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Greens on Screen started its life in 1999 before many of the football sites that we are familiar with today, including Plymouth Argyle's own official site. Greens on Screen is dedicated to the sights, sounds and history of Plymouth Argyle Football club. It is owned and run by the Plymouth Argyle Heritage Archive, a charity dedicated to the promotion, preservation, and display of the heritage of our great football club.

The site owes its existence to Steve Dean.Without Steve's dedication and commitment for over 25 years, GoS would not exist and be the valued and loved resource for all football fans that it is today. The site is truly the envy of many clubs, and we owe a huge debt to Steve for his tireless work, and continued support behind the scenes.

Greens on Screen's first page was published in January 1999. Its early purpose was to bring Plymouth Argyle a little closer to those unable to see their team, and whilst it has changed a great deal over the years, its core themes - sights and sounds for Westcountry exiles - still stand. The site was very lucky to take on the content of Trevor Scallan's Semper Viridis in the summer of 2007, and in 2009 launched GoS-DB, a wealth of facts and figures from PAFC's history. A year later, we embarked on a complete history of Argyle, with much-valued contributions from chapter authors. Greens on Screen was taken over by its new custodians, The Argyle Archive, in 2024.

Greens on Screen is an amateur website and proud of it. It is run by a team of volunteers from the Plymouth Argyle Heritage Archive (Argyle Archive). Without the hard work and much-valued contributions of these volunteers, running the site would not be possible. Greens on Screen is self-taught and as a result, a little bit quirky.

Greens on Screen remains advertisement free, which means we are grateful for the generous support of our donors and the work of our volunteers to help keep it free of promotions. If you would like to support the work of Greens on Screen, please consider donating to the Plymouth Argyle Heritage Archive.

GoS's sole aim is to be a service to fellow supporters, and we look forward to continuing to celebrate Argyle's history for many years to come.

