This page is aimed at GoS's match photo contributors, to provide some general guidance on taking and sending the pictures. We've been doing this for a few years now, and one or two (especially Dan) are old hands, but interest has grown and I'm trying to stay with it. Hence these guidelines:

First, I recognise that this might put a bit more of a burden on you, and it may not be much consolation that it will help me. When you have been travelling for hours to get home from the game, you won't want added chores. I do understand this, but I hope it won't add more than a half an hour to your time, and maybe will have little or no impact at all. If it's any consolation, I'm one of you too!  

Before the game: there's a forum just for GoS photographers to allow us all to keep in touch with who's doing what. Click here to enter. To keep it private, there's a password to enter, which I will send to regular contributors.  Please use this facility each time you intend taking pictures, and don't forget to tell me when you think you'll actually be sending them.

On the day: Look out for a good mix of shots, particularly of the stadium, outside as well as in. Try to get the overall sense of the place, but also look out for unusual moments/people/close-ups/angles to add to the interest. Obviously the Green Army is a good subject too, as are the players and staff. One rule that I try to stick to: I'm not supposed to use photos of the action itself.

Quantity: Up to you, but bear in mind that I'm unlikely to be able to use more than 50-70 from all contributors in any one game. Perhaps 30-40 as a maximum is a good guide, but also bear in mind that I'd rather have 20 good ones rather than 40 warts-and-all. So it would help if you could weed-out the obvious dodgy ones and also the duplicates. On the other hand, if you have 50 superb pictures, send them all!  

File names and sizes: Most cameras name the files with some form of ascending number within. Please send the photos to me without renaming them, so that I can sort to ensure the right time order. Gaps won't matter, nor will the starting number. As far as size is concerned, you will know the options for your camera, but ideally choose the setting that produces images of at least 200-400K (1600x1200 pixels), or higher if your memory card can take it.

Photo Processing: If you have the wherewithal, by all means tidy up the photos by cropping, zooming, colour adjusting and red-eye removal. It's surprising the difference this can make and it could save me time. Not essential, but if you can, yes please. One word of warning, don't be tempted to reduce the size of the image. I'll be displaying at 800x600, but I'd rather do the final reduction myself. Also, try not to make a change, save, re-open, make a change, save, re-open etc.  JPEG images deteriorate each time you save them, so repeated saves will gradually spoil the photo. 

Captions: This may take a little time time, but I think they're important so please do them if at all possible. People have done this in the past by renaming the files to the words of the caption (e.g. out they come.jpg). As I said above, please don't do this. Instead, I've provided a special GoS page for you to write them. You can use this as many times as you like for each set of photos, which will allow you to make corrections if you need to. When you email your photos to me, I'll get back to you, normally within 30 minutes, to let you know the url for the captions page and a code that you'll need to put in. Once in, everything is pretty self-explanatory.

One final thought on captions: it would be good to get a consistent approach from us all, so I suggest we stick to a caption format rather than a title. For instance, in titles you often see every word starting with a capital letter. I suggest we don't to this, particularly as some captions may be quite long. Instead, do what you would when writing a sentence - the first letter as a capital, and then only capitals for names (so, for example, "Great to see Lee Hodges back in the side").

That's it!

Finally ...  a special thanks from me, and from all those who enjoy the fruits of your labour, for all your efforts. GoS wouldn't survive without you!