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Thursday 31st July 2003

 Tickets for Argyle's match at Rushden go on sale this Saturday, August 2. They will be on priority sale to Green Centenary Members until 5pm on Tuesday, August 5. Tangerine Members will then be added to the priority list until noon on Thursday, August 7, when White Members will also be able to buy a ticket. From 9am on Friday, August 8, tickets will be on sale to non-members as well. The tickets for seats in the AirWair Stand are £14 for adults, £9 concessions (OAP's, u-16s, NUS card) and £4 u-12s.

Paul Sturrock could not hide his delight after the draw with Charlton on Wednesday: "I'm very, very pleased," he said, "You have got to remember that Charlton have got an week's extra training still to do but, for an hour or 70 minutes there, we did everything that was needed. They'll not play to that standard every week but, if they work towards that standard, we will win a lot more than we lose. Friendlies are friendlies, at the end of the day," he added. "No judgement can be made whether we've progressed we could go out and be poor on Saturday. We just got it right on the night. These games are practice matches they are not friendlies they are practice matches. There's no judgement on it, as I've said. The disappointing thing was that we didn't hang on. It would have been nice to come away with a win, just to get us on the rails as far as victories are concerned, but you can't grumble with the performance. The shape of the team was very good. You could see the things we'd worked on in training and having the edge of having played a team two or three grades up from us definitely benefited the players and put an edge to them."

Graham Coughlan missed last nights game due to an on-going problem with the injury he picked up in Austria. Paul Sturrock said: "Cocko's got a wee heel problem that he developed over there after one of the games that's just not clearing up. We just don't want that to develop. He probably won't play on Saturday. We're just hoping it gets better, rather than worse."


Argyle draw 2-2 with Charlton Athletic in front of a crowd of 5426 at Home Park. The goals coming from a 34th minute Paul Wotton penalty and a spectacular David Friio volley on 51 minutes. Argyle: Larrieu, Worrell, Wotton, Aljofree, Hodges, Bent, Adams, Friio, Capaldi, Stonebridge, Keith. Subs - Evans, Lowndes, Norris (not used - McCormick, Beresford, McGlinchey, Sturrock, Connolly, Gilbert).

On Argyle's return home Paul Sturrock said of the Austrian tour: "The facilities were a different class but the weather was a slight problem, we tried to make sure that the training sessions were at certain times to take the real heat out of the day. The games were the disappointment for me, for the simple reason of circumstance. For the first one the grass was too long and Connolly got sent-off. The second game the heat was unbearable and the third one we met a team two leagues better than us after we had already played 45 minutes. Then, the other night, we turned up to find a 65-yard wide pitch which, size-wise, I wouldn't let my under-17s play on. It was very disappointing. With hindsight, we would have planned it differently but it was our first time out there and you have got to take the bad with the good. What we tried to work on during the week was getting people their sea legs in games and now they are really concentrating on their sharpness." Sturrock thought the trip had been good for the morale of his players. "The boys worked very hard and really enjoyed the camp," he said. "You sometimes go away to places like that and you find they don't handle it very well but everything went smoothly. It's now all about fine-tuning the team, which will happen next week, before the league season starts. My favourite part of the tour was playing the Romanians, they were quality and played a style I would like to develop in the team. Their width players played exactly how I would like mine to. It has made me think about tampering with our training to try to get that into our team." The manager was reluctant to speculate on whether Argyle would return to Obertraun and insisted it would be several months before any decisions would be taken. "It all depends whether the dates fit in, on finance and everything else," he said. "What I would say is that we were very appreciative of the supporters who came along with us. They very much helped to pay for the trip. It was a nice place to go to and I think the players would appreciate going back next pre-season, but that's a long way off yet."


Argyle fans are being encouraged to buy their tickets in advance. Argyle Chief Executive John McNulty said: "We would urge as many people as possible to get in the habit of buying their tickets at least the day before the game. Not only will they have to pay £15, instead of £17, they will be given a choice of seats."

