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Best1930, 5 - 01957, 3 - 0
2019, 3 - 0
Worst1991, 0 - 4
2010, 0 - 4
1909, 0 - 5
of 107
of 108
SINCE LAST Win Draw Defeat
Home 11 mths   18 yrs 10 mths    
Away 9 mths   2 yrs   8 yrs  

1903-1904[+]21 Nov 1903Swindon Town 2-0ArgyleS. League The County Ground
[+]28 Nov 1903Argyle2-0Swindon Town FA Cup Q3 5,500Home Park
[+]19 Mar 1904Argyle0-0Swindon Town S. League Home Park
1904-1905[+]01 Oct 1904Swindon Town 4-0ArgyleS. League The County Ground
[+]28 Jan 1905Argyle3-0Swindon Town S. League Home Park
1905-1906[+]25 Nov 1905Swindon Town 2-1ArgyleS. League The County Ground
[+]31 Mar 1906Argyle3-0Swindon Town S. League Home Park
1906-1907[+]24 Nov 1906Argyle2-2Swindon Town S. League Home Park
[+N]30 Mar 1907Swindon Town 1-1ArgyleS. League The County Ground
1907-1908[+]07 Sep 1907Argyle2-0Swindon Town S. League Home Park
[+]04 Jan 1908Swindon Town 1-0ArgyleS. League The County Ground
1908-1909[+]07 Nov 1908Argyle1-1Swindon Town S. League Home Park
[+]16 Jan 1909Argyle1-0Swindon Town FA Cup 1 21,388Home Park
[+]13 Mar 1909Swindon Town 5-0ArgyleS. League The County Ground
1909-1910[+]02 Oct 1909Argyle0-0Swindon Town S. League Home Park
[+]12 Feb 1910Swindon Town 4-1ArgyleS. League The County Ground
1910-1911[+]07 Sep 1910Argyle1-2Swindon Town S Char Cup 1 3,000Home Park
[+]01 Oct 1910Swindon Town 4-0ArgyleS. League The County Ground
[+]29 Mar 1911Argyle1-1Swindon Town S. League Home Park
1911-1912[+]30 Sep 1911Argyle1-1Swindon Town S. League Home Park
[+]27 Dec 1911Swindon Town 2-0ArgyleS. League The County Ground
1912-1913[+]14 Sep 1912Argyle3-1Swindon Town S. League Home Park
[+]04 Jan 1913Swindon Town 2-2ArgyleS. League The County Ground
1913-1914[+]13 Sep 1913Swindon Town 4-1ArgyleS. League The County Ground
[+N]03 Jan 1914Argyle3-1Swindon Town S. League Home Park
1914-1915[+]19 Sep 1914Swindon Town 3-2ArgyleS. League The County Ground
[+]23 Jan 1915Argyle3-1Swindon Town S. League Home Park
1919-1920[+]30 Aug 1919Argyle3-0Swindon Town S. League 11,595Home Park
[+N]03 Jan 1920Swindon Town 2-1ArgyleS. League The County Ground
1920-1921[+]09 Oct 1920Argyle0-0Swindon Town Div 3 Home Park
[+]16 Oct 1920Swindon Town 1-1ArgyleDiv 3 11,974The County Ground
1921-1922[+]05 Nov 1921Swindon Town 1-2ArgyleDiv 3 (S) The County Ground
[+]12 Nov 1921Argyle1-0Swindon Town Div 3 (S) Home Park
1922-1923[+]17 Mar 1923Argyle2-0Swindon Town Div 3 (S) Home Park
[+]24 Mar 1923Swindon Town 2-1ArgyleDiv 3 (S) The County Ground
1923-1924[+]22 Sep 1923Swindon Town 0-1ArgyleDiv 3 (S) The County Ground
[+]29 Sep 1923Argyle1-3Swindon Town Div 3 (S) Home Park