Plymouth Argyle Heritage Archive.
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Caretakers excluded, multiple spells separated   Leagues   Cups
Manager Appointed Departed Days   P W D L F A Pts1 Percent Average   P W D L F A %
W D L F A Pts1
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13Robert Jack 218 Jul 191014 Apr 193810,132 98246224028016921205162647.024.428.51.721.231.66 59211028808535.6
25Jimmy Rae8 Sep 194719 Jan 19552,690 3231159511348948144035.629.435.01.511.491.36 15528191933.3
3Jack Rowley17 Feb 195514 Mar 19601,852 22788528734536831638.822.938.31.521.621.39 11515252245.5
4Tony Waiters11 Oct 197221 Apr 19771,653 20579567029127029338.527.334.11.421.321.43 2915311362951.7
5Derek Adams11 Jun 201528 Apr 20191,417 18682416325723328744. 278415294929.6
6Dave Smith15 Nov 198415 Jun 19881,308 16270385425320824843.223.533.31.561.281.53 258512324332.0
7Paul Sturrock 131 Oct 20004 Mar 20041,220 15779423624114927950.326.822.91.540.951.78 216510333128.6
8Managed by committee 12 May 190730 Apr 19101,094 14461354818315921842.424.333. 831481337.5
9Jack Tresadern 222 Sep 19446 Sep 19471,079 891715571212286619.116.964.01.362.560.74 12417192533.3
109Peter Shilton2 Mar 19924 Jan 19951,038 13051285118118718139.221.539.21.391.441.39 2611411364142.3
118Derek Ufton29 Apr 196529 Jan 19681,005 10830285013416611827.825.946.31.241.541.09 7106101414.3
12Ellis Stuttard 26 Mar 197010 Oct 1972949 11839354416817115233.129.737.31.421.451.29 610531216.7
13Ryan Lowe5 Jun 20197 Dec 2021916 10344253414714115742.724.333.01.431.371.52 2511410393444.0
14Bobby Saxton8 Jan 197931 May 1981874 11643324115113616137.127.635.31.301.171.39 16457151425.0
15John Sheridan6 Jan 201328 May 2015872 11344274212611515938.923.937. 13445262430.8
16Kevin Hodges24 Jun 19984 Oct 2000833 10235303712512313534.329.436. 20479193420.0
17Bobby Moncur29 Jun 198127 Sep 1983820 9939213913212913839.421.239.41.331.301.39 17566161629.4
182Frank Brettell2 Mar 190314 Apr 1905774 9948232816610616748.523.228.31.681.071.69 11542251145.5
19Billy Bingham14 Feb 19685 Mar 1970750 9534253610711112735.826.337. 91444711.1
20Paul Sturrock 227 Nov 200710 Dec 2009744 942722459711910328.723.447. 510461120.0
21Steven Schumacher7 Dec 202119 Dec 2023742 9451182515110817154.319.126.61.611.151.82 14635212542.9
22David Kemp1 Mar 199013 Feb 1992714 9327293710513111029. 12444131333.3
23Ellis Stuttard 121 Nov 196130 Sep 1963678 7627212813312910235.527.636.81.751.701.34 511371820.0
24Neil Warnock22 Jun 19953 Feb 1997592 783123241039311639.729.530.81.321.191.49 14617181442.9
25Ken Brown7 Jul 19886 Feb 1990579 73221932931078530. 14419203628.6
264Jack Tresadern 115 Apr 19387 Nov 1939571 542392275647842.616.740.71.391.191.44 1001030.0
27Ian Holloway28 Jun 200621 Nov 2007511 6223221785809137.135.527.41.371.291.47 951311655.6
28Bobby Williamson20 Apr 20046 Sep 2005504 5518122564756632.721.845.51.161.361.20 31025733.3
29Mick Jones4 Feb 199721 Jun 1998502 6317202671867127.031.741.31.131.371.13 60246130.0
3011Carl Fletcher19 Sep 20111 Jan 2013470 6315242473816923.838. 723210928.6
31Peter Reid24 Jun 201018 Sep 2011451 551583254935327.314.558.20.981.690.96 61144916.7
326,7Neil Dougall & George Taylor15 Mar 196030 Apr 1961411 502381993887746. 8332141237.5
332Robert Jack 115 Apr 19051 May 1906381 5928151696609947.525.427.11.631.021.68 31117833.3
34John Hore12 Oct 198319 Oct 1984373 4712152064755125.531.942.61.361.601.09 191135231457.9
352William Fullarton2 May 19061 May 1907364 4815161759606131.333.335. 1001020.0
36Mike Kelly22 Apr 197714 Feb 1978298 336111636512918.233.348.51.091.550.88 103437730.0
37Malcolm Allison 16 Jul 196428 Apr 1965296 421681863795638. 9513141455.6
38Malcolm Allison 216 Mar 19786 Jan 1979296 3412121053474835.335.329.41.561.381.41 51225720.0
39Tony Pulis23 Sep 200514 Jun 2006264 3711151132334829.740.529.70.860.891.30 1001010.0
407Neil Dougall19 Jun 196120 Nov 1961154 1873828402438.916.744.41.562.221.33 1001230.0
41Paul Mariner11 Dec 20096 May 2010146 27751527382625.918.555.61.001.410.96 2011030.0
42Ian Foster5 Jan 20241 Apr 202487 1433812201221.421.457.10.861.430.86 31115633.3
4310Steve McCall5 Jan 199529 Mar 199583 1533911231220. 1001020.0
44Wayne Rooney25 May 20244 00000000. 0000000.0
  1. For an even comparison, points are calculated using three for a win in all cases. Three points, replacing two, was introduced into English football in 1981. A draw has always earned one point.
  2. In the absence of clear evidence, this Appointed date is a close estimate.
  3. Bob Jack announced his resignation on 10 March 1938 but agreed to remain at the club until the end of the season.
  4. Jack Tresadern's appointment was announced at half-time in the match at Luton on April 7th, but he took over at Home Park a week later.
  5. Jimmy Rae was made acting manager on September 8th, having been Jack Tresadern's assistant, and was fully appointed on 12 November 1947.
  6. Neil Dougall and George Taylor's joint managership began in March 1960 as an "emergency" arrangement, and were confirmed on a permanent basis that summer.
  7. In March 1961 it was announced that joint managers Neil Dougall and George Taylor would revert to their coaching duties at the end of the season, and that Vic Buckingham would become manager from June 1st. Buckingham, formerly the manager of West Bromwich Albion and at that time in charge at Ajax, was both experienced and successful, and considered quite a coup for Argyle. Although still at Ajax, the manager-designate found time (because Ajax played on Sundays) to watch several matches over the following two months and also had a significant influence at Home Park, including discussions with the board on player retention and a new pay and incentive scheme. However, on May 8th came the shock news that Buckingham had accepted the job of manager at Sheffield Wednesday. With the club in some disarray, Argyle's secretary Jess Lowe took on the managerial duties until a new man could be found. As events turned out, that new man was Neil Dougall. As for Buckingham, he spent three years at Hillsborough, another three managing Fulham and numerous shorts spells with European clubs, including Ajax (again) and Barcelona.
  8. Derek Ufton began as caretaker manager. His full appointment was announced on 18 May 1965.
  9. Peter Shilton was suspended on January 4th, but his tenure was effectively over and Steve McCall took over at this point. Shilton actually resigned a week later.
  10. Steve McCall was appointed in a temporary capacity on Peter Shilton's departure, but a week later was converted to full manager when Shilton's dispute was resolved.
  11. Carl Fletcher began as caretaker manager but was appointed as full manager when the club emerged from administration on 1 Nov 2011.

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