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Wednesday 30th November 2016

Craig Tanner has been playing through the pain barrier in recent weeks according to Derek Adams. The Argyle boss was explaining why Tanner has not had a sustained run in the side. He said: He has been in and out. He has actually been playing through an injury for us in those games. He has been really good for us this season and will be back in the team on Saturday. He took a knock to an area of the body. I'm not going to say where because then somebody might target him. He has been playing with it for a number of weeks now and that was one of the reasons why I didn't play him on Saturday. But he has been training and has put himself up for the games, which is really good. He's a similar type of player to Graham Carey. They are both good with their back to goal and can also take it on the half turn He's very positive, direct and can score goals and assist in goals as well. And for his size he's a very strong individual."

Adams was cautious however on the subject of Ben Purrington's return from injury: "Ben has started to jog now, which is good, and getting back on his feet. We will have a better idea by the end of the week if he's going to be available for Saturday's match."


Argyle have announced that the second Fans' Forum of the season will take place on Saturday, December 10 following our crunch home match against Doncaster Rovers. Following on from the first Fans Forum of the campaign in September, the Green Army will be able to meet with the club's Board of Directors in the Life Centre adjacent to Home Park. Among the directors present will be the club's American-based co-owner Simon Hallett. The meeting begins at 5.15pm and access will be via a door opposite the main Home Park entrance, which will be signed and stewarded.

Luke McCormick has admitted that Argyle badly need to improve following the recent decline in form. The captain said: "We are disappointed but we have to take it on the chin and keep working hard. I'm sure it will turn again in our favour. We have got to pick ourselves up and make sure we improve. It's absolutely imperative that we do. We have enjoyed the good times and you have to take the rough with the smooth. At times in the first half against Morecambe we looked a little bit wayward, which isn't like us. We have just got to keep believing in what we are doing is the right thing, because it is, and we put it right. We were looking forward to getting on the road again. It's where we have enjoyed a lot of success but, unfortunately, we didn't start the game well enough. We gave Morecambe the impetus and a bit of an edge but we got ourselves back in it. Then we lost Jordan and it was tough work from there on in. I spoke to the referee, who was convinced it was a penalty. Once it has been given there is not a lot you can do. Unfortunately, I don't think we got the same fairness out of the referee at the other end, but that's how it goes sometimes. I'm sure it will even itself up over the course of the season. The luck seems to have deserted us a little bit at the moment. It's far too early to start looking at league tables. Will it help us psychologically not being at the top, I don't know? Only time will tell. We have just got to focus on the next game now, which is in the FA Cup, so we have got a little bit of a break from the league, which we probably welcome to be honest. Hopefully, we can get ourselves into the third round and that will mean we are back on the rails again. We suffered a little bit last season through injuries and stuff like that, but I think we are better set up to deal with it this time around. We have just got to keep on top of things, keep working hard and I'm sure that will prevail in the end."


Derek Adams blamed a mixture of refereeing mistakes and poor defending for the latest of Argyle's run of losses against Morecambe. Adams also explained why he did not start David Fox and subbed off Graham Carey on a poor playing surface, saying: "When you give away a penalty, it's an error of judgment, and when you lose a man at a set-play, it's an error of judgment. We're man-marking and we're losing our men; we've done that for the last couple of games now. The first one wasn't a booking, plain and simple. He's gone for the ball and he accidentally clipped the man it wasn't a booking. The second one, I haven't seen again; I would have to see it before I can comment on it. Obviously the sending-off helps them but, over the game, they had numerous opportunities to win the match. I thought we started the game very well for the first ten minutes then Morecambe were the better side and thoroughly deserved to win the match over 90 minutes. They could have scored a few more goals today, there is no doubt about it, but they haven't scored any goals apart from a set-piece and a penalty-kick. They are probably frustrated about that but they have come away with three points. We're probably frustrated we didn't get a couple of penalties in the game; we aren't getting anything at this moment in time.

"When you are playing against the leaders in any division, you have got nothing to lose, and that's happened to us a number of times this season. It'll happen to somebody else who will be top of the league. We're obviously disappointed. We've gone three games losing, when we had been on a 14-game unbeaten run. We haven't defended well enough; we obviously haven't scored enough goals; we haven't been good enough to win in the three games. The Tuesday night performance [against Barnet] we deserved to do a lot better; against Grimsby and today, we didn't. The pitch was a boggy pitch and it was all about giving us a more physical element to the game. It was a difficult pitch to play on and we knew they would run forward and be physical.

"Graham wasn't playing well enough today, so I took him off; he wasn't creating enough. He has done exceptionally well this season - he has scored goals and he has had most assists at the club - but today wasn't his day. It's a difficult pitch and you have to play in a different way."

Adams also believes that Argyle are 'still ahead of schedule' and are the victims of their own overperformance earlier in the season. Adams said: "We are a team that was transformed over the close season. We have done really well and we are ahead of schedule. We are second in the league, we are on 38 points and we are only off the top on goal difference. We have won 12 games, more than anybody else in this league. Some people have to have a wee reality check. We are not Barcelona or a Man City. We are Plymouth Argyle Football Club.

"We are working really hard. We have got good players in the dressing room and, as I have stated before, we are punching well above our weight. It's a difficult league. Morecambe are a very good team. From my point of view, they deserved to win. I think when you are playing against the leaders in any division you have got nothing to lose. That has happened to us a number of times this season. It will happen to somebody else when they are top of the league.

"I think that over my time at the football club we have moved on and moved on, and we continue to do that. Last year we had the 10th highest budget in the league and were able to get in the play-off final so that tells you how well we did. It's similar this season. It's what you have got at your disposal, and we have got a very good squad. We have done really well but now we have lost three games on the bounce. You have just got to pick yourself up. We have got the FA Cup next week and we will hope to progress to the next round

"It has been an excellent start to the season. We are on 38 points after 19 games. It's because of how well we have done that people get disappointed. Sometimes I'm a problem for myself because we become so successful. That happened in my old job at Ross County. We finished champions, fifth and seventh because I'm very good at my job and people do get disillusioned at times."


Argyle's third defeat in a row saw them relinquish their spot at the top of League Two. The greens lost 2-1 to Morecambe who had lose 7 home matches in a row until this one. The home side went ahead from a penalty early on but Argyle equalised from makeshift left-back Oscar Threlkeld just before half-time. Jordan Slew was sent off early in the second half where he was alleged to have dived in an attempt to win a penalty and Morecambe made their extra man count by getting the winning goal on the hour mark. Argyle: McCormick, Miller, Bulvitis(Osborne), Bradley, Threlkeld, Songo'o, Smith, Jervis(Tanner), Slew, Carey(Garita). Subs: Goodwillie, Rooney, Dorel, Fox.