Argyle have been given 1,600 tickets for the first away game of the season at Rushden on August 16 and the game is all-ticket. The tickets, for seats in the AirWair Stand are £14 for adults, £9 concessions (OAP's, under 16s, NUS card holders) and £4 under 12s.

It has been announced that from this season, all bars in Home Park will now be No Smoking areas. This includes the Green Room and the Argyle Lounge, but not the Far Post Club.

After yesterdays disappointing draw Paul Sturrock said: "We had experienced players out there who didn't contribute to what was needed to win that game, and we obviously missed too many chances as well. It was a tight pitch and when you have got 11 bodies behind the ball when your back four has got it it's very difficult. That's no excuse. I was very disappointed with the shape of the team and the leadership qualities shown by some experienced players." Sturrock also made his thoughts clear to the players: "There are certain players out there who know what the story is and what they need to do and there seems to be no change," he said. "That's the annoying thing because if they don't do it, they will not play. If I was in a scenario where I knew I had to do A, B, C, D to get a game I would do it. As it is, they aren't doing it. I just look at them and say to myself 'what's the story here?' It's very strange."


Argyle draw 1-1 against SV Brandl Bau Bad Ischl, David Beresford the goalscorer. The new TFG away kit is seen for the first time. Argyle: McCormick, Worrell, Connolly, Aljofree, Gilbert, Beresford, Adams, Norris, McGlinchey, Evans, Lowndes. Subs - Sturrock

Fans who travelled to Austria were invited to the training centre in Obertraun on Sunday afternoon to meet the squad and see Argyle's base for their stay. The fans also took part in a match against the official tour party team which included Kevin Summerfield, John Blackley and Paul Maxwell. After the game there was a chance to watch the squad training. 

Argyle will also be bringing home a trophy after the efforts of the official tour party on Saturday. An invitation had been extended to enter a team into a nine-a-side football tournament involving local teams. Despite only winning two of the five games a fine goal difference earned the Pilgrims a trophy.


Following yesterdays games Paul Sturrock was upset by Argyle's performance against Schwanenstadt but praised Romanian side Petrolul Astra Ploiesti. He said that Ploiesti were: "At least of lower half Premiership standard, they were a different class to us. They taught us a lesson."


Argyle draw 0-0 against SC Schwanenstadt in their 45 minute match but go down 1-0 to FC Petrolul Astra Ploiesti. Argyle (starting line-up v Schwanenstadt): Larrieu, Connolly, Wotton, Aljofree, Gilbert, Norris, Bent, Friio, Capaldi, Stonebridge, Keith. 'Second Half' v Petrolul: Larrieu, Connolly, Coughlan, Aljofree, Gilbert, Norris, Bent, Friio, Capaldi, Stonebridge, Keith. Subs - Hodges, Adams, Sturrock

Argyle's final Austrian tour match has been changed. They were due to play local side Bad Aussee on Monday but due to an error by their agents, Argyle will now play Second Division side SV Brandl Bau Bad Ischl

David Worrell injured his ankle in training yesterday and misses Saturdays games. David Norris though, looks to have recovered from a thigh strain

A new display researched and written by Roger Walters opens on July 30th at Plymouth City Museum. It will explore how local football and Plymouth Argyle kicked off. The story explores the beginning of the Argyle Football Club of 1886, how it became defunct in 1894 only to recover three years later and develop into Plymouth Argyle in 1903. Thanks to loans from local collectors, the museum is also able to display documents relating to the controversy over the club's name. Admission is free


The Argyle squad continue to prepare for Saturdays mini-tournament. Hasney Aljofree was back in full training yesterday after an ankle problem and could start on Saturday. Graham Coughlan and David Norris, who looks likely to miss Saturdays games, both sat out training yesterday. "Norris has had wee niggling injuries right through pre-season," Sturrock said. "Coughlan will be fine though. He was rested today because he got a severely bruised heel in Wednesday's game. Players who were not involved on Wednesday will come into the reckoning for Saturday. I want to play the same 11 in both 45 minute spells"

Argyle's Football in the Community department are holding a community soccer club at Stoke Damerel Community College every day from 10am and 3pm, between July 28 and September 2. For more information or an application form contact the Community office on 01752 562561


Paul Sturrock may consider cancelling Monday's game against local side Bad Aussee if there are too many injury problems following Saturdays mini-tournament.

