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Saturday 31st July 2021

Argyle ended pre-season in emphatic style with a thumping 3-0 win against local rivals Torquay at Plainmoor. Niall Ennis and Panutche Camara put Argyle into a two goal lead just before half-time and Ryan Hardie added the icing on the cake near to full time. Argyle: Burton (M Cooper), Tomlinson (Mitchell), Scarr (Wilson), Gillesphey (Pursall), Randell, Edwards (Craske), Camara (Houghton), Broom (Mayor), Law (Galloway), Ennis (Hardie), Jephcott (Shirley). Subs: Grant.


Ryan Lowe previewed Argyle's final pre-season friendly away to local rivals Torquay United. Lowe said of the fixture: "It's been a gruelling pre-season, it's been a good preseason, we've had some great tests and Saturday will be our last one. Pre-seasons are what they are, they're there to get fit, they're there to get the games in. It's been nice to have the fans back for the home games and I'm sure they'll travel in their numbers to Torquay. I'm getting excited, but once we get Saturday out the way I'll be more than excited for the following week."

"It's another game but most importantly we are looking forward to the following week. The build-up for the Rotherham game. We're going to Torquay with a fully fit squad and were hoping to come away from Torquay with a fully fit squad to go and train in the morning. It'll be a tough test."


Argyle's 8th signing of the summer has been confirmed with the capture of Ryan Broom on a season-long loan from Peterborough. The exciting midfielder scored a last minute goal against Argyle in his previous loan spell at Burton. Broom said of his arrival at Home Park: "I'm delighted to be here it's a great opportunity for me. I've got my eyes set on this season; I want to make it a positive season with the team. Initially, just coming down here you know it's going to be a hard game, the fan base is incredible. I am looking forward to being a part of that. It was a long hard grind last season without any fans. Everyone is excited to have them back it's going to change the dynamic of matchdays completely. I just want to help the team as much as I can. I've had a great pre-season, I'm feeling fit and ready to go. I like to work hard for the team, I like to score goals and create assists. I like to contribute to the team going forward. There are so many great fixtures this season. You look at the first game of the season Rotherham away is a massive fixture. I just can't wait to get out there."


Ryan Lowe has stated that he is pleased with how his side have tackled their three pre-season friendlies against Championship sides. The manager enthused: "Some passages of play were fantastic, to lose by one goal in all three games by a Championship outfit is no disgrace, but ultimately those lads have given us everything over the pre-season. I think we look solid and resolute from back to front, every single one of the players have been fantastic, been a pleasure to work with for the past five weeks. We want to be exciting, and I think over the last three home games against top Championship outfits, we've certainly entertained. What I must say is thank you to the fans. You can hear them roaring us on when we need it, we had a right little push towards the end. I think they believe in us, I think they believe in what we're trying to do, they've seen it in the first year in League Two, and then we went a season without them which wasn't nice, and now we've hopefully got a full season with them and they can be our twelfth man, because that's what we're going to need, home and away."

"I think it's a big plus when you're creating plenty of chances in pre-season, if you're not it's a worry and I'm not really too concerned that we haven't scored many goals in the last three games really, we're getting the chances. We want to be ready for the first game of the season, because at the moment in pre-season they count for nothing, but we're getting in positions, we're making good moves, some good runs, some good decisions, so I'm really pleased. I've been excited for the past few weeks, I've said to few people I'm just excited because of the business we've done, you've seen all the lads, Brendan Galloway, Macauley Gillesphey, Dan Scarr, Jordan Houghton, James Wilson, they've made a big difference to us already. We did concede a lot more goals than we wanted last season, hopefully we can concede a lot less this season because we've got warriors and good footballers in the back line now, they're going to be hard to beat. In terms of what we want to do now, we knew the weaknesses we needed to deal with, and we've done that, and it's evident to see that it's going okay. Eleven days to go, and I'm really looking forward to it."

Following his penalty save on Tuesday night, Argyle goalkeeper Mike Cooper has expressed his happiness from the save but is also his excitement for the season ahead. Cooper recalled: "I thought it was a bad decision personally, his words were that I 'rugby tackled him' which I'm not sure I did, but I just managed to regain my composure, calmed down and then just took the penalty in its stride, got a good hand on it and got it cleared. I've finally broken an unwanted streak, so there is that, especially when you concede one you always want to save it more, so I'm buzzing with it. Three losses but all by one goal, goals that we can cut out and goals that maybe are more preventable against League One opposition. I think the play in between both boxes has been brilliant, we have passed round good level sides and got in behind on a lot of occasions so there's a lot of good stuff to take from the games. We've got to think about our ruthlessness, we still want to be keeping the goals out and scoring goals, so that's got to be a bit of work we need to put in on the training ground but we're still going to take confidence no matter what from these games. I think the fact that crowds are back in makes a big difference, but we are really excited for the challenge ahead to Rotherham, really nice stadium, I know the pitch is going to be brilliant so everyone's buzzing for it."