Sonny Bradley has said that he is happy for Argyle to be 'boring' as long as they continue to take each game as it comes and play with professionalism. He explained: "We are delighted with the away wins. To get seven on the bounce in this division is a really good achievement. We want to make it eight. We should make it eight. But we should've beaten Barnet and we should've beaten Grimsby, so we're well aware that, if we aren't 100% on it, then anything could happen on the day. It's boring and a lot of people say it but you've just got to concentrate on the next game. I think journalists want to hear you say something different, but you can't because it's the truth it is all about the next game. That's been our answer over the unbeaten run and that's how we've taken it; unfortunately, it ended at Grimsby but the away record is still on so think we'll be going to Morecambe and trying to make it eight out of eight.

"We're not too bothered about what Morecambe have been doing, to be honest. We tend to concentrate on ourselves more and we know that, if we train hard and perform well, then, on the day, no matter who we play, we can beat anybody. We've got to focus on ourselves and keep playing the football that we can play. If we perform the way that we can, we defend properly, we get our set-pieces right, then we can go on to beat anyone in this division. We've got to play the football that we can play and beat them."

Argyle have picked up a club record 7 away league wins in a row and Derek Adams hopes to make it 8 at Morecambe tomorrow: "We have got a very good away record it is a club record of seven wins on the bounce and we want to continue that, add to that and go forward. We'd be really proud to extend the record and it would put us on a really good points total so far this season. We are going there to try win the match and come away with three points. We've done exceptionally well away from home over the last two years; a lot of points have been gained. It's happening more and more in football in general, I think. Away from home, the home team really has to come out and play; the away team then plays on the counter attack."


Sonny Bradley has admitted he has taken Argyle's recent defensive frailties personally following two home losses in a row in which Argyle conceded five goals. He vowed to do better in the near future, saying: "It's our own fault in a way because, even if you haven't put your chances away, you've still got to defend properly. Me personally, and the back four and Luke, should feel a little bit responsible for the last couple of games because it's probably the worst we've defended all season. I don't think anyone broke us down and got through us and created a lot of chances it's just the basic defending, at crosses and corners, which we really need to tighten up on. In this division, when you've got the likes of Bogle, at Grimsby, and big John Akinde, at Barnet the big boys that's their game, set-pieces, and if you allow them to dominate and get chances in the box, then they're going to put them away. It's something we need to tighten up on. We know that, in this division, if we don't defend properly and we don't defend in both boxes, then we're going to lose football matches. In the last couple of games, that's what's happened; we haven't defended set-pieces, especially crosses into our box and corners, well enough. We've created a lot of chances, just like we did all season, but it's just not gone for us last couple of games and we haven't got the ball in the back of the net. When you don't do that, there's always a chance of you getting beat.

"I think, as a defence, you do kind of take it a little bit personally. I know I do if it's my mistake or I could've done something about it. I do dwell on it a little bit because I know I could've done better. You do take it personally but you've got to move on as quickly as possible you can't keep thinking about stuff like that because you'll take it into training the next day, and you'll take it into the next game and your performances will start dipping.

"You've got to recognise that if you could've done better, then you've got to do better. We've recognised where we've gone wrong; we've just got to tighten up and hopefully we can go on an unbeaten run again. The last time we lost two games in the league it was at the start of the season and then we went on to not get beat for nearly three months. That's got to be our mentality now to concentrate on Morecambe and start another unbeaten run. You've got to look at how well we've performed so far this season, as well. When you do look at the negatives, you've got to look back at the positives because the confidence rebuilds and we take that into the next game. You've got to draw a line under it now; you can't dwell on it too much. We've been brilliant this season so you've got to look at that as well and take the positives, concentrate on training, and look towards Morecambe and see how we can get the three points there."

Derek Adams however had a more positive outlook on the match, stressing his belief that Argyle deserved the win on the balance of play. He cited match statistics to support his belief. Adams said: "We had 660 passes to their 350; had 17 attempts on goal to their four that shows you the domination we had in the game and we know that we played well. We didn't get the result. That sometimes happens. We had about 70% of the match overall; we had three times the opportunities in the game; we weren't able to put the ball in the back of the net; and we conceded two poor goals on the night. They had to defend for the majority of the match and it's one of these games that you find it difficult to score in. We have to take our chances when they come along.

"I don't mind losing if somebody is better than us. That is something that happens in life. But I feel that, the other night, there were a lot of circumstances that went against us the second goal was a foul; we should have had a penalty kick and, over the 90 minutes, we didn't feel there was a consistency in the game. We had a lot of chances and were unable to get the goals our play probably deserved. It was difficult for us when you go 2-0 down; it's a long way back after that. It was a difficult game against Grimsby. They got a good start in the game and were able to get ahead in the match and we really haven't played well enough on that day.

"We probably have to be a wee bit more clinical; when that opportunity comes along, we have to take it. David Fox hit the bar the other night and probably should have scored; if that goes in, it's a different ball game. It happened on Saturday against Grimsby Craig Tanner twice had good opportunities to score, doesn't, and they go and score. We have got enough players in the squad who are more than capable of scoring goals you see that in the goalscoring charts so, when the chances come along, we just need to score."

Adams also revealed that Argyle are changing the way they approach training sessions to minimise the risk of injury/burnout. Adams: "We do train a wee bit differently now. Not too much, but we try to protect the players from anything. We have to reduce the load in training. Sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes we don't want to do that. We have just got to protect them and make sure there is not as much contact in training.

"We want to get onto that 40-points mark as quickly as possible. We have got a good number of games between now and the end of the year."


Derek Adams blamed missed chances and poor refereeing decisions for Argyle's loss to Barnet, saying that Argyle had still had plenty of good play. He said: "We lost a goal from a set play early in the game. One of our men lost his man and they get an early goal. We probably shouldn't have given away a corner kick in the first place. We gave away two corners and a free-kick early on in the game. We know what Barnet are about and that's something they're very good at. We should've had a penalty kick with Jake Jervis turning his man. He gets wiped out. That would've given us a good chance to get back it back in the match. Then there's probably a foul in the lead-up to the second goal on Yann Songo'o, and I'm not sure if it's offside or not when the ball is played through. I haven't seen the footage yet. So that makes it 2-0. I thought the boy had come through the back of Songo'o and fouled him. It becomes difficult after that, because they've got something to hold onto.

