have a good footballing game where both sides are playing good competitive football, rather than balls coming in your box 24/7. But, look, that's the league we are in. Some teams do that and you have to withstand that. You are always pleased when you get a clean sheet and you see your lads putting bodies on the line, and that's not just the back lads, but from the front also. Most importantly, we want to continue playing our brand of football."

"We have just done a stat pack for the last 11 games and we are in the top five in everything we do. Whether that's dribbles, crosses, entries into their box. That's what we want. We want to get higher and higher in that. In terms of the philosophy and the way we play we will always continue to do that, but there can be a little bit of a tweak to the formation or an extra body up front. It's exciting to see and exciting to be a part of trying to build something here. We are not just building for the season. We are building for the future and I would like to think that the foundations are now starting to go into place.

Lowe added he believes George Cooper will soon be back fit for a return to first team action, adding that Cooper has opted against an operation. Lowe explained: "He doesn't want an operation now. He has missed a lot of football of late and he doesn't want to miss any more. If it's a hairline fracture or a crack of his cheekbone, it's irrelevant isn't it? It's only going to heal. For him to get a plate in there, he's going to be out for probably three months. He doesn't really want that, and I don't want that. He's seeing a specialist today and then once we get the run-down on that we will know more. It depends what the specialist comes back with today. If he says there is a crack in there but it's healing and he can get us a mask within 24 hours then he will be available. As I say, it's not going to get any worse. If his cheekbone is cracked, it's cracked, there is nothing he can do. He might look better in a mask mightn't he?"


Assistant manager Steven Schumacher has admitted that he and Ryan Lowe may disagree on many matters at times but says that they compliment eachother perfectly enough that it makes up for it - speaking of their great working relationship. Schumacher said: "We complemented each other when we both played together at Bury. "I was captain and he was star striker, scored all the goals. Ryan, as a player, was exactly the same to what he is now, and I was probably exactly the same. I'm a little bit more thoughtful. Ryan is a little bit more passionate, instinctive, off the cuff. So, putting them two together, I think you have got a good team. We complement each other well. We don't agree on everything. We don't see eye to eye everything and we have fall-outs constantly but because we are best mates it's forgotten about. We will have an argument over a training session and as soon you walk off the training pitch it's forgotten about, it's done and dusted. We will disagree during a game or at half-time, or whatever. But I feel I have got the authority, because I'm his mate and I have known him for so long, to say 'No, I don't think you are right'. He will go 'Well, I am right' and I will go 'Well, I don't think you are'. He might go away and in the end we will all come back together and I might think 'Actually, you know what, the Gaffer had a point'. Or he might think 'Schuey had a point' so we complement each other well. We trust each other 100 per cent. We are mates, we always have been. Long may this partnership continue."

"It was our very first job interview so maybe that's not how it works. We are not sure, we are inexperienced at that. At the back end of last season at Bury, we were challenging at the top of the league, we had seen what was going on behind the scenes and we were a bit fearful. We were like 'Wow, we might have to start seriously considering our next move' because we could see the writing on the wall, if you like. When this opportunity to get the job at Plymouth Argyle came about we said 'Right, okay, we need to plan and prepare this, and make that if it's our first interview it's not our last. So we both sat down with Jimmy Dickinson, the performance analyst, and Neil Dewsnip and we put together a presentation. Ryan, myself and the agent went down to London and we said 'We will both go in the room. We are a team, so we will both present it.' Ryan obviously led the interview and I was there to support, like I think a good assistant would do.

When Andrew and Simon asked me any questions, I gave them my opinion. I think even in the interview Ryan and I disagreed on some things. As I say, he sees things slightly different to me. I'm a bit more analytical. I look for numbers and data. Ryan is more instinct and gut. I think the board could see that in the two of us. We are slightly different but, as you have said, we are a good marriage – we are a good couple. It has been top drawer, it really has, with Nance. He wasn't mentioned in the first interview. When we came down to see the area and we went out for dinner with Simon, he said to us 'Look, we have got a really good coach who is Plymouth Argyle through and through'. He said if we wanted to bring in our own coaching staff that was no problem but he asked 'Can you at least give him a chance and the time?'. We said 'Absolutely, why wouldn't we want to have somebody who knows Plymouth Argyle inside out?' He's the most energetic worker and most energetic man I have ever come across. He never shuts up. He's enthusiastic and he loves the club. I hope he's enjoying working with us, we enjoy working with him. He's a massive part of the team, along with Rhys as well, because we brought Jimmy and John with us. It's so far so good. The dynamic of the staff has been great. We are happy with it."


Simon Hallett has hailed the impact made by Chief Executive Andrew Parkinson in changing the culture of the club since arriving last May. He praised: "Andrew is the one who I feel gets left out sometimes. People talk to me about money and people talk to Ryan about the team. And the person who is probably having the biggest long-term impact, apart from financial, on this club is Andrew. He's moving extremely rapidly to change the processes that go on internally, and continue the improvements in culture that we have had in the last two or three years. That is all with the aim of making this a really well run organisation, and in the long term that is going to pay off, I think. You can start to see it around the ground. I hope the fans are starting to notice there is more stuff to do, there is more stuff to draw them to the ground. We have got point-of-sales terminal in the horseshoe so the concessions are working a little bit better. I know it won't appear like that when you are standing in line for a pint at half-time, but you are never going to avoid queues completely at a football match. You are not allowed to have a beer within sight of the pitch and everybody wants a beer in 15 minutes at half-time, so there are always going to be queues. But I hope that the fans are starting to see the changes around the ground due to Andrew's attention to detail and insistence on high quality are making it better."

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