James Wilson added: "I think it's good that we're a bit frustrated that we're not coming away with a win, I know it's pre-season but it's still important, we're really happy with the way we've played. I think we can be a bit more ruthless at times in front of goal, and again in our box, so there's plenty to work on but I think it's all positive. I think the boys are waiting in the dressing room after for the manager to go mad because of the result but he's been really positive and I think that's what we've got to take away from it, the positive sides of the game at this stage in pre-season. I said when I signed, I always remembered the crowd here so I'm really looking forward to a full house so hopefully we can get that at the start of the season. They've been great so far. I think last season was tough for everyone in terms of fans not being in, there were a stupid amount of games, so it's back to normal now, we're all really excited. I think we've got to grips with it pretty quick, it's a different formation that any of us have played together so it's always going to be difficult, but I think on the whole the organisation side of things have been pretty good."


Argyle lost their third friendly of pre-season against Bristol City 1-0 after another narrow and tightly fought game. Argyle had plenty of chances but couldn't quite find the net. Andreas Weimann got the only goal for the Robins just minutes after Mike Cooper saved a penalty from Chris Martin. Argyle: M Cooper, Wilson, Scarr, Galloway (Gillesphey), Houghton (Randell), Edwards, Camara, Mayor, Grant (Law), Hardie (Shirley), Jephcott (Ennis). Subs: McCormick, Rutherford, Wariuh, Craske, Pursall, Mitchell, Tomlinson.


Ryan Lowe looked ahead to Argyle's final home game of pre-season against Bristol City after two impressive performances in losses against Swansea and Middlesbrough. Lowe said: "We've got two tough games coming up in Bristol City and Torquay United. We want to finish pre-season on a high. It's been a fantastic pre-season so far, not only are we back playing football with fans, but we've got a lot of youngsters around the squad as well. I'm more than happy I think the last two games have shown that in Swansea and Middlesbrough."

"A lot of the youngsters will stay with us until the end of pre-season and then we'll see what we need to do and what needs to happen with some of them. It's a great learning curve for the kids, these are opportunities that they're hopefully going to continue to get."

I'm more than happy with where we are and how we're paying and the fitness levels of the boys. Come the last week of the pre-season you never know what might come, whether it's an injury or an illness, and so we have to make sure all the lads are game ready."


Ryan Lowe expressed his delight with his team's performance as they faced their second Championship side this week, Middlesbrough, on Friday night. Lowe said: "Whatever you say about a Neil Warnock team, they're hard to break down, they're hard to score goals against. We scored a great set piece, and we had a few good chances. In terms of our passages of play and our patterns of play, and the way the lads went about their business was fantastic. I'm just pleased with the boys that they're getting where we want them to get to, you can see they football we're trying to play, everyone's excited, I'm excited myself. We were saying on the side, we work on stuff and we go 'there's one we worked on yesterday, that's another one we've worked on' so that's good and pleasing. We don't just go into games and expect to win, we go into games with a style and with a philosophy and with a game plan, you've got to know what you're doing, and we've done that.

"The biggest thing is that we're coaching the players and bringing it to fruition and they're doing it on the pitch, credit to them as well. To have ten academy graduates on the pitch was a great moment for the boys and their families, and a great moment for Plymouth Argyle Football Club. Long may that continue, long may they be doing the right things and working their socks off, do what we ask them to do and not get too carried away. Hopefully they keep learning, keep listening and we can move on together.

"The fans were fantastic when they all came on, they cheered them right on, I am pleased and proud. We know what the fans are going to bring to us, we know what they want from us, and I've said in the past we don't want to let them down and we're here to bring the good times back to this football club. We will continue to do that with good players, and good coaching, it's all of us as a team together along with the fans to push the lads right the way through when it's needed, and times like this, when you're playing top opposition, it's always needed."

On the youth-filled Argyle side that drew with Tavistock, Lowe said: "We had to shake it up a little bit, didn't we? We couldn't bring many of the first team lads, we brought Adam Randell and Ryan Law. They didn't play much last night, just to help the youngsters out as much as they could. It's a great learning curve for the kids, these are opportunities that they're hopefully going to continue to get, but they've got to impress me. They've got to learn so when they get called up to play with the first team, they will come up against men who are fitter and stronger, and they've got to be ready.