"We didn't have a choice. We just had to try and get as many attacking players on as we possibly could. If we had got a goal, we probably would've got another one, but we didn't. We had a lot of the ball; we had a lot of attacking players on the pitch; we had a lot of opportunities, and we weren't able to get the next goal in the game that would've maybe put them under more pressure. It's very frustrating, when you've had so much possession of the ball. We've had good opportunities, first and second half, and we haven't been able to take any. In two games now, we've had opportunities to score goals. We haven't scored in two games but we've plenty of good play in and around the box. We haven't been clinical enough with our chances and that's why we've failed to score. It's just hard to take because you've put yourselves in a good position, then we don't defend well enough against Grimsby and we don't defend well enough against Barnet. We lose two goals, and you find it very difficult to come back from that."

Adams further berated referee Brett Huxtable for his refusal to deal with Barnet's timewasting, saying: "The referee didn't want to speak about anything after the game. The thing was, he thought he was having a good match, but there was time wasting from Barnet, their goalkeeper continually held the ball for more than the six seconds, the time they took to take throw-ins; the time they took to make substitutions. Is it part of the game? Yes it is, but it's up to the referee to deal with it. Throughout the evening, the fans told the referee what they thought of him. When that happens, the referee at some point in the game has to realise that they're not too happy with him."


Argyle have lost a second home game in the space of a week with a 2-0 loss to Barnet. Argyle were the victim of two contentious refereeing decisions with Luke McCormick and Yann Songo'o appearing to have been fouled in the build-up to Barnet's first and second goals respectively. Argyle were also denied what looked like a penalty on Jake Jervis between the two goals. Argyle plugged away in the second half but could not find an opening. Argyle: McCormick, Miller, Bulvitis, Bradley, Threlkeld(Tanner), Songo'o(Garita), Fox, Smith, Jervis, Carey, Goodwillie. Subs: Dorel, Rooney, Osborne, Donaldson.


Gary Miller intends for Argyle to take solace from the last time they lost 3-0 at home and to go on another good run of form. He said: "It's a good thing that we have been in this position before, at the start of the season, and we responded to that then. We can take confidence and know that we are capable of recovering and doing it, so it's just putting it into practice. We're delighted with the run, but we are still disappointed to get beaten. We just need to bounce back and react to that, and look to recover and do as well as we can. I don't think it was a 3-0, but I still don't think we deserved to win. Grimsby did well at what they did, so you have got to give them credit for that, but we know we can do better and we should do better. We got forward well; we did a lot of good things. It just didn't seem to come off for us. Maybe it was an off-day but, in football, we know these things happen, so it is now about putting it right. We have done well to get ourselves into the position we're in and we just need to continue and try to keep climbing from there and keep picking up points. It's been a good run; we just need to try to start another one. Our main aim will be to get out there and try to rectify what we feel was a disappointing result for us on Saturday."

Miller also spoke about the injury to striker Jimmy Spencer, revealing his disappointment on behalf of his fellow player: "He has been doing well and it will be a big loss. It's up to the other guys to step up now and stake their claim for a place, and try to keep it by doing well. You have guys like Goodie who work very hard. Obviously, the boys are gutted for Jimmy. He's a good strong character and he will come back better whenever he recovers. It's a shame really. It's not something that you like to see at all. But, as I said, he's a strong character and I'm sure he will be fine. As sad as it is, as one person goes out somebody has to go in and fill the space. Other people who have been working hard will be looking to get in and make their claim. Sometimes, sadly, that's just football."

Derek Adams insisted that Paul-Arnold Garita had not been rushed back from the injury that saw him miss two months of action for Argyle and spoke about the wide range of striking options that he had in his arsenal. Adams said: "He had trained for the week so he was fine to play the game. "It's obviously difficult being out for that period of time but he was ready to go. There wasn't any issues there. It's a risk putting anybody on the pitch. It doesn't matter how many games you have played, or how long you have been out for. We look to play the best available team.

"We have got Jervis, we have got Slew, we have got Garita, Goodwillie, Tanner and Carey. They can all play in that central striker role so we have still got very good options in the forward positions. Carey played there against Oxford last season, and Tanner has as well on a good number of times. It just becomes a different person that's up front. It doesn't really change the style of play. They are all very capable players and, technically, can all take the ball in to feet."

Adams also emphasised the strength of tomorrow night's opponents, Barnet and also praised the good job that Martin Allen has done there, in this his fourth spell at the club. Adams: "Martin has done a fabulous job there again. He has taken them up from the Conference and been able to keep them in the league, which is what he wants to do at the start of the season. They have got Akinde up front, who is their goalscorer, and we have obviously got to look after him.


Derek Adams has rued 'preventable' goals as Argyle lost 3-0 at home to Grimsby in a game which saw the unbeaten run come to a dramatic end. Adams said: "We had many opportunities in the game to score goals and weren't able to take them. Overall, I thought Grimsby were better than us. They have come up and given a good show for themselves. They have done that today. It was a very good performance from them but, for us, we didn't have that spark we have had in recent weeks. We had really good opportunities in the game and we should have scored. And the goals we concede are very poor ones from our point of view and are preventable.

"We have had good opportunities but I would say Grimsby deserved to win the match. It's a very tough league. You see how tight it is from top to bottom and we have been able to get a good run. We will have to go on another good run as well to keep the momentum going.

"You always want to win games, and today I thought Grimsby were better than us. They deserved to win the match, even though we have opened them up numerous times without scoring the goal when we needed to. It probably feels worse than the Luton game because I thought we created a lot more chances today but it just didn't fall for us. I didn't think we had that spark we have had in the past and it started from the beginning of the game. The place was dead at the start and it never got going," he added. "It transferred to the players, and the players transferred that to the terraces."

Jimmy Spencer will be out of action for at least three months after breaking his ankle in training. With David Ijaha also out of the squad injured, Derek Adams was left to rue on an injury list that has had new names added to it just after old names have been taken off it. Adams said: "As he was waiting to have a shot, he was just on his own and his weight went on one leg. He just turned and it snapped. He's going to be a minimum of three months, I believe. It's a long time. We've also got the long-term ones like Gary Sawyer and Ryan Brunt, so it's not helping our cause any. Spencer and Garita have played in that position this season. They've held up the ball in and performed well for us. It's a huge blow. Any player we have in the squad that is injured is disappointing.

"Threlkeld was on the bench and he's progressing all the time. Ijaha will be out for a shorter period of time, we're hoping. It only happened at the end of the week, so we'll just find out what the assessment is. He's hurt his stomach muscles into his groin, so we're just assessing that at this moment in time. It's hard to take as a manager. You feel that you're getting somewhere and then something happens. It's like a roadblock; it's very difficult to overcome these things and it's hard to take."


