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These pages are the result of countless hours of Trev's time, researching the facts,
collating memories and preserving media material.
Special thanks to PAFC, local media, authors and private contributors.


The Argyle huddle at Schwanenstadt







July 23rd SV Wacker Burghausen 0-1 - McCormick, Connolly, Wotton, Coughlan, Hodges, Beresford, McGlinchey, Bent, Adams, Evans, Lowndes. Subs  - Worrell, Capaldi, Sturrock
July 26th SC Schwan Schwanenstadt* 0-0 - Larrieu, Connolly, Wotton, Aljofree, Gilbert, Norris, Bent, Friio, Capaldi, Stonebridge, Keith
July 26th FC Petrolul Astra Ploiesti* 0-1 -  Larrieu, Connolly, Coughlan, Aljofree, Gilbert, Norris, Bent, Friio, Capaldi, Stonebridge, Keith. Subs - Hodges, Adams, Sturrock
July 28th SV Brandl Bau Bad Ischl 1-1


McCormick, Worrell, Connolly, Aljofree, Gilbert, Beresford, Adams, Norris, McGlinchey, Evans, Lowndes. Subs - Sturrock

* 45 minute matches

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