Hasney Aljofree's ankle is improving and he should take part in training sessions today or tomorrow.

The Argyle players train in the morning and evening at their Obertraun base. Reflecting on last nights defeat Paul Sturrock said: "I was very pleased with the first 25 minutes. We had three excellent chances early on and the goalie made two great saves. I thought Mickey Evans had a very good game and ran the line well. A lot of people have come out with some positives." Of Paul Connolly he said, "He will have to learn very quickly, that kind of thing will not be tolerated. What he has done is change the object of the exercise. At the beginning, it was to get as much out of the game as possible and see shape and organisation, going forward and defensively. We finished up doing more shape and organisation defensively than we did going forward. We can't condone stupidity like that, it's just nonsensical. If he doesn't learn from that his career is going to be very short." Sturrock was also disappointed with the error that led to the goal: "It's a strange thing for us to lose a goal down the middle," he said, "I have had a chat with Luke about it and he understands his positioning wasn't the best."

Paul Connolly could face a suspension: "Paul has to learn not to make rash challenges like that." said manager Sturrock, "If it is reported he could miss a game at the start of the season."


Paul Connolly is sent off, in the 48th minute, for two bookable offences as Argyle lose 1-0 to Wacker Burghausen, the goal coming after a defensive mix-up in the 29th minute. Argyle: McCormick, Connolly, Wotton, Coughlan, Hodges, Beresford, McGlinchey, Bent, Adams, Evans, Lowndes. Subs  - Worrell, Capaldi, Sturrock.


After a 12 hour journey the Argyle tour party arrived at Obertraun. The players trained from 4.30 to 6.30 in high temperatures. Paul Sturrock said "Hasney Aljofree still has an ankle problem, which has not been helped by the travelling, and is unlikely to take part in the first game at least and Nathan Lowndes is still suffering from shin splints." As far as the facilities and scenery at the Obertraun base camp, he said: "I was told the training facilities were good, but I had my doubts, but they are very good and the scenery is breathtaking."


Paul Sturrock yesterday expressed his faith in his squad by ruling out trialing players, either in Austria or in next week's home friendlies. "I'm totally committed to going with the squad I've got," he said. "If and when the time comes when there's a hole in the team through lack of form or whatever, we'll cross that bridge". Jason Bent returned from the Gold Cup tournament today still suffering from blistering on his heels, but Sturrock has not ruled him out of a return to action. He said: "We'll see tomorrow how he's looking and we'll have to make a decision as to whether we play him in the first game. He's done a lot of travelling and we are going to have a look at him and gauge his fitness to see if he's worked hard enough to get to the standards we want our players to be at." Also on the sick-list are Nathan Lowndes (shin-splints), David Friio and Peter Gilbert (dead legs), Hasney Aljofree (swollen ankle) and Blair Sturrock. Although Sturrock senior said of junior; "He's feeling a lot better so, he may get a wee run-out in a few of the games."

Argyle chief executive John McNulty is to take part in BBC Radio Five Live's 'Any Sporting Questions' tomorrow (Tuesday 22nd) which is live from the China Fleet Country Club in Saltash. Meanwhile, the BBC's Gordon Sparks has arrived in Austria and his first 'Alpine Diary' can be heard on Greens On Screen


Over 1000 fans attend Argyle's open day. Photographs of which can be seen on Greens On Screen

Former Argyle midfielder Paul Bernard has joined St Johnstone on a one-year deal


Luggy had intended to take only 20 players but yesterday said, "We've added one extra name for the trip so we're taking the whole squad" This includes Jason Bent, who is on his way home from the United States after Canada's early exit from the Gold Cup. Tour squad: Larrieu, Worrell, Gilbert, Friio, Wotton, Coughlan, Norris, Keith, Evans, Stonebridge, Capaldi, Adams, McCormick, Hodges, Aljofree, Lowndes, McGlinchey, Bent, Beresford, Connolly, Sturrock.