Argyle's unbeaten run has come to an end with a 3-0 loss at home to Grimsby. A goal just before half-time saw the Mariners go ahead and two more goals after the interval saw a convincing victory for the visitors. Argyle: McCormick, Miller, Songo'o, Bradley, Purrington, Fox, Donaldson, Tanner(Goodwillie), Carey, Slew(Jervis), Garita(Rooney). Subs: Dorel, Osbourne, Threlkeld, Smith.


Derek Adams has admitted that the memories of last season are a driving force to ensure that Argyle get over the line this time around: "The foot is to the floor. We have still got to pick up a lot of points. We have got 38 points already and we want to add to them. There are 30 games to go, a long way to go. We have given ourselves a very good start and hopefully can continue that. I think it is going to be very tight this season to get into the promotion places.The league is better than last year. The reason I say that is that, between third place and mid-table, there are a good number of teams on equal points. There are a lot of teams that can beat each other and they've shown that throughout the season. We've got experienced players in the team and players that want to succeed. We've got a lot of players that want to drive on, which is important in a squad. We're pushing them, day in day out, to make them better, and we are seeing the fruits of that.

"As a manager, you want to be the best; we were trying for that but we were two wins short of automatic promotion. We should have had it, but we didn't perform well enough in two games. He'll be finding his feet at the football club and be getting to know the players that are there.They have started the season really well; they are in the play-off positions. Like Barnet last year, they have come up from the National League and done really well, putting a lot of pressure on the teams around about them. They have got a number of talented players. Bogle is the one that stands out for them and we'll have to watch him. You just have to look at the scoring charts. He scored two goals last week; he's quick; he's direct; and he's robust. We will have to watch out for him."


Ben Purrington is currently enjoying his longest run of games in the Argyle side but is determined to look forward to the future and is not content to rest on his laurels. The left-back said: "It's been going well we're on a good run. We haven't lost many games, in the league. It's unfortunate for Gary. It wasn't nice that he got injured, but it has given me an opportunity to get in the team. Hopefully I can take it, and stay there. It is my longest run, now, and it has been good to be in the team while we are winning. We've done well in the league this year. It's not nice to come into a losing team you just think 'I'll be straight out next week.' As the only left-back in the squad it's good to know you will probably be starting, although you don't take anything for granted. I've got to be playing well, especially for when Gary Sawyer is back. The new players that came in probably thought I was just a young, back-up left-back. Now that I've played, hopefully they realise I've played a few games now, and am a bit more experienced than they first thought.

"The way the gaffer plays, you've got to be able to get up and down because if the opposite full-back is up and crossing, sometimes he wants you in at the back post. It can be quite tiring at times, but you know you've got to do it, keep getting up and down. It's probably one of the most tiring positions of modern football."

Purrington said that winning has become a pleasant habit to get into but that he wants to get into another one- the keeping of clean sheets. He said: "I don't think we've kept enough clean sheets this season. We've obviously been winning games, which is the main thing, but I wouldn't mind a few more 1-0 wins. It's better for the defenders. We've been leaking a few sloppy goals which hasn't been good. We've been scoring a lot of goals, which is obviously a good thing. If we can just tighten up at the back it will be even better. If you look around all the other clubs they seem to be conceding as well. Since I've come in, we've only lost cup games. We've drawn a few, but we're on a good run, and seven points clear at the top of the table which you would never have expected. Morale around the club is really high. We're all staying level-headed. We're on a good run, but you know that teams are going to come here and set-up differently to play us, because we are flying. As a team, there's still more to come. It shows that we are doing well to be top and yet still have more in our locker."

Derek Adams has revealed that Argyle have made another attempt to open contract talks with star man Graham Carey and that the ball was in the park of the player. Adams said: "I spoke to his agent and we are just in the same scenario that they are going to wait. There is nothing coming back on their side. Graham has done really well for us so he's just keeping his options open. There is nothing else we can do at this moment in time. We have spoken to the agent and the player and it's in their court. That's just the way football is We have got Graham contracted until the end of the season. He's doing well and we are delighted with him.

"What you have got to remember is that Graham Carey came to this football club and people were asking 'Who is he'? It was the same with a number of others, and they have all gone on to do well. It's great for myself as a manager to see the creativity that Graham has got. He has used the platform and done well for the football club while he has been here. I know how Graham works and Graham knows how I work. We have got a very good working relationship and when he goes somewhere else, which he is going to do eventually, he has got to try to get that relationship with somebody else, and it's never easy."

When asked about the prospect of Carey potentially leaving in January, Adams said: "Clubs will probably look at that. But there is a value to the football club on his deal until the end of the season, and also the value to the team when we are in the promotion places. I don't see that happening unless there is a bid that we feel is acceptable to the football club. That's the nature of business. We haven't had any bids at this moment in time so it's hearsay."

Derek Adams admitted that Argyle were looking forward to a run of home games after a succession of away trips but said that things were made harder in home games by teams wishing to sit deep and take a point. Adams: "We are looking forward it, but it's probably more difficult for us at home at this moment in time because teams are coming here, sitting in and hoping to take a point. It's not like when you go away from home and the other teams has to come out and attack and allow space. It hasn't happened many times this season where teams have come at us at home."

Adams finally gave injury updates on Oscar Threlkeld, Paul-Arnold Garita and Ryan Brunt: "Both Garita and Oscar have progressed over the week, which has been very good for us. You want your competition for places and it's important that we have all our good players ready.

"Ryan is continuing to go through his strengthening programme. We are hopeful that we will start jogging in the next week or so. It's probably something he will be looking forward to. He has been out since March and it's a long period of time for him."


It has been confirmed that Argyle will definitely play Newport County in the second round of the FA Cup after their 4-1 win in the first round replay against Alfreton after extra time. The game will take place on Saturday December 3rd.


Derek Adams has said that Luke McCormick's penalty save was important to the outcome of the game against Crewe but said that his Argyle players could have got back into the game anyway. Adams analysed: "Obviously the penalty save does change the way the game's going. I don't think Luke had a lot of saves to make in the game, but he made an important one with the penalty kick. It would have made it 2-0 for Crewe, but I still think we would get back into the game at some point in the match. I didn't see us losing the match today. We've got players that want to score goals. Tanner's goal in the first half was typical him: inside the 18-yard box and being able to take it on his left foot, onto his right, and a good finish. That's what happens in a game: you've got to take a chance when it comes along. We were obviously delighted to get it just before half time.

"I think that it was a difficult afternoon, because they're quite quick and strong but Yann Songo'o and Sonny Bradley did well. It was a very good goal from Kiwomya; a good strike from him. Other than that, we defended strongly. We're obviously delighted. It's a good game to win. It's a tough place to come to - they're sixth in the league. We've played really well at times; we've had to because Crewe are a good side. They're direct, they're quick, but in the second half we got to grips with it and probably could've scored a couple more goals if we chose the right option.