"Simplicity is the key for them, they were playing against men, top opposition in Tavistock, and it was always going to be tough for them, but it was a good little run out, a good learning curve so I'm really pleased. That's what we want to do. The past 18 months hasn't been great in terms of the football, and financially, for the non-league clubs so when we can help them, we'll help them. We want to spread the love and it was nice to see a lot of fans here again supporting the kids, that's what it's about."

"We've got another two tough games coming up in Bristol City and then Torquay, so we want to finish the pre-season on a high. It's been a fantastic pre-season so far because not only are we back playing football with fans but we're playing football with a lot of youngsters in and around the squad as well and the new signings, so I'm really pleased. I think the last two games have shown I'm more than happy where we are and how we're playing and the fitness levels of the boys. We will have a fantastic lead to the opening first game of the season away to Rotherham. I know our fans will be travelling in numbers and it's something we're looking forward to."


A youthful Argyle side drew 0-0 at Tavistock in the latest pre-season friendly this afternoon. A 37 year old Luke McCormick led a team of academy players and young pros in a match that Argyle dominated but couldn't quite find the winner. Argyle: McCormick, Tomlinson, Mitchell (Halls), Pursall (Endacott), Waruih (Forkuo), Rutherford, Garside, Craske (Randell), Salawu, Shirley, Massey(Law). Subs: Moyle, Morley, Baker.


Argyle put in another spirited performance as they went down 2-1 again to Championship Middlesbrough. The visitors went in one goal up at half-time but Argyle came out of the blocks in spirited fashion and equalised courtesy of Macauley Gillesphey. The game was even from then on but it was the championship side who ultimately took their chance for the winning goal. Argyle: M Cooper, Wilson(Mitchell), Scarr(Tomlinson), Gillesphey (Galloway (Pursall)), Houghton (Randell), Edwards(Craske), Camara(Shirley), Mayor(Law), Grant(Rutherford), Ennis(Hardie), Jephcott(Wariuh). Sub: McCormick.


Ryan Lowe paid tribute to Argyle's ex-manager Neil Warnock ahead of the pre-season fixture against his Middlesbrough side tomorrow. Lowe said of the legend: "What a credit to football he is, I think he's over 2000 games isn't he? He's a character, he does things differently. He's been great for me over the years since I've been at Argyle. Last season we spoke regularly, mostly after some defeats where he'd say, 'don't worry son, keep your head up.' It's nice to have the reassurance from someone who's been there, seen it and done it. I respect him massively for what he has achieved and if I can achieve anything close to what he's achieved in his football career, we'll do OK. I definitely won't last to 72 though, I'm telling you that now."

"It's all build-up for Rotherham away. The start of the season is getting closer and closer. I think it's a case of us just getting to know how they play and us trying to nullify. We're looking forward to a different type of game, they will play at times but use the big fellas when they need to. It's a game we're really looking forward to because they've got some fantastic players."

Brendan Galloway may be most associated with Everton, but he spoke of the importance of a Liverpool fan, Ryan Lowe in persuading him to sign for Argyle on an initial six month deal. Galloway explained: "He's a great guy first of all, and a great manager. When you mix those two together you have a great working environment. He's very ambitious as well so you want to be working with managers like that who really test you, who are going to push you and hopefully we can thrive under that. I've been here a month now since pre-season has started and tried to work as hard as I can. We've had a really tough pre-season, trying to settle in as much with the lads, getting to know the team and how we like to play. I appreciate the support I've had so far. When I came here, I heard there was a massive fan base, so I think that when the season starts, they will get behind us and we can make the fans happy."


Ryan Lowe once again returned a positive verdict on Argyle's latest pre-season game after the narrow loss to Swansea, praising a positive performance and an entertaining game. The manager said: "I thought we played some fantastic football, a little bit rusty in front of goal but if we had scored those chances, it would've been a different game. We did open a good Swansea team up at times, we always knew they were going to have a lot of the ball, we knew they were going to have it, and I thought we were excellent. I always felt comfortable, I never felt as if they were ripping us open and we were worried about it. They played some good passes of play and I thought it was a great football game. Thanks to Swansea City for coming down, I thought it was a lovely, spectacular football game from both teams, bearing in mind they're Championship."

