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Greens on Screen started its life in 1999 before many of the football sites that we are familiar with today, including Plymouth Argyle's own official site. Greens on Screen is dedicated to the sights, sounds and history of Plymouth Argyle Football club. It is owned and run by the Plymouth Argyle Heritage Archive, a charity dedicated to the promotion, preservation, and display of the heritage of our great football club.

The site owes its existence to Steve Dean.Without Steve's dedication and commitment for over 25 years, GoS would not exist and be the valued and loved resource for all football fans that it is today. The site is truly the envy of many clubs, and we owe a huge debt to Steve for his tireless work, and continued support behind the scenes.

Greens on Screen's first page was published in January 1999. Its early purpose was to bring Plymouth Argyle a little closer to those unable to see their team, and whilst it has changed a great deal over the years, its core themes - sights and sounds for Westcountry exiles - still stand. The site was very lucky to take on the content of Trevor Scallan's Semper Viridis in the summer of 2007, and in 2009 launched GoS-DB, a wealth of facts and figures from PAFC's history. A year later, we embarked on a complete history of Argyle, with much-valued contributions from chapter authors. Greens on Screen was taken over by its new custodians, The Argyle Archive, in 2024.

Greens on Screen is an amateur website and proud of it. It is run by a team of volunteers from the Plymouth Argyle Heritage Archive (Argyle Archive). Without the hard work and much-valued contributions of these volunteers, running the site would not be possible. Greens on Screen is self-taught and as a result, a little bit quirky.

Greens on Screen remains advertisement free, which means we are grateful for the generous support of our donors and the work of our volunteers to help keep it free of promotions. If you would like to support the work of Greens on Screen, please consider donating to the Plymouth Argyle Heritage Archive.

GoS's sole aim is to be a service to fellow supporters, and we look forward to continuing to celebrate Argyle's history for many years to come.

Plymouth Argyle Heritage Archive.
April 2024

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Best1995, 3 - 11993, 2 - 0
2004, 2 - 0
Worst2002, 1 - 3
2018, 1 - 3
1982, 0 - 3
1986, 0 - 3
of 109
of 109
SINCE LAST Win Draw Defeat
Home 26 yrs 5 mths   40 yrs 10 mths   2 yrs 7 mths  
Away 19 yrs 7 mths   2 yrs 2 mths   6 yrs 9 mths  

1982-1983[+]02 Oct 1982Wigan Ath 3-0ArgyleDiv 3 5,011Springfield Park
12 Feb 1983ArgylePOSTWigan Ath Div 3 Home Park
[+]19 Apr 1983Argyle0-2Wigan Ath Div 3 3,097Home Park
1983-1984[+]27 Aug 1983Argyle0-0Wigan Ath Div 3 3,730Home Park
14 Jan 1984Wigan Ath POSTArgyleDiv 3 Springfield Park
[+]03 Apr 1984Wigan Ath 1-1ArgyleDiv 3 2,756Springfield Park
1984-1985[+]10 Nov 1984Wigan Ath 1-0ArgyleDiv 3 3,121Springfield Park
[+]13 Apr 1985Argyle1-0Wigan Ath Div 3 4,159Home Park
1985-1986[+]23 Nov 1985Argyle2-1Wigan Ath Div 3 6,714Home Park
[+]19 Apr 1986Wigan Ath 3-0ArgyleDiv 3 9,485Springfield Park
1992-1993[+]24 Oct 1992Argyle2-0Wigan Ath Div 2 5,967Home Park
[+]01 May 1993Wigan Ath 0-2ArgyleDiv 2 1,432Springfield Park
1995-1996[+]23 Sep 1995Wigan Ath 0-1ArgyleDiv 3 2,631Springfield Park
[+]09 Dec 1995Argyle3-1Wigan Ath Div 3 5,931Home Park
1997-1998[+]23 Aug 1997Wigan Ath 1-1ArgyleDiv 2 3,761Springfield Park
[+]24 Jan 1998Argyle3-2Wigan Ath Div 2 4,345Home Park
2002-2003[+]12 Oct 2002Argyle1-3Wigan Ath Div 2 8,746Home Park
[+]29 Mar 2003Wigan Ath 0-1ArgyleDiv 2 7,203JJB Stadium
2004-2005[+]16 Oct 2004Argyle1-2Wigan Ath FL Champ 14,443Home Park
[+]06 Nov 2004Wigan Ath 0-2ArgyleFL Champ 10,294JJB Stadium
2017-2018[+]26 Sep 2017Wigan Ath 1-0ArgyleEFL One 7,868DW Stadium
[+]20 Jan 2018Argyle1-3Wigan Ath EFL One 11,942Home Park
2020-2021[+]24 Oct 2020Wigan Ath 1-1ArgyleEFL One DW Stadium
[+]09 Mar 2021Argyle0-2Wigan Ath EFL One Home Park
2021-2022[+]27 Nov 2021Argyle1-2Wigan Ath EFL One 15,329Home Park
[+]23 Apr 2022Wigan Ath 1-1ArgyleEFL One 14,130DW Stadium

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