"I couldn't believe the amount of fans we had today. We're looking across from our dugout and they've filled a whole stand. They have followed us on the road continuously, since I've been here and in years gone by as well. They've really had an enjoyable afternoon."

Adams also praised Argyle's strength of character for their first win from a losing position in the league this season, admitting that he did not tell his Argyle player that Carlisle had lost at Newport before kick-off: "For us to come here, go a goal down and come back to win 2-1, shows the character of our players. We've got a great winning mentality. We've got a very good group. We've got a group of players who are quite calm. We've got a mixture of youth and experience in the side, and I think that's important. We've got continuity as well; we obviously had to make a change at centre half today. We've had to make changes throughout the season and the players that've come in have done well. I've got a group of players that are very together. They've got that winning mentality; you don't come away from home and win seven games on the trot if you don't. We obviously knew the score before the start of the game with Carlisle. The players didn't know the score. We didn't tell them, and I think that was important that we put our foot to the pedal and kept on going. We've had a difficult week. We've been away from home to Mansfield in the FA Cup, we've been at Swansea on a wet Tuesday night, and we've had to come to Crewe on a Saturday. It's a lot of time on the road and it's not easy for the players to recover, but they've shown they're capable of doing that. This is a tough league - it is every year. We're on a very good run, but there's a lot of teams on good runs in the league. We're just trying to stay ahead of the pack."

Luke McCormick shrugged off the plaudits after his penalty save against Crewe and instead highlighted the never-say-die attitude of his teammates. McCormick said: "It doesn't surprise me when you look at this afternoon, going a goal behind," he said. "The gaffer said afterwards - and it's true - that we have a never-say-die mentality. We showed a lot of endeavour to get ourselves back in the game and we kept knocking on the door. Fortunately, at the end, we were able to get a break and Graham was able to put it away. We have got a solid base. We have got boys in the team that work hard; we have got loads of creativity; we have got goals in us. I think the base gives ourselves the security to go and express ourselves.

"Sonny and Bully have struck up a fantastic little partnership; it's probably Yann's more natural position, the one he's played most of his career, so it's not strange for him. He slotted in perfectly; he just loves to go and defend and that's what we had to do at times today. They have got plenty of legs. I think that's one thing that gave us plenty of trouble. There are plenty of bodies willing to run forward and we had to get to grips with that. Maybe we were wee bit slow in doing that in the initial stages of the game. Once we did, the game opened up a little bit for us and we were able to get our quality players on the ball and take it to them a little bit.

"Graham is relentless. He is up and down; he wants to be part of everything; he wants the ball anywhere on the pitch. Jimmy has done fantastically in the middle of the park to get the ball out to Jake and he has put a fantastic ball in and Graham is head down, running in; he knows where the ball is going to go. They chucked everything at us. The big centre-half came on up front and made things difficult for us but we have got aggressive boys that just want to go and defend, and we were able to hold out."

On the penalty, Luke said: "It's been a long time coming. I've sort of changed my methods a little bit as to my approach to penalties. When he puts the ball down and he looks up, I just like to be a bit of an inconvenience; move around. The pressure's on him; there's no pressure on me, as such. He is expected to score. Thankfully, I was able to guess right. It might just have given us a lift and did the opposite to Crewe. They are a young team, full of energy and enthusiasm, and something like that maybe affects a younger team more than it does an older team. We were pleased to get Tanns on the ball and it was a fantastic strike with his weaker foot."


Argyle have made club history with a record-breaking 7th away win in a row. Crewe went 1-0 up early on and had a chance to extend their lead in the first half when a penalty kick was awarded. Luke McCormick saved it however, and Argyle equalised shortly before the break through Craig Tanner. A second half of Argyle knocking at the door followed before Graham Carey tapped home the winner. The game ended 2-1 to Argyle. Argyle: McCormick, Miller, Songo'o, Bradley, Purrington, Fox, Donaldson, Slew(Jervis), Carey, Tanner(Goodwillie), Spencer(Smith). Subs: Dorel, Osbourne, Ijaha, Garita.


Derek Adams explained the decision to have Oscar Threlkeld and Paul-Arnold Garita travel to Swansea and partake in a pre-match warm-up in spite of the prolonged absence of the pair through injury. He explained that it does players good to keep in and around the squad even when they are not ready to play: "When you are an injured player and have been out for a long period of time, I don't want them sitting at home. They are part of the squad and you have to go and support your team. The easiest thing when you are injured is to have the luxury of being in your house, having a cup of coffee or tea, while we are all out working.

"They have been doing light work and now it's about getting them into full contact."

Adams said that does not believe that Jordan Bentley's red card in the midweek Swansea match will have any lasting damage on his Argyle career...but that he did need to learn from it. Adams: "I spoke to him after the game against Swansea and explained to him that he has to learn from that. He has been sent-off twice now in three games so he has got to eradicate the needless fouls that happened in the game. He is 17 years of age and he will learn from that. Jordan is the sort of lad who is a strong character. It was a very good experience for him to play in the first team. Unfortunately it came to an end but he has performed well in the under-18s again this season. He has still got a lot of work to do, like the rest of the under-18s because the step up to first team football is massive."

Adams also said that he was pleased to give game time to Vincent Dorel and Marc McCallum in the Swansea game but re-affirmed that Luke McCormick is still the club's first choice keeper: "It's difficult when you are a second or third goalkeeper because you don't get the same game-time. Luke McCormick is the number one choice at this moment in time. He's a top goalkeeper and club captain as well. But it's good when Vincent and Marc get an opportunity to get some game-time."

Martyn Starnes was coy on the subject of the money obtained by the club for the transfer of Curtis Nelson to Oxford, not ruling out the possibility that it could be used to bolster Derek Adams' transfer funds in January. Starnes said: "What will happen is that Derek will come to a board meeting if he chooses to do with a request for funds to sign a particular player. If it's over the existing budget then the board will look at it and make a decision, and either release the funds that he is asking for or not. If it's within budget then Derek will be allowed to go and sign that player anyway.

"I would like to think that the board, certainly in my time and with working with Derek, have always been very supportive of the manager. In Derek, we have got a manager who really appreciates how difficult it is for a club in our position to make additional funds available. He uses the funds very wisely and we work collaboratively on that type of thing so it's not a simple 'yes' or a 'no' answer. It's one that we work together on and say 'Is this something we want to do? Derek, we understand you want this player' and we try to make the funds available for him.