"I would've liked a couple more goals, I would've liked to have kept the back door shut, but I'm always like that. It's about being positive and having that desire to go 'I want to showcase what I can do' and that's what I want them to do, from back to front. It's one of those moments you haven't had for so long isn't it? I know there was probably only about 3,500, imagine this place when it's packed to the rafters, hopefully our first home of the season. Credit where credit's due to the supporters, they've had to hang on for a while, and so have the players, and so have ourselves, the staff, but it was just nice to see them. It was a great occasion to have them back.

Youngster Ryan Law got a game against top quality opposition and repeated the words of his manager, echoing excitement at the return of fans to Home Park. Law said: "It was good with all the fans back in, the first time I've actually played with the home fans back in, so it was quite a good game to play in. It's different because I haven't experienced the fans cheering before. I've only played during lockdown, and my first game was against Newport Country a couple of years ago and it was just their fans there really, so I hadn't experienced it before, but I thought the fans were good. I think Swansea were very good, but I think we handled ourselves well. I've been working a bit on it during pre-season, I have been working on cutting in and just trying to curl it in that bottom corner, and it almost worked, it just hit the post. It would've been my first goal in front of the fans. Pre-season has been very tough so far with all the running that's started now, coming into the games have been quite hard games, so it's been a very good pre-season. My aim is to be in the team, if not just around the team, so I can help the boys push up the League."

Argyle have completed the signing of former Everton and Luton defender Brendan Galloway on a short-term deal until January. Galloway signs after a successful trial at Home Park. He has found game time hard to come by in recent years following a string of injuries and Argyle will be hoping he stays fit and in good form going into the new season.


Argyle's first home friendly of the pre season resulted in a narrow loss to Championship play-off finalists Swansea, ahead of the biggest crowd seen at Home Park since March 2020 thanks to the lifting of coronavirus restrictions. The Swans went in 2-0 up somewhat against the run of play in the first half and Ryan Hardie poked home Argyle's consolation effort shortly after half-time but it wasn't quite enough to secure a point. Argyle: M Cooper, Wilson, Scarr(Tomlinson), Galloway (Gillesphey), Randell, Edwards, Grant(Camara), Mayor(Craske), Law, Hardie(Jephcott), Ennis (Shirley). Subs: Burton, Houghton.

In other news, it has been confirmed that Argyle's match away to Portsmouth, previously scheduled for September 4th, has been moved to the evening of Monday 6th September, with a 7.45pm kick-off. The match will be shown on Sky TV.


Ryan Lowe once again came away pleased with Argyle's latest pre-season run out at Bristol Rovers. Lowe spoke of the good challenge offered: "We knew it was going to be very competitive, Joey's [Barton] teams always are. It's nice to get on a nice pitch, play nice football against a decent team who were trying to play the right way also, so I'm pleased. We set out a plan today, we'd done some stuff on a mid-block of regaining the ball in certain areas, high up the pitch. A lot of the stuff we worked on in training we showcased today. The lads were getting more minutes which is vital in pre-season."

Luke Jephcott added: "It's the same for all of us strikers, we're here to score the goals and the best chance is to do it now, in pre-season and get our confidence so we can take it into the season ahead. I thought we played very well, we moved the ball well and went 1-0 up. We didn't start the second half the way we wanted to, but I thought we controlled the game well."


The honours were shared in Argyle's latest pre-season game, away to recently relegated Bristol Rovers at the Memorial Stadium. The behind closed doors game saw a penalty apiece either side of half time decide the outcome. Luke Jephcott put Argyle into the lead before the hosts equalised shortly after the interval, following a push in the back by Macauley Gillesphey. Argyle: Cooper(Burton), Wilson, Scarr(Tomlinson), Gillesphey(Galloway), Houghton(Randell), Edwards (Craske), Camara, Mayor (Law), Grant, Hardie (Shirley), Ennis (Jephcott).


Macauley Gillesphey made his first appearance for Argyle at Saltash following a delayed start to pre-season as a result of his participation in the A League through the month of June. He spoke about his first impressions of being a green. Gillesphey said: "It's been a while since fans have been back in, today was a good start. I'm looking forward to paying a home game now with all the crowd there, so yeah I'm looking forward to it. It was good, good to get a run out and play with the boys, so I am happy with that. It's been good since I've come in. I'm enjoying it. A few of the lads are sound, it's a good craic and that."