1924-1925[+]01 Sep 1924Swindon Town 1-0ArgyleDiv 3 (S) The County Ground
[+]08 Sep 1924Argyle2-0Swindon Town Div 3 (S) Home Park
1925-1926[+]07 Nov 1925Argyle1-1Swindon Town Div 3 (S) 10,000Home Park
[+]20 Mar 1926Swindon Town 2-0ArgyleDiv 3 (S) 6,000The County Ground
1926-1927[+]30 Oct 1926Argyle3-1Swindon Town Div 3 (S) 17,000Home Park
[+]19 Mar 1927Swindon Town 1-2ArgyleDiv 3 (S) 14,000The County Ground
1927-1928[+]01 Oct 1927Swindon Town 2-2ArgyleDiv 3 (S) 6,000The County Ground
[+]11 Feb 1928Argyle3-0Swindon Town Div 3 (S) 15,000Home Park
1928-1929[+]29 Aug 1928Argyle3-0Swindon Town Div 3 (S) 11,557Home Park
[+]05 Sep 1928Swindon Town 0-0ArgyleDiv 3 (S) 7,711The County Ground
1929-1930[+]28 Sep 1929Swindon Town 1-2ArgyleDiv 3 (S) 8,663The County Ground
[+]26 Mar 1930Argyle5-0Swindon Town Div 3 (S) 14,931Home Park
1939-1940[+]18 Nov 1939Argyle2-1Swindon Town SW Reg. Lg 2,415Home Park
[+]06 Jan 1940Swindon Town 2-0ArgyleSW Reg. Lg 3,801The County Ground
[+N]24 Feb 1940Argyle4-2Swindon Town SW Reg. Lg 3,912Home Park
[+]11 May 1940Swindon Town 2-2ArgyleSW Reg. Lg The County Ground
1950-1951[+]21 Oct 1950Swindon Town 1-2ArgyleDiv 3 (S) 16,783The County Ground
[+]10 Mar 1951Argyle5-1Swindon Town Div 3 (S) 11,636Home Park
1951-1952[+]13 Feb 1952Argyle3-0Swindon Town Div 3 (S) 13,257Home Park
[+]27 Feb 1952Swindon Town 2-2ArgyleDiv 3 (S) 8,000The County Ground
1956-1957[+]09 Mar 1957Swindon Town 0-3ArgyleDiv 3 (S) 8,864The County Ground
[+]29 Apr 1957Argyle1-0Swindon Town Div 3 (S) 9,052Home Park
1957-1958[+]07 Sep 1957Swindon Town 1-0ArgyleDiv 3 (S) 11,305The County Ground
[+]11 Jan 1958Argyle2-2Swindon Town Div 3 (S) 16,797Home Park
1958-1959[+]11 Oct 1958Argyle3-2Swindon Town Div 3 26,051Home Park
[+]28 Feb 1959Swindon Town 3-4ArgyleDiv 3 13,090The County Ground
1963-1964[+]26 Oct 1963Argyle2-4Swindon Town Div 2 19,281Home Park
[+]07 Mar 1964Swindon Town 2-1ArgyleDiv 2 13,743The County Ground
1964-1965[+]07 Nov 1964Argyle2-1Swindon Town Div 2 16,215Home Park
[+]20 Mar 1965Swindon Town 2-3ArgyleDiv 2 12,175The County Ground
1968-1969[+]31 Aug 1968Swindon Town 3-0ArgyleDiv 3 12,302The County Ground
[+]22 Mar 1969Argyle2-1Swindon Town Div 3 20,776Home Park
1974-1975[+]14 Sep 1974Swindon Town 2-0ArgyleDiv 3 5,495The County Ground
[+]26 Dec 1974Argyle4-3Swindon Town Div 3 18,027Home Park
1977-1978[+]27 Dec 1977Swindon Town 3-1ArgyleDiv 3 9,732The County Ground
[+]25 Mar 1978Argyle0-2Swindon Town Div 3 9,174Home Park
1978-1979[+]16 Sep 1978Argyle2-0Swindon Town Div 3 6,069Home Park
[+]20 Jan 1979Swindon Town 1-3ArgyleDiv 3 7,780The County Ground
