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Best1909, 6 - 0
1911, 6 - 0
1929, 4 - 1
1957, 4 - 1
Worst1913, 0 - 31910, 1 - 6
of 107
of 108
SINCE LAST Win Draw Defeat
Home 2 yrs 9 mths   16 yrs 6 mths   11 yrs 10 mths  
Away 12 yrs 11 mths   11 yrs 7 mths   3 yrs 2 mths  

1908-1909[+N]03 Oct 1908Coventry City 1-2ArgyleS. League Highfield Road
[+]10 Feb 1909Argyle4-1Coventry City S. League Home Park
1909-1910[+]27 Nov 1909Argyle6-0Coventry City S. League 8,000Home Park
[+]09 Apr 1910Coventry City 2-2ArgyleS. League Highfield Road
1910-1911[+]03 Dec 1910Coventry City 6-1ArgyleS. League 4,000Highfield Road
[+]08 Apr 1911Argyle6-0Coventry City S. League Home Park
1911-1912[+]28 Oct 1911Argyle4-1Coventry City S. League Home Park
[+]02 Mar 1912Coventry City 4-1ArgyleS. League Highfield Road
[+]27 Mar 1912Coventry City 2-1ArgyleS Char Cup SF 4,000Highfield Road
1912-1913[+]19 Oct 1912Coventry City 2-3ArgyleS. League Highfield Road
[+]22 Feb 1913Argyle4-1Coventry City S. League Home Park
1913-1914[+]08 Nov 1913Argyle0-3Coventry City S. League Home Park
[+]14 Mar 1914Coventry City 1-1ArgyleS. League Highfield Road
1926-1927[+]02 Oct 1926Argyle3-0Coventry City Div 3 (S) 11,000Home Park
[+]19 Feb 1927Coventry City 3-3ArgyleDiv 3 (S) 17,000Highfield Road
1927-1928[+]17 Sep 1927Coventry City 1-1ArgyleDiv 3 (S) 12,000Highfield Road
[+]28 Jan 1928Argyle4-0Coventry City Div 3 (S) 6,000Home Park
1928-1929[+]01 Dec 1928Argyle3-0Coventry City Div 3 (S) 12,000Home Park
[+]13 Apr 1929Coventry City 1-4ArgyleDiv 3 (S) 12,000Highfield Road
1929-1930[+]25 Dec 1929Coventry City 1-0ArgyleDiv 3 (S) 26,400Highfield Road
[+]26 Dec 1929Argyle3-0Coventry City Div 3 (S) 27,975Home Park
1936-1937[+]12 Sep 1936Coventry City 2-0ArgyleDiv 2 15,000Highfield Road
[+]09 Jan 1937Argyle1-0Coventry City Div 2 22,000Home Park
1937-1938[+]18 Dec 1937Coventry City 4-0ArgyleDiv 2 25,000Highfield Road
[+]30 Apr 1938Argyle3-1Coventry City Div 2 20,662Home Park
1938-1939[+]26 Dec 1938Coventry City 1-2ArgyleDiv 2 13,428Highfield Road
[+]27 Dec 1938Argyle0-2Coventry City Div 2 27,776Home Park
1945-1946[+]06 Oct 1945Coventry City 3-1ArgyleFL South 12,150Highfield Road
[+]13 Oct 1945Argyle1-1Coventry City FL South 19,825Home Park
1946-1947[+]05 Oct 1946Argyle2-2Coventry City Div 2 28,634Home Park
08 Feb 1947Coventry City POSTArgyleDiv 2 Highfield Road
[+]17 May 1947Coventry City 1-0ArgyleDiv 2 16,713Highfield Road
1947-1948[+]29 Mar 1948Argyle1-0Coventry City Div 2 26,000Home Park
[+]30 Mar 1948Coventry City 0-0ArgyleDiv 2 20,000Highfield Road
1948-1949[+]13 Nov 1948Coventry City 1-1ArgyleDiv 2 14,153Highfield Road
[+]09 Apr 1949Argyle2-3Coventry City Div 2 17,083Home Park
1949-1950[+]26 Nov 1949Argyle1-2Coventry City Div 2 20,995Home Park
[+]01 Apr 1950Coventry City 3-0ArgyleDiv 2 20,882Highfield Road
1952-1953[+]10 Jan 1953Argyle4-1Coventry City FA Cup 3 23,799Home Park
1956-1957[+]22 Sep 1956Argyle0-0Coventry City Div 3 (S) 11,722Home Park
[+]02 Feb 1957Coventry City 1-4ArgyleDiv 3 (S) 12,668Highfield Road
1957-1958[+]14 Dec 1957Argyle4-0Coventry City Div 3 (S) 14,539Home Park
[+]29 Mar 1958Coventry City 1-1ArgyleDiv 3 (S) 11,563Highfield Road
1958-1959[+]06 Dec 1958Coventry City 1-3ArgyleFA Cup 2 27,295Highfield Road
1964-1965[+]22 Aug 1964Coventry City 2-0ArgyleDiv 2 34,650Highfield Road
[+]12 Dec 1964Argyle2-3Coventry City Div 2 13,892Home Park
1965-1966[+]23 Oct 1965Argyle1-2Coventry City Div 2 14,650Home Park
[+]15 Jan 1966Coventry City 5-1ArgyleDiv 2 21,315Highfield Road
1966-1967[+]24 Aug 1966Argyle4-2Coventry City Div 2 16,061Home Park
[+]30 Aug 1966Coventry City 1-0ArgyleDiv 2 20,327Highfield Road
1995-1996[+]06 Jan 1996Argyle1-3Coventry City FA Cup 3 17,721Home Park
2004-2005[+]13 Nov 2004Coventry City 2-1ArgyleFL Champ 15,314Highfield Road
[+]23 Apr 2005Argyle1-1Coventry City FL Champ 18,443Home Park
2005-2006[+]03 Dec 2005Coventry City 3-1ArgyleFL Champ 18,796Ricoh Arena
[+]18 Feb 2006Argyle3-1Coventry City FL Champ 12,958Home Park
2006-2007[+]30 Sep 2006Coventry City 0-1ArgyleFL Champ 19,545Ricoh Arena
[+]22 Jan 2007Argyle3-2Coventry City FL Champ 9,841Home Park
2007-2008[+]20 Oct 2007Argyle1-0Coventry City FL Champ 11,576Home Park
[+]29 Mar 2008Coventry City 3-1ArgyleFL Champ 18,775Ricoh Arena
2008-2009[+]15 Nov 2008Coventry City 0-1ArgyleFL Champ 18,528Ricoh Arena
[+]11 Apr 2009Argyle4-0Coventry City FL Champ 12,568Home Park
2009-2010[+]19 Dec 2009Argyle0-1Coventry City FL Champ 8,347Home Park
[+]13 Mar 2010Coventry City 1-1ArgyleFL Champ 18,127Ricoh Arena
2014-2015[+]12 Nov 2014Coventry City 2-0ArgyleJP Trophy QF(S) 7,121Ricoh Arena
2018-2019[+]18 Aug 2018Coventry City 1-0ArgyleEFL One 11,453Ricoh Arena
[+]19 Jan 2019Argyle2-1Coventry City EFL One 10,686Home Park

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