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Greens on Screen’s first page was published in January 1999. Its early purpose was to bring Plymouth Argyle a little closer to those unable to see their team, and whilst it has changed a great deal over the years, its core themes - sites and sounds for Westcountry exiles - still stand. The site was very lucky to take on the content of Trevor Scallan’s Semper Viridis in the summer of 2007, and in 2009 launched GoS-DB, a wealth of facts and figures from PAFC’s history. A year later we embarked on a complete history of Argyle, with much-valued contributions from chapter authors.

Greens on Screen is an amateur website and proud of it. It is run by one person as a hobby, although there have been aspects of the site over the years that would be much the poorer without the hard work and much-valued contributions of a small band of volunteers.

Greens on Screen is self-taught and as a result, a little bit quirky. Amongst a few stubborn principles, advertisements will never appear (and don’t get me started on the plague of betting promotions on other sites). It began its life before many others, including the club’s official site, when there was a large gap to be filled, and although there is now a wide variety to choose from, GoS’s sole aim, to be a service to fellow supporters, still seems to have a place.

Steve Dean

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Best1932, 8 - 11927, 3 - 1
1931, 3 - 1
Worst1909, 0 - 31946, 1 - 6
of 109
of 109
SINCE LAST Win Draw Defeat
Home 25 yrs 11 mths   18 yrs 1 mth   1 mth  
Away 56 yrs 10 mths   17 yrs 7 mths   5 yrs 3 mths  

