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Best1978, 6 - 01993, 5 - 1
Worst1994, 1 - 51982, 0 - 4
of 107
of 108
SINCE LAST Win Draw Defeat
Home 1 yr 11 mths   2 yrs 10 mths   27 yrs 2 mths  
Away 3 yrs 11 mths   2 yrs 8 mths   1 yr 8 mths  

1930-1931[+]11 Oct 1930Bradford City 1-0ArgyleDiv 2 15,661Valley Parade
[+]14 Feb 1931Argyle0-2Bradford City Div 2 15,539Home Park
1931-1932[+]12 Sep 1931Argyle3-3Bradford City Div 2 19,282Home Park
[+]27 Jan 1932Bradford City 3-3ArgyleDiv 2 10,762Valley Parade
1932-1933[+N]22 Oct 1932Argyle2-1Bradford City Div 2 26,945Home Park
[+]04 Mar 1933Bradford City 2-3ArgyleDiv 2 10,763Valley Parade
1933-1934[+]02 Dec 1933Bradford City 3-4ArgyleDiv 2 9,229Valley Parade
[+]14 Apr 1934Argyle3-0Bradford City Div 2 8,981Home Park
1934-1935[+]03 Nov 1934Argyle3-1Bradford City Div 2 14,378Home Park
[+]16 Mar 1935Bradford City 0-1ArgyleDiv 2 5,798Valley Parade
1935-1936[+]02 Sep 1935Argyle0-1Bradford City Div 2 19,195Home Park
[+]09 Sep 1935Bradford City 2-2ArgyleDiv 2 8,722Valley Parade
1936-1937[+]31 Aug 1936Bradford City 1-1ArgyleDiv 2 9,694Valley Parade
[+]09 Sep 1936Argyle4-4Bradford City Div 2 17,715Home Park
1958-1959[+]13 Dec 1958Bradford City 0-0ArgyleDiv 3 11,908Valley Parade
[+]29 Apr 1959Argyle1-1Bradford City Div 3 26,717Home Park
1969-1970[+]18 Oct 1969Bradford City 1-0ArgyleDiv 3 8,232Valley Parade
[+]28 Feb 1970Argyle0-1Bradford City Div 3 7,837Home Park
1970-1971[+]19 Sep 1970Bradford City 0-1ArgyleDiv 3 7,302Valley Parade
[+]24 Apr 1971Argyle1-3Bradford City Div 3 5,914Home Park
1971-1972[+]20 Mar 1972Bradford City 0-1ArgyleDiv 3 5,346Valley Parade
[+]18 Apr 1972Argyle1-4Bradford City Div 3 7,958Home Park
1977-1978[+]24 Sep 1977Bradford City 0-1ArgyleDiv 3 4,031Valley Parade
18 Feb 1978ArgyleABNDBradford City Div 3 Home Park
[+]01 May 1978Argyle6-0Bradford City Div 3 7,862Home Park
1982-1983[+]09 Oct 1982Bradford City 4-0ArgyleDiv 3 4,690Valley Parade
[+]19 Feb 1983Argyle3-1Bradford City Div 3 3,644Home Park
1983-1984[+]03 Dec 1983Bradford City 2-0ArgyleDiv 3 2,955Valley Parade
[+]09 May 1984Argyle3-0Bradford City Div 3 5,744Home Park
1984-1985[+]06 Nov 1984Argyle0-0Bradford City Div 3 4,578Home Park
[+]30 Mar 1985Bradford City 1-0ArgyleDiv 3 6,552Valley Parade
1986-1987[+]23 Aug 1986Bradford City 2-2ArgyleDiv 2 5,104Odsal Stadium (B'ford Northern RLFC)
[+]24 Jan 1987Argyle3-2Bradford City Div 2 11,682Home Park
1987-1988[+]16 Sep 1987Bradford City 3-1ArgyleDiv 2 11,009Valley Parade
[+]20 Dec 1987Argyle2-1Bradford City Div 2 11,350Home Park
1988-1989[+]08 Oct 1988Argyle3-1Bradford City Div 2 6,855Home Park
[+]11 Feb 1989Bradford City 1-1ArgyleDiv 2 8,693Valley Parade
1989-1990[+]04 Nov 1989Argyle1-1Bradford City Div 2 7,152Home Park
[+]05 May 1990Bradford City 0-1ArgyleDiv 2 4,903Valley Parade
1992-1993[+]22 Aug 1992Argyle3-0Bradford City Div 2 6,504Home Park
[+]30 Jan 1993Bradford City 0-0ArgyleDiv 2 5,528Valley Parade
1993-1994[+]20 Nov 1993Bradford City 1-5ArgyleDiv 2 5,204Valley Parade
[+]30 Apr 1994Argyle3-1Bradford City Div 2 10,985Home Park
1994-1995[+]27 Aug 1994Argyle1-5Bradford City Div 2 6,469Home Park
[+]11 Mar 1995Bradford City 2-0ArgyleDiv 2 5,399Valley Parade
2011-2012[+N]10 Dec 2011Bradford City 1-1ArgyleFL Two 10,143Coral Windows Stadium (aka Valley Parade)
[+]31 Mar 2012Argyle1-0Bradford City FL Two 6,933Home Park
2012-2013[+]20 Nov 2012Bradford City 1-0ArgyleFL Two 8,843Coral Windows Stadium (aka Valley Parade)
[+]12 Mar 2013Argyle0-0Bradford City FL Two 5,609Home Park
2017-2018[+]11 Nov 2017Bradford City 0-1ArgyleEFL One 20,227Northern Commercials Stadium at Valley Parade (aka Valley Parade)
[+]02 Dec 2017Bradford City 3-1ArgyleFA Cup 2 4,957Northern Commercials Stadium at Valley Parade (aka Valley Parade)
[+]24 Feb 2018Argyle1-0Bradford City EFL One 11,113Home Park
2018-2019[+]08 Dec 2018Argyle3-3Bradford City EFL One 9,092Home Park
[+]16 Feb 2019Bradford City 0-0ArgyleEFL One 15,855Northern Commercials Stadium at Valley Parade (aka Valley Parade)
2019-2020[+]23 Nov 2019Argyle2-1Bradford City EFL Two 9,645Home Park
[+]29 Feb 2020Bradford City 2-1ArgyleEFL Two 15,225Utilita Energy Stadium (aka Valley Parade)

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