Argyle's other latecomer Adam Randell spoke of his disappointment at Torquay's last day heartbreak when he was on loan there last season but ended on a positive note, stating that he is living the dream playing again for his hometown club: "I was very happy with how it went really, I got out of it what I wanted. As a team we were obviously a little disappointed with how it ended but personally I think I did well. I think Gary Johnson helped bring on my game in certain aspects. It's always good to get different points of view on your own playing performance. I want to get into the team, I'm not here just to be an extra player training, I want to get that shirt. There are obviously people to compete with but its always good to have that competition.

"It's everything that I've ever wanted really. I've only ever wanted to play for Argyle, to go out and play on the pitch, from watching as a kid I just wanted to be down there."


Ryan Lowe was very pleased with how a mixed Argyle side conducted themselves in their convincing 7-0 pre-season win at Saltash. Lowe said: "It was nice to come, in my tenure we haven't played Saltash and there was a nice turnout for them. Fair play to Saltash they went about their business well. It's minutes in the tank and we have come away with no injuries which is a big plus. It's a nice feeling to score, Ryan Hardie probably could have had a hattrick and Niall Ennis really. We have to look after them but it's always a bonus when you get some goals. Adam Randell was back in the fold having 25 minutes and Macaulay Gillesphey getting half a game, I was really pleased. I played non-league myself and a couple of the youngsters have as well. We have to respect the opposition, they certainly respected us. These Saltash lads have probably been working from eight in the morning until five, half-five, six o'clock at night."

18 year old striker Rhys Shirley spoke of his delight and excitement at getting his first goal for Argyle in the friendly. He enthused: "It was probably the best feeling I've had to be honest. All the lads have been great helping me get in and everything like that. When I came on today, I was just so much more confident. When you're with that under-18s team you see lads getting asked to come up quite often and you start to think when is it my turn? When you do get that chance, it's unbelievable going up, it's like a whole different world. It's just fantastic to be a part of really."


Argyle continued a strong start to pre-season with a comfortable 7-0 victory at non league Saltash. The first half was assured but steady with Conor Grant scoring one goal and assisting Niall Ennis for the other. Argyle went in 2-0 up. Panutche Camara got Argyle's third and laid on the fourth for Niall Ennis and then the floodgates really opened up. Ryan Hardie came on alongside youngster Rhys Shirley and between them they scored the final three goals, with the academy youngster bagging Argyle's 7th and final one. Argyle: Cooper(Burton), Wilson(Tomlinson), Scar, Galloway (Law), Houghton (Randell), Edwards, Camara, Mayor(Craske), Grant(Gillesphey), Jephcott (Hardie), Ennis (Shirley).


Ryan Lowe has stated his pleasure with how the squad is shaping up ahead of the second pre-season friendly against Saltash United on Wednesday. He said: "We've had a week off really as we didn't play on the weekend so that's been nice. The lads have all fitted in great and are in good shape, the training has been fantastic, it's relatively easy to coach I must say, the standard has gone to the next level and that's a credit to the boys. It's all about the minutes, that's what we want these games for and it will be a good little test for us. We haven't played them for a couple of years but we're looking forward to it. We'll have a squad of about 18, 19 that will travel over and everyone will play their part."

On late arrivals Adam Randell and Macauley Gillespe, he added: "Rands and Macaulay will play a little part, they wont play major parts because we have to make sure they're right. I think we're ahead of schedule, we've been in for almost three weeks and other teams have not been anywhere near that so hopefully that can help us strive through towards the start of the season."


Argyle's pre-season friendly at Tavistock AFC has been rescheduled. The Pilgrims will now travel to Langsford Park on Saturday, 24 July for a 3pm kick-off. The fixture was one of two first-team matches proposed to take place on Wednesday night, with the other, at Saltash United, still planned to go ahead, but with a later kick off time of 7.30pm allowing those who had intended to attend the Tavistock fixture to travel to the Kimberley Stadium instead.


Argyle fans and and the wider football family have been rocked by the devastating news of the passing of Paul Mariner at the age of 68. Mariner who became an Argyle legend during his spell as a player later came back to manage the greens between 2009 and 2010 after briefly serving as an assistant to Paul Sturrock.


Argyle have added another fixture to their pre-season schedule, travelling to Devon neighbours Torquay United on Saturday 31 July. Adam Randell will be expected to face the side he spent last season on loan at.


Ryan Lowe praised his side's first performance of the pre-season campaign, with particular attention paid to Argyle's young stars. He said: "I thought it was a good game, there was loads of good football especially from the young lads coming in and fitting our mould. They know what we do and how we do it, its excellent. They didn't look out of place. This is what we expect from them now, they have to know what's expected of them and they're doing what they've been asked to do by Darren Way and Jamie Lowry. I joked that we have another Joe Edwards on our hands, fair play to Oscar Rutherford. All these lads are around the first team now and that's what we want. They're with us and with us for a reason; they're good footballers.