"We have been improving the position financially now for the last three years. It's not an overnight thing. "That's due to the hard work of everyone, down from the chairman of the board to all the people at the club. It has been a massive effort to get us to where we are and I'm proud of everybody who has put that effort in."

Derek Adams and Graham Carey missed out on the manager and player of the month awards for October, the titles going to Keith Curle and Jason Kennedy of Carlisle respectively.

It was still a promising month however for Carey, who spoke about his role in the side, primarily emphasising assists over goals. The Irish playmaker said: "I have set up a few goals and scored a few as well and we have been winning, which is the most important thing of all. I think my main job in the team is to create goals, and if I chip in with the same amount in goals then that's a bonus. I set a target on how many assists I can get and hopefully I can achieve that. My aim is to better last season. I think it's the first time in my career where I have had the licence to go and express myself in the final third and play a bit more centrally. I think it has showed by getting that amount of goals that it's probably my best position

"I think most of my career I have been playing either left wing-back or left mid, and mainly out on the touchline and crossing the balls in. At the start of the season in Scotland where the gaffer got sacked, he was playing me more centrally. When I came here, he said he wanted me to play more centrally and I have done that. It shows that he obviously knew that was the way to get the best out of me. When I went on loan when I was younger, I played left-back and left wing-back. To be fair, I think it was good for my career because now if I do play on the wing I know how the full-backs feel if you don't defend. It was a good learning period and, obviously, I was young at the time. Possibly if you are the only left-footer in the team you might end up playing left-back, but hopefully those days are over now.

"With the team and the squad we have, we want to win every game. But I think people who were watching would probably have called it a reserve game really, with the way the atmosphere was. On the pitch, it was very competitive and I think both sets of players really wanted to win the game. In that way it wasn't a reserve game. It was played at a bit more tempo. I think in the second half when we were down to 10 men it was a good learning curve for us. The manager said at half-time it was all about keeping shape and working hard as a team, and I think in the second half we did that. As a team we will take a lot out of the second half."


Graham Carey has paid tribute to his fellow Argyle midfielder David Fox as he prepares to face his former club Crewe Alexandra on Saturday. Carey explained: "You can tell he has played at the top level. His brain works a lot faster and differently to others. He's a top class footballer. You just have to watch these players. It's an asset to have him in the team. Especially when I'm playing in behind the striker, his passing is great. He can get you into pockets that not many players can. His experience in the dressing before the game helps. It's always good playing with players who have played at that level. If you make yourself available, Foxy will find you."

Derek Adams thought likewise, saying: "He's been a revelation in the side. He's 32 years of age, he's excellent on the ball and you have to look after players of a certain age. David has obviously played at an excellent level throughout his career. He comes from a footballing background which also helps. He knows what football clubs need and he knows how to win matches. He's astute, very calm on the ball, he picks a pass, he knows when to play when were under pressure and he takes the ball very well across the midfield.

"It was difficult for him at the start, we got his fitness levels up as he hadn't been playing over the summer. He missed pre-season training with us and he then just came in when we were going to Holland. He'll look forward to that going back to Crewe. They are a football side that produce talent, that's their philosophy and they have been very successful throughout the years."

Adams also stated the importance of being a side who was good on the counter attack following Jordan Slew's goal from a Mansfield corner on Saturday: "They had a corner kick and we were able to play on the counter attack after that. Many years ago Manchester United used to do that all the time. People wondered why they had everybody back for a corner kick. That was to suck the opposition players into their penalty area to use the pace of Giggs and Kanchelskis and go forward from there. It's something you find difficult at times because when we're at home teams will come and sit in and there is a lack of space; we saw that in the last game against Colchester when they started with five across the back. We have a lot of good creative players amongst the team, we have got speed in our side as well which you need in this division. When we get into the oppositions half we have got a licence to move all over the pitch, a licence to overload in certain areas and not play shape too well at times when we're in position of the ball. Out of position then we play a rigid shape and keep our formation to try and stop the opposition."

Finally, he stated the importance of scoring first as a good starting point for Argyle to go on and get a positive result from games. Adams: "I think that the stats will tell you that it's important that you score first and the majority of the time when you score first you go on the draw or win the game. It gives you a good foothold in the game. In the past we have come from behind and either drawn a game or won a match. We have got different dimensions to our game. The most important stat is probably the 35 points we've got already and it's about adding to that points total. We just have to keep on going and look at the next game. We obviously do have a glance at the league table and results now and again but we have to look after ourselves first."


Derek Adams admitted that yesterday was a 'difficult night' for Argyle as two injuries forced the team into a somewhat patchwork defence. He said: "Swansea scored two goals quite quickly; then we had the sending-off and it became a very difficult night. It was a game we were going to get players some game-time who hadn't had an opportunity. Then we lose a man and it becomes difficult because you can't open up after that you have to bide your time. We had chances, in the first and second half, to score goals from set-plays, but it was not easy to try to come out and play because Swansea have got some good players. The two goals came in off our right-hand side. It was good play from their point of view; we could have defended it a lot better.

"Gary Miller had a back spasm. Ben Purrington had a dead leg. I noticed he was limping about, so I took him off as quickly as possible. We ended up playing with Sonny Bradley at left-back and Ryan Donaldson at right-back. It was a difficult night for us.

"It was good that Karleigh got a run-out. I didn't want to start him. He's been out for a long time and I wanted to give him half an hour; I gave him 40 minutes, which was good for him."

Adams also said that young defender Jordan Bentley needs to adapt his game after picking up another red card and suspension which followed his one in a South West Premier League game recently, saying: "He's now got two suspensions on him because he got sent off in a Peninsula game, so he has got to cut that out of his game."


Argyle are out of the Checkatrade Trophy having lost 2-0 to Swansea under-23s in the 'winner takes all' final game of the group. The home side scored both their goals in the opening twenty minutes of the game and Argyle had to play the second half with ten men, following the sending off of Jordan Bentley in first half stoppage time. Bentley, who is a second year apprentice, was making his first start for Argyle. Ben Purrington came off injured in the second half and was replaced by Karleigh Osborne who made his Argyle debut. Argyle: Dorel(McCallum), Bentley, Bulvitis, Bradley, Purrington(Osborne), Ijaha(Donaldson), Jervis, Carey, Slew(Tanner), Goodwillie. Subs: Songo'o, Fox, Spencer.

Derek Adams has defied the 'manager of the month' curse after winning the award for September by being nominated for the October award as well. Additionally, Graham Carey has been nominated for the player of the month award.