1903-1904[+]07 Nov 1903Millwall 1-0ArgyleS. League North Greenwich Ground
[+]05 Mar 1904Argyle2-3Millwall S. League Home Park
1904-1905[+]05 Sep 1904Millwall 1-1ArgyleW. League North Greenwich Ground
[+]10 Sep 1904Argyle5-0Millwall S. League Home Park
[+]30 Nov 1904Argyle1-0Millwall W. League Home Park
[+]07 Jan 1905Millwall 2-1ArgyleS. League North Greenwich Ground
1905-1906[+]30 Oct 1905Millwall 2-1ArgyleW. League North Greenwich Ground
[+]02 Dec 1905Argyle2-0Millwall S. League Home Park
[+]28 Mar 1906Argyle4-1Millwall W. League Home Park
[+]07 Apr 1906Millwall 0-1ArgyleS. League North Greenwich Ground
1906-1907[+]24 Sep 1906Millwall 4-0ArgyleS. League North Greenwich Ground
[+]31 Oct 1906Argyle5-0Millwall W. League Home Park
[+]05 Nov 1906Millwall 0-0ArgyleW. League North Greenwich Ground
[+]14 Nov 1906Argyle2-3Millwall S. League Home Park
[+]12 Jan 1907Millwall 2-0ArgyleFA Cup 1 14,230North Greenwich Ground
1907-1908[+]19 Oct 1907Argyle0-0Millwall S. League Home Park
[+]15 Feb 1908Millwall 2-0ArgyleS. League North Greenwich Ground
1908-1909[+]05 Sep 1908Millwall 0-1ArgyleS. League North Greenwich Ground
[+]07 Dec 1908Millwall 3-2ArgyleW. League North Greenwich Ground
[+]16 Dec 1908Argyle1-1Millwall W. League Home Park
[+]02 Jan 1909Argyle0-3Millwall S. League Home Park
1909-1910[+]20 Oct 1909Argyle2-0Millwall S. League Home Park
[+]25 Oct 1909Millwall 2-0ArgyleS. League North Greenwich Ground
1910-1911[+]17 Dec 1910Millwall 0-1ArgyleS. League The Den
[+]22 Apr 1911Argyle3-2Millwall S. League Home Park
1911-1912[+]09 Sep 1911Millwall 1-1ArgyleS. League The Den
[+]06 Jan 1912Argyle2-0Millwall S. League Home Park
1912-1913[+]21 Mar 1913Argyle2-1Millwall S. League Home Park
[+]24 Mar 1913Millwall 2-1ArgyleS. League The Den
1913-1914[+]25 Dec 1913Millwall 4-0ArgyleS. League The Den
[+]26 Dec 1913Argyle1-0Millwall S. League Home Park
1914-1915[+]10 Oct 1914Argyle0-0Millwall S. League Home Park
[+]01 Mar 1915Millwall 1-1ArgyleS. League The Den
1919-1920[+]06 Sep 1919Millwall 1-1ArgyleS. League 10,804The Den
[+N]17 Jan 1920Argyle3-0Millwall S. League Home Park
1920-1921[+]25 Mar 1921Argyle0-2Millwall Div 3 Home Park
[+]28 Mar 1921Millwall 0-0ArgyleDiv 3 The Den
1921-1922[+]14 Apr 1922Millwall 1-1ArgyleDiv 3 (S) The Den
[+]17 Apr 1922Argyle2-0Millwall Div 3 (S) Home Park
1922-1923[+]26 Aug 1922Millwall 0-0ArgyleDiv 3 (S) The Den
[+]02 Sep 1922Argyle1-0Millwall Div 3 (S) Home Park
1923-1924[+]29 Mar 1924Millwall 1-0ArgyleDiv 3 (S) The Den
[+]05 Apr 1924Argyle1-1Millwall Div 3 (S) Home Park
1924-1925[+]13 Sep 1924Millwall 0-0ArgyleDiv 3 (S) The Den
[+]17 Jan 1925Argyle1-1Millwall Div 3 (S) Home Park
1925-1926[+]12 Sep 1925Argyle2-0Millwall Div 3 (S) 16,748Home Park
[+]23 Jan 1926Millwall 0-0ArgyleDiv 3 (S) 20,000The Den
1926-1927[+]13 Nov 1926Argyle1-1Millwall Div 3 (S) 6,000Home Park
[+]02 Apr 1927Millwall 1-3ArgyleDiv 3 (S) 20,000The Den
1927-1928[+]10 Dec 1927Argyle3-2Millwall Div 3 (S) 14,000Home Park
[+]17 Dec 1927Millwall 2-0ArgyleDiv 3 (S) 20,000The Den
1930-1931[+]29 Nov 1930Millwall 4-1ArgyleDiv 2 13,077The Den
[+]04 Apr 1931Argyle5-0Millwall Div 2 16,685Home Park
1931-1932[+]05 Sep 1931Millwall 1-3ArgyleDiv 2 18,328The Den
[+]16 Jan 1932Argyle8-1Millwall Div 2 15,799Home Park
1932-1933[+]10 Dec 1932Millwall 2-0ArgyleDiv 2 10,121The Den
[+]22 Apr 1933Argyle0-0Millwall Div 2 11,934Home Park
1933-1934[+]30 Mar 1934Millwall 0-0ArgyleDiv 2 20,302The Den
[+]02 Apr 1934Argyle1-0Millwall Div 2 11,988Home Park
1938-1939[+]24 Sep 1938Millwall 3-0ArgyleDiv 2 32,000The Den