"For our young lads and even the new lads to see the fans, I told them to relish it. These opportunities to see how our fans bounce and sing and shout - they've got to enjoy it. Even though there was only 1000 here today, it was nice. We have a great relationship with Parkway. Now they're in a higher league it might mean we can send some lads on loan to play games.

"Brendan Galloway is a fantastic player and his attitude has been different class. He's here to earn a contract but we have to manage him to get his fitness up. You don't play in the Premier League and Championship if you're not a good player. Hopefully he can keep it up and can be an Argyle player going forward."

The delighted Rutherford added: "I picked it up near the halfway line, had Pan Camara screaming for the ball but I could see space, so I decided to drive in and then basically decided to take my man on 1v1, cut inside and after that as soon as I struck it, I knew it was in. It was unbelievable. It was really good to get out there and play football again. I got told I had to come and join in with the first team on Friday and then found out in the afternoon that I'd be involved in the game. It was a great experience, I loved every minute of it. The pace of the play is a lot quicker, I need to think on my feet. It's about moving it quick and creating options. When you do get that time on the ball it's about using it well and effectively."


Argyle cruised to a comfortable 5-1 win at city neighbours Plymouth Parkway in the first pre-season friendly of the summer. The first and last scorers were making their debut appearance for the greens: trialist Brendan Galloway and youngster Oscar Rutherford opening and closing the scoring respectively. They sandwiched goals by three stalwarts of last season: Hardie(from the penalty spot), Jephcott and Camara. Parkway got their only goal of the game to briefly pull it back to 4-1 when former Pilgrim River Allen slotted home from the penalty spot. Argyle: Burton, Tomlinson, Scarr(Pursall), Galloway(Mitchell), Houghton (Craske), Edwards (Rutherford), Grant(Camara), Mayor(Waruih), Law, Jephcott(Massey) Hardie(Shirley). Subs: M Cooper, McCormick, Burton, Wilson, Ennis.


Ryan Lowe has shared an insight into the Argyle pre-season preparations, with his team having been back for over a week. Lowe spoke specifically about the importance of team bonding and he hinted that new signings are on the cards. He explained: "The bonding, believe it or not, is the start of the morning at breakfast in the Green Taverners, where we eat all the time. The lads are coming in and giving high-fives to each other and asking how stiff they are, if they're okay. The bonding is a big part of what we do. You can see now it's already got a good feel to it, even getting changed in the dressing room, not just come in and walk on the pitch and go home and have dinner, they don't do that now. They're here, they're spending large parts of time with us and that's key. The attitude and application of the boys has been a different class. It's hard when they're running every day but we're breaking it up with football sessions, and the football sessions have been top class also. It's all about minutes at the moment and getting the fitness up in the players, getting the miles in the tank. We're looking forward to the start of the season, but we're still a little bit away from it and we've got to continue to keep getting fit."

"We've had a bit of a week off from signings but we're still looking to add maybe two or three more players. There's ongoing talks and ongoing things that we need to do, and we'll see what comes available. We're keeping our eyes open, we're on the phone still constantly, the recruitment team are still working hard and whatever comes up, if it suits us then we'll go for it. We're still looking to add to the squad to make it bigger, better and stronger."

Niall Ennis spoke of his anticipation at the prospect of meeting the green army for the first time. He has previously only ever played behind closed doors fixture for the greens and will line up at Plymouth Parkway for Argyle's first pre-season friendly on Saturday. Ennis said: "I think it's better that the games are coming quick. As soon as you get the games going there's no fitness that compares to match fitness. You get a chance to get goals, to get results and obviously the fans are there as well so it's time to play in front of fans that I've never seen and they've not seen me in person either, so it should be good. Parkway was sold out before we even came back to start pre-season. It shows that the fans want to see the team and hopefully we can put on a good show, get a win and I want to get goals, so that's the plan."

"I got the heads up before the end of the season that pre-season was going to be really tough, but the tougher you put the work in, the better reward you get from it. We're doing a lot of hard work, but it'll get us fitter and stronger so it's a benefit for me. If I get told to do a 30-minute run, it's just boring, whereas when you're doing different stuff it gets your brain working and it's enjoyable as well. I know it's tough, but you get something out of it, it's fun. It's just good to be back, I had a brief off season but it's just good to be amongst my teammates and the staff again and get ready for a big season."

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