Oxford United have confirmed that a decision has been made in the long awaited tribunal for the fee to be paid to Argyle for Curtis Nelson's summer transfer. Argyle will be paid a minimum of 200,000, with further payments subject to appearances possibly taking the final sum to 280,000. Oxford claimed that the sum was "significantly higher than our initial expectation."


Argyle have drawn Alfreton Town or Newport County in the second round of the Emirates FA Cup.

After a 2-1 win at Mansfield Town on Saturday, Argyle must now turn their attention to the visit of either Alfreton, of the Vanarama National League North or County, bottom of Sky Bet League Two. The sides drew 1-1 at the weekend, and are set to replay on Tuesday, November 15. Second round ties will be played on the weekend of the 3/4th December.


Derek Adams praised Argyle's 'battling qualities' that guided them to the second round of the FA Cup following victory against Mansfield Town. He paid particular reference to how Argyle played the conditions, saying: "We lost the toss and they were able to turn us around. We actually played a wee bit better in the first half with the wind against us, rather than for us. It's difficult when the wind is with you, because you can pass balls and they roll through. We fought hard, played very well in spells and were able to get a lead into the game with great play from Slew down the side, and his strike into the bottom corner. We probably feel we should've gone on to get another goal in that time. Mansfield came back into the game in the second half when they scored their goal, and they got a lift from that. You saw that with their energy and their willingness to get forward.

"It was a well-worked move down the left-hand side, a good cutback and a good strike from David. When they scored their goal, the supporters here were with them, and we knew that was going to be the case. Then our supporters were with us after that as well. It's always nice to come away from home and score two goals. We thought about it before the game: it's about coming here and winning the match. We've come away, it's a tough venue, it's not easy - we knew it wasn't going to be. There wasn't a lot of football on show today, but that's the kind of fixture it was going to be."

Adams also noted Argyle's strength and their capability to physically outmuscle sides as well as just outplay them. He said: "I thought there was a lot of very performances from us today. The likes of Jimmy Spencer up front was excellent at times. Songo'o and Fox in the middle of the park. It's important we have these players performing well. Songo'o]plays in that area of the pitch where you need competitive players. He is that. He goes and wins headers. They were launching balls into areas so we needed a physical element to the team to see it through.

"Jordan's a strong boy. When he gets up and running at you, you've no chance. He can hit the ball past you and he can go both ways as well - the same as Graham Carey can do on the opposite side. So if you're a full back, you've got a problem. He's got power left and right, and it was an excellent finish low into the bottom corner. We're obviously delighted to get through in a cup competition like the FA Cup. We've shown great respect today for it, because it's an important cup competition in this country. We're delighted to be through. I just think that sometimes we are devaluing some competitions, and we do make too many changes at times. I've done it in the past for the Checkatrade Trophy; we've just got to be careful what we do. This is an old, old competition and we've got to respect that. It's just nice to get through to the next round, and hopefully we can get a good tie that is good for the players. The players always want to play against the best sides."

David Fox said that his first goal for Argyle was a long time coming and talked through the goal and how it happened: "It's nice for it to have a little bit of importance and for it to mean something. It's taken us through to the next round and obviously I'm delighted. It's taken me longer than I'd hoped but it's a start and like a lot of the other players - I need to chip in with goals. It was nice to contribute to the win and hopefully I can pop up with a couple more. It fell for Slewy and I thought 'I'm in a bit of space on the edge of the box'. He picked me out great and, as I've had my touch, I'm looking at passing it because I'm expecting to be closed down but I had a little bit of space and made sure I hit the target. Luckily for me, it went in. We knew it would be difficult. I don't think the conditions helped us. With the wind, we knew it would be very difficult out there. Mansfield are a good team. They pressed us well. It was a scrappy game but the manager said 'We are here to be in the next round of the Cup' and that's what we've done. We have got a good habit of grinding out wins."

Fox also echoed the words of his manager regarding cup competitions. That being that winning is a habit and that progression in both the FA Cup and the Checkatrade Trophy should compliment, not hinder, Argyle's successes in the league: "You can't get tired of winning. You have got to keep going. Any competition you are in, you want to win because it builds and builds and builds. We're going on to a pitch feeling we're tough to beat. Obviously there will be times when that's not the case but we go into every game with confidence and momentum and, it doesn't matter what competition we are in, we are trying to win. The manager played the same team as last week. He's keeping momentum. It's great, from a confidence point of view, that he's thrown us all out there again, and he expects results. At the minute, that's what we are doing. We've got a never-say-die attitude. We all stuck in. After the second goal, Mansfield chucked everything at us but we stuck together; we held firm; we were solid; and we had each other's backs. That can get you a long way. t's a good feeling after games and we have got to try to make that continue. It does nobody any harm at all, being in this competition. We have got lots of players eager to play. We are not even past Christmas yet, everyone's fit, everyone wants to play, so we want to be in every competition.

"We want get through on Tuesday night, as well. I am sure there will be lads that get a game in that but we know that, whoever plays, wants to win that game. We want to be in the next round of that cup, as well, because confidence breeds results and that's what we've got. We want to try to hold on to it as long as we can."


Argyle are through to the second round of the FA Cup after a 2-1 victory against Mansfield. A fine solo effort from Jordan Slew put Argyle 1-0 up in the early stages of the game. Mansfield benefitted from some defensive indecision to level it up in the second half but a long range strike from David Fox saw Argyle progress to round two, in which the greens are ball 23. Argyle: McCormick, Miller, Bulvitis, Bradley, Purrington, Songo'o, Fox, Carey, Tanner(Donaldson), Slew(Ijaha), Spencer. Subs: Goodwillie, Jervis, Osborne, Dorel.


Derek Adams has stressed the importance of allowing his players a degree of creative freedom in their style of play and of treating them like adults, saying: "Since I have come into management, I have treated my players as adults. We obviously have rules and regulations, but I have always given them very good leeway. I think that's important. If they go past it, they have a problem. They are all mature adults, with families, with mortgages. I read a lot and see certain things getting banned. It is maybe right for some clubs, but I don't have a problem with it. I like my players to be creative; I don't like them to play rigidly," said Derek, "although I do like them to play rigidly when they have not got the ball. When we have got the ball, they have got the licence to go and excite the crowd. We are in an entertainment business and we have got entertaining players. You have got to give them licence. It's like a school kid on the park at school you can't coach them too early; you have to give them that freedom. Then you have to give them the good habits that they need to defend. Defending is very important, but we have to go and entertain people."