[+]28 Jan 1939Argyle2-2Millwall Div 2 14,897Home Park
1939-1940[+]28 Aug 1939Millwall 0-2ArgyleDiv 2 Abnd 14,359The Den
1945-1946[+]20 Apr 1946Millwall 6-1ArgyleFL South 15,000The Den
[+]27 Apr 1946Argyle1-2Millwall FL South 12,830Home Park
1946-1947[+]02 Sep 1946Millwall 1-1ArgyleDiv 2 17,200The Den
[+]03 May 1947Argyle0-2Millwall Div 2 12,494Home Park
1947-1948[+]25 Oct 1947Argyle1-1Millwall Div 2 22,399Home Park
[+]13 Mar 1948Millwall 2-0ArgyleDiv 2 28,000The Den
1950-1951[+]23 Mar 1951Millwall 1-1ArgyleDiv 3 (S) 23,000The Den
[+]26 Mar 1951Argyle2-2Millwall Div 3 (S) 16,204Home Park
1951-1952[+]17 Nov 1951Argyle5-0Millwall Div 3 (S) 21,849Home Park
[+]24 Nov 1951Millwall 1-0ArgyleFA Cup 1 26,490The Den
[+]05 Apr 1952Millwall 0-2ArgyleDiv 3 (S) 25,810The Den
1956-1957[+]30 Mar 1957Argyle0-0Millwall Div 3 (S) 11,284Home Park
[+]27 Apr 1957Millwall 2-2ArgyleDiv 3 (S) 8,680The Den
1957-1958[+]14 Sep 1957Argyle1-0Millwall Div 3 (S) 18,385Home Park
[+]18 Jan 1958Millwall 0-1ArgyleDiv 3 (S) 11,338The Den
1966-1967[+]10 Sep 1966Argyle3-1Millwall Div 2 12,853Home Park
[+]14 Jan 1967Millwall 1-2ArgyleDiv 2 16,601The Den
1967-1968[+]28 Oct 1967Millwall 3-0ArgyleDiv 2 11,193The Den
[+]23 Mar 1968Argyle2-1Millwall Div 2 7,728Home Park
1976-1977[+]18 Sep 1976Millwall 3-0ArgyleDiv 2 9,883The Den
[+]26 Feb 1977Argyle2-2Millwall Div 2 10,437Home Park
1979-1980[+]21 Aug 1979Millwall 2-1ArgyleDiv 3 5,153The Den
[+]09 Oct 1979Argyle1-1Millwall Div 3 5,353Home Park
1980-1981[+]29 Nov 1980Millwall 1-1ArgyleDiv 3 3,385The Den
[+]17 Jan 1981Argyle2-0Millwall Div 3 4,847Home Park
1981-198218 Dec 1981Millwall POSTArgyleDiv 3 The Den
[+]20 Apr 1982Millwall 2-1ArgyleDiv 3 2,562The Den
[+]15 May 1982Argyle2-1Millwall Div 3 3,193Home Park
1982-1983[+]02 Nov 1982Millwall 2-2ArgyleDiv 3 3,097The Den
[+]01 Mar 1983Argyle3-1Millwall Div 3 4,114Home Park
1983-1984[+]03 Sep 1983Millwall 1-0ArgyleDiv 3 4,611The Den
24 Jan 1984ArgylePOSTMillwall Div 3 Home Park
[+]20 Mar 1984Argyle0-1Millwall Div 3 4,507Home Park
[+]17 May 1984Argyle0-1Millwall AM Cup SF 4,531Home Park
1984-1985[+]22 Dec 1984Argyle3-1Millwall Div 3 4,557Home Park
[+]11 May 1985Millwall 2-0ArgyleDiv 3 13,460The Den
1986-1987[+]25 Oct 1986Millwall 3-1ArgyleDiv 2 3,558The Den
[+]07 Mar 1987Argyle1-0Millwall Div 2 9,525Home Park
1987-1988[+]20 Oct 1987Argyle1-2Millwall Div 2 8,958Home Park
[+]09 Apr 1988Millwall 3-2ArgyleDiv 2 11,052The Den
1990-1991[+]17 Nov 1990Argyle3-2Millwall Div 2 6,542Home Park
[+]16 Feb 1991Millwall 4-1ArgyleDiv 2 8,388The Den
1991-1992[+]31 Aug 1991Argyle3-2Millwall Div 2 5,369Home Park
[+]22 Oct 1991Argyle4-0Millwall ZDS Cup 2 2,022Home Park
[+]28 Dec 1991Millwall 2-1ArgyleDiv 2 6,980The Den
1996-1997[+]05 Oct 1996Argyle0-0Millwall Div 2 7,507Home Park
[+]12 Apr 1997Millwall 0-0ArgyleDiv 2 5,702The New Den
1997-1998[+]13 Dec 1997Argyle3-0Millwall Div 2 4,460Home Park
[+]13 Apr 1998Millwall 1-1ArgyleDiv 2 5,496The New Den
2004-2005[+]07 Aug 2004Argyle0-0Millwall FL Champ 16,063Home Park
[+]20 Mar 2005Millwall 3-0ArgyleFL Champ 11,465The New Den
2005-2006[+]30 Oct 2005Argyle0-0Millwall FL Champ 11,764Home Park
[+]15 Apr 2006Millwall 1-1ArgyleFL Champ 9,183The New Den
2011-2012[+]09 Aug 2011Argyle0-1Millwall FL Cup 1 4,781Home Park
2015-2016[+]10 Nov 2015Argyle3-5Millwall JP Trophy QF(S) 5,869Home Park
2018-2019[+]29 Aug 2018Millwall 3-2ArgyleEFL Cup 2 3,645The New Den
2023-2024[+]03 Oct 2023Argyle0-2Millwall EFL Champ 15,891Home Park

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