Paul Sturrock has dropped plans to include a foreign trialist in his squad for the Austrian tour. FIFA are now strictly enforcing a ruling which prevents clubs from playing trialists from foreign teams, even in pre-season friendlies. Sturrock said, "It all seems very strange but we don't want to get caught up in the middle of that."

Argyle's under-17s drew 1-1 with Torpoint Athletic Reserves. Luke Summerfield scoring from a penalty. An Argyle select side, mainly made up of under-19 scholarship players then beat Torpoint's Carlsberg South Western League team 3-2. Argyle's goals coming from Ryan Trudgian, Dan Bulley and Tom Entwistle. Photographic coverage, as ever, on Greens On Screen.

Paul Sturrock has decided to take all of his fit first-team players on next week's tour to Austria. The only senior player to miss out will be Buster Phillips, who had an operation on Thursday. Luggy had intended to take only 20 players but yesterday said, "We've added one extra name for the trip so we're taking the whole squad" This includes Jason Bent, who is on his way home from the United States after Canada's early exit from the Gold Cup. Tour squad: Larrieu, Worrell, Gilbert, Friio, Wotton, Coughlan, Norris, Keith, Evans, Stonebridge, Capaldi, Adams, McCormick, Hodges, Aljofree, Lowndes, McGlinchey, Bent, Beresford, Connolly, Sturrock.


Argyle are taking part in a football fun day at Torpoint Athletic tomorrow (July 19). It begins at 10am at Torpoint's ground, The Mill. For further details contact Glynis Kitching on 01752 812539


Argyle win 3-1 at Tiverton Town. Goals from Marino Keith in the 30th minute, a Paul Wotton penalty (67) and Marcus Martin (89). Argyle: Larrieu, Worrell, Wotton, Coughlan, Gilbert, Norris, Friio (Martin 82), Adams, Capaldi, Keith, Stonebridge (Watkins 51). Subs not used - Villis, Trudgian, Coxon, McCormick. Photo's, a mini-video and more can be found on Greens On Screen

Argyles reserve fixtures for the coming season are released and can be found in full here.

Jason Bent looks set to return in time for Argyles tour to Austria as Canada are knocked out of the Gold Cup, on goal difference, thanks to Costa Ricas 3-0 win over Cuba.


Paul Sturrock is set to send out a strong side to face Tiverton Town including new signings Peter Gilbert and Tony Capaldi with Ian Stonebridge and Marino Keith up front.

Buster Phillips is to have a minor groin operation tomorrow. The injury is unrelated to the hernia problem of last season. He could miss the first four or five games of the season.

Paul Sturrock confirmed that he was unable to select Paul Connolly and Matt Villis at St Blazey last night because of niggling injuries, while David Norris and Blair Sturrock are unlikely to be wholly involved at Tiverton on Thursday. "The last three days have been horrendous for training. We've picked up three or four strains. Norris is struggling, Connolly is struggling and Blair has had a wee reaction to the problems he had last year. We're hoping Norris will be available for Thursday. Connolly would have played tonight if he had been fit, as would Villis".


Argyle defeat St Blazey 1-0 in their first friendly. Mickey Evans scores the only goal in the 83rd minute. Argyle: McCormick, O'Sullivan, Sawyer, Aljofree, Hodges, Beresford, Martin, Steward, McGlinchey, Lowndes, Evans (Watkins 84). Subs not used: Schofield, Coxon, Trudgian, Nute. Photo's and the usual coverage can be found on Greens On Screen

Argyle Youth sides will play the following pre-season games; 19 July: Torpoint Athletic Reserves v Argyle U17s (2.30), Torpoint Athletic v Argyle U19s (4pm), 23 July: Coombe Martin v Argyle Youth, 25 July: Barnstaple Town v Argyle Youth, 26 July: Stoke Gabriel v Argyle Youth, 28 July: Liskeard v Argyle U17s, 29 July: Plymouth Parkway v Argyle U19s, 1 August; Liskeard v Argyle U19s, 5 August: Saltash v Argyle U17s.

Jason Bent does not play due to blistered heels as Canada lose 2-0 to Cuba.