Adams also stated that he hoped this season would be the year that Argyle would make serious progress in the FA Cup in spite of their first round exit to Carlisle last year: "You can look at it two ways. You can say it's a break, but it's the FA Cup you are going into and we want to try to progress to the next round. We obviously know the priority this season is the league campaign but, with the FA Cup, a run can be financially beneficial to the team. I think, if we get through and pick up a lucrative tie, we would have a grandstand built very quickly. The money isn't always for the football team; money needs to be spent all over the football club. We want to try to progress to the next round. It is important, but the most important thing is the league campaign that is the one we want to do well in and the one you are judged on at the end of the season. A cup-run is very good I'm not taking anything away from that but we are not going to be judged on a cup-run.

"We know, from going there last year, when it was 0-0 game, it is a difficult venue to go to, but it's away from home and we have done well on the road. Sometimes, clubs can go a wee bit gung-ho. You can throw the coats off and just go for it because there are no points to play for, but there is possibly a bigger prize at the end of the day of a lucrative tie against Premier League team

"The cup competition is very important. I think that replays need to stay in place. I don't think that would be fair to lower division teams if that wasn't the case.

"We always play a team that we think can win the football match I would say that's the strongest available team. Even if I make changes, I believe it is a team that is capable of winning."

Jimmy Spencer echoed the sentiments of Adams and too stressed the importance of a good cup run. He said: "It's just another game to us. We want to keep this run going and get through to the next round. Every game's important. It doesn't matter if it is a friendly, a league game, a cup game. We just want to win games. It keeps the momentum going for us. It will be a tough game at Mansfield. They are a very physical side. I think it'll be a game very similar to Saturday's against Colchester. They'll make it hard for us to do our stuff. If we go there and do what we do, play our stuff, we'll come away with a win. Teams coming up against us will try and stop us. Mansfield have always been physical over the years that I've played them.

"I played at White Hart Lane against Tottenham, a few years back when I was at Cheltenham. I think that is the furthest I've been in the FA Cup. It was the third round. We were having a good season there too, similar to what we're doing here now. If we can replicate that, it would be good."


Derek Adams has said he is expecting a direct style of play from Mansfield Town, Argyle's opponents in the FA Cup first round draw on Saturday, explaining: "We're unsure about how Mansfield might go because Adam Murray has spoken about their home form. One thing is for sure they are going to be direct and we are going to have to deal with a lot of high balls into the box because they have got a very good physical element to their team. They have changed their style a wee bit this year they have got a lot of six-foot-plus players in their team. When they came down here earlier in the season, their players became bigger and bigger as they were coming off the bench."

Adams also assessed the impact of the new FA Cup balls which will be used on Saturday: "When we change from manufacturer to manufacturer, the feel of the ball, the weight, the way it flies through the air, the way it bounces on the pitch, is all different. People will think it's strange but that's the way it is it's a different coating to the ball and a different manufacturer. We received them earlier in the week. It's always interesting when they come out; the players get a wee bit excited. They will be practicing their free-kicks and corner-kicks. It does fly a wee bit different to the league ball."

Jimmy Spencer has stated his relief that referee Kevin Johnson is set for a full recovery after the accidental collision that saw him need to be stretchered off of Saturday's game at home to Colchester. Spencer recounted: "I think the ball was on the left hand side and I was looking towards Ben who had the ball. I didn't see the ref until the last minute. It was too late, and I hit into the back of him. My shoulder clipped him in the back. I didn't really want to go over because it's not nice to see. I made sure he was alright on Saturday night. When you are in a game of football you forget about things sometimes, but safety to all the people on the pitch is the most important thing. I think it was handled pretty well."

Jimmy Spencer spoke about playing up front on his own for Argyle this season, stating that whilst it was difficult, he was greatly assisted by the three players playing directly behind him: "You're up there on your own but at the same time when you have most recently - Graham, Slewy and Tanns playing up close to me, it's kind of four up there, interchanging. The gaffer says once it gets into the final third, it's up to us four to interchange, pass, move and do our stuff. It's physically demanding this league. Centre halves are always up for a fight. That's my job to look after centre halves, and gives Tanns more space behind me, or Graham and Slewy. I play with my back to goal anyway that's how I play, it suits me. If it gets other players goals and gets wins for us, great. The quality up there is very good. There are players in this team that shouldn't be in this league. When the ball comes up to us, us four or five if you like, with one from midfield will back ourselves to go on the attack, get in a cross, a shot, or even a goal.

"The first two games we were just bedding ourselves in, getting used to each other. From then on we've had a brilliant run. Hopefully it continues. Every game's not going to be a pretty game; we're not going to be on top every game in this league. Teams are going to come here and put up a fight, make it hard for us to play the way we want to play, and stop our qualities. It's good to grind those wins out."

Oscar Threlkeld and Paul-Arnold Garita both continue to be unavailable for Argyle's game against Mansfield on Saturday. Adams spoke about the frustrating ongoing injuries to the pair: "They are both out for Saturday. They are still with the physio at this moment in time. "We will see how they progress over the next week. He went back to Bristol City about a month ago but he has been back with us since then. It has been a long time for both of them. It's seven weeks for Garita and four weeks for Threlkeld. As a manager you want to have all your players available. It's just unfortunate that the two of them picked up injuries in games and there has been a slow progress on the way back."


The long battle between Argyle and Oxford to decide upon a tribunal fee for Curtis Nelson is nearly at an end with an independent hearing set to rule on Monday. Derek Adams said of the upcoming tribunal: "We obviously know the valuation the football club will be looking for. The club will be able to make their point next Monday. It will give the club revenue to use in whatever way they think is appropriate. It has dragged on since the summer."

Derek Adams has welcomed the nomination of Ben Purrington for the PFA Fans' League Two player of the month award for October. He said: "Ben has played well in that left-back position and been able to play in double figures now for league starts. He's only 20 years old so he's still very young. With that experience he's getting on a weekly basis, it's really helping him. I think the experience of Sonny Bradley, Bulvitis and Gary Miller at the back has obviously helped Ben, along with the likes of Fox and Songo'o."

Adams also stated that he did not lose confidence in his squad after the poor first week to the season that saw us lose all three games in all competitions, saying: "I thought that the group of players that we had put together was a very good group. I'm not surprised by how well we've started. If you look at the results it's a difficult league, but we've been able to get a very good start to the season. We've still got 31 games to play; we've still got a very long way to go in the season, but it's important that you get points on board early. I think the group of players that we were able to take in, we've been really impressed with their attitude, their application and their ability to want to do better. They are a very hard working group; they've got a great attitude. They've all combined very well this season.

"Carlisle have done very well this season. We know their strengths they are a very direct team, they have long throws on both sides. They play to their strengths, that has proven to be the right way for them. They've been able to get a very good unbeaten run. In the game against Luton we were the better side. 3-0 flattered them on the day. That sometimes happens in football."

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