1979-1980[+]23 Oct 1979Swindon Town 2-1ArgyleDiv 3 6,514The County Ground
[+]06 Nov 1979Argyle2-0Swindon Town Div 3 4,157Home Park
1980-1981[+]27 Dec 1980Swindon Town 3-0ArgyleDiv 3 9,710The County Ground
[+]18 Apr 1981Argyle0-0Swindon Town Div 3 6,369Home Park
1981-1982[+]26 Dec 1981Argyle2-1Swindon Town Div 3 8,185Home Park
[+]10 Apr 1982Swindon Town 0-2ArgyleDiv 3 4,056The County Ground
1983-1984[+]30 Aug 1983Swindon Town 1-0ArgyleFL Cup 1 3,343The County Ground
[+]13 Sep 1983Argyle4-1Swindon Town FL Cup 1 3,432Home Park
1987-1988[+]14 Nov 1987Swindon Town 1-1ArgyleDiv 2 9,616The County Ground
[+]04 Apr 1988Argyle1-0Swindon Town Div 2 13,299Home Park
1988-1989[+]26 Dec 1988Swindon Town 1-0ArgyleDiv 2 7,883The County Ground
[+]27 Mar 1989Argyle4-1Swindon Town Div 2 8,487Home Park
1989-1990[+]26 Sep 1989Swindon Town 3-0ArgyleDiv 2 6,862The County Ground
[+]10 Mar 1990Argyle0-3Swindon Town Div 2 8,364Home Park
1990-1991[+]01 Jan 1991Swindon Town 1-1ArgyleDiv 2 9,736The County Ground
[+]13 Apr 1991Argyle3-3Swindon Town Div 2 6,712Home Park
1991-1992[+]05 Oct 1991Argyle0-4Swindon Town Div 2 6,208Home Park
[+]25 Apr 1992Swindon Town 1-0ArgyleDiv 2 10,463The County Ground
2002-2003[+]14 Dec 2002Argyle1-1Swindon Town Div 2 8,111Home Park
[+]23 Apr 2003Swindon Town 2-0ArgyleDiv 2 5,057The County Ground
2003-2004[+]13 Dec 2003Swindon Town 2-3ArgyleDiv 2 9,374The County Ground
[+N]13 Mar 2004Argyle2-1Swindon Town Div 2 16,080Home Park
2010-2011[+]28 Sep 2010Swindon Town 2-3ArgyleFL One 9,346The County Ground
[+]06 Nov 2010Argyle0-4Swindon Town FA Cup 1 5,226Home Park
[+]08 Mar 2011Argyle1-0Swindon Town FL One 8,830Home Park
2011-2012[+]22 Oct 2011Argyle0-1Swindon Town FL Two 6,872Home Park
[+]14 Apr 2012Swindon Town 1-0ArgyleFL Two 10,422The County Ground
2013-2014[+]08 Oct 2013Swindon Town 2-1ArgyleJP Trophy 2(S) 4,211The County Ground
2014-2015[+]07 Oct 2014Argyle3-2Swindon Town JP Trophy 2(S) 2,668Home Park
2018-2019[+]09 Oct 2018Argyle0-3Swindon Town CT Trophy G1 1,906Home Park
2019-2020[+]08 Oct 2019Swindon Town 0-3ArgyleL.c Trophy G2 1,199The Energy Check County Ground (aka The County Ground)
[+]12 Oct 2019Swindon Town 1-1ArgyleEFL Two 9,548The Energy Check County Ground (aka The County Ground)
[+]01 Jan 2020Argyle1-2Swindon Town EFL Two 15,062Home Park
2020-2021[+]03 Nov 2020Argyle4-2Swindon Town EFL One Home Park
[+]26 Jan 2021Swindon Town 0-2ArgyleEFL One The Energy Check County Ground (aka The County Ground)
2021-2022[+]12 Oct 2021Argyle1-3Swindon Town EFL Trophy G2 1,556Home Park

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