Argyle announce a fourth fixture for their Austrian tour. They will play local Austrian Third Division side, Bad Aussee, on July 28th.

Paul Sturrock states that he intends to use almost his entire first team squad in the two friendlies against St Blazey and Tiverton Town. The only absentees are likely to be Martin Phillips and Matt Villis. Phillips will probably sit out both games because of a groin problem. Villis has started ballwork after recovering from a broken foot but will not be rushed back. Blair Sturrock is also on the mend from a groin injury which kept him out of action for the closing months of last season. He could play some part against St Blazey, although only as a substitute. David Beresford, who had suspected gallstones ten days ago, may be available this week despite a slight strain unrelated to last week's complaint. 


Jason Bent sets up Canada's goal in their 1-0 win over Costa Rica.

Former Argyle defender Stuart Malcolm plays for Ross County on a trial basis in their 7-0 win over Lossiemouth.


Joe Broad begins a trial with Torquay United.


Argyle manager Paul Sturrock has said that he hopes a leaner, meaner Mickey Evans will be firing on all cylinders for the start of the season. Trigger signed a new two-year contract at the end of last season, but was told by he needed to improve his fitness levels. The striker has taken heed of that and returned for pre-season training in good shape. Sturrock said: "He's definitely better than he was last year, although he's not going to make the team for the Olympics. The important thing is that Mickey appreciates he has got to be fitter than he was last season. He has done extra bits and pieces of work with Paul Maxwell through the summer".

An Argyle XI beat sponsors Ginsters in their annual Cricket match.


Out-of-contract midfielder Joe Broad looks likely to join Yeovil Town although it is not clear whether it will be as part of the deal agreed at the end of last season. Paul Sturrock offered Broad a two-year contract but only on the condition that he found another club to take him on loan for this season."That's still on the table," said Sturrock. "He's a free transfer so he can either kickstart his career with somebody else or come under our umbrella. That wouldn't be a problem because he's a decent player.


Buster Phillips will miss Argyle's first two pre-season friendlies as has not returned to full training after a groin injury which forced him to sit out the closing weeks of last season. However, Paul Sturrock believes he will be fit for the club's trip to Austria. Matt Villis is also not training fully while recovering from injury and David Beresford is ill with suspected gallstones.

Argyle announce details of a special, centenary, 'fan's photo' open to just 100 supporters.


Peter Gilbert joins Argyle from Birmingham City for an initial three month loan period. Paul Sturrock states that he is likely to use the loan system again during the season.

The Argyle squad return to Home Park for pre-season training.


Paul Sturrock say's that he intends to take a more hands-on approach to training during the coming season, especially with the clubs strikers.

St Blazey announce that they are selling tickets for their pre-season friendly against Argyle in two weeks' time. Priced £5 for adults and £3 for children and OAPs. Supporters can also pay at the turnstile, as they can for Argyle's match at Tiverton two days' later when prices will be the same as they are for the St Blazey match.

Jason Bent is recalled to the Canada squad for the CONCACAF Gold Cup from 12th - 27th July and could miss Argyles Austrian tour.


Paul Sturrock rules out any further signings before the start of the new season but does confirm that he is hoping to take a trialist on the tour to Austria.


Argyle announce that five graduates from their school of excellence, Ryan Dickson, Dean Evans, John Hoyles, Brinton Nute and John Routledge have been signed on three-year scholarships.

Ticket prices for the pre-season friendlies against Charlton and West Bromwich Albion are announced. Admission to either game, for all parts of the ground, will cost adults just £8 and children under 16 years old £1, whilst students and OAPs will have to pay £4.

Argyle announce that they are to hold a 'Meet the Players Day' at 10.30am on Sunday, July 20. Supporters will be able to see the first-team and youth squads being put through their paces before the players sit down to sign autographs and pose for photographs. Fans will also be able to enjoy a tour of some parts of Home Park and there will also be a variety of other attractions. The occasion will also mark the final day's opening of the old club shop. From July 7, a new club shop, situated by the club's offices at the bottom end of the Higher Home Park car-park, will be open for business.

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