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Steve Dean

Argyle 6 Leeds United 3

Saturday, October 17th, 1987;  Division Two (today's Championship)

These video clips are owned by The South West Film & Television Archive, and reproduced with its kind permission:

Soccer Sunday intro

The teams

Argyle's goals

 1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6

The final whistle

John Clayton &
Kevin Summerfield

As you can hear in the above clips, long-serving announcer Des Robinson has not changed a bit!  And the Leeds line-up caption (above, right) has a spelling mistake - yes it's THE Peter Swan, just 21, before his moves to Hull, Port Vale and Argyle.

Picture Gallery

First of all, very grateful thanks to Brian Spedley for lending me his treasured video of this remarkable game. I've created the pictures below from snapshots of the video, so the very nature of the technology means that the quality will be poor. As I always say, think of it as adding to the atmosphere.  As usual, click on the thumbnail for the full (albeit smaller than normal) image, and use your back-button to return.

1. Dave Smith (he missed the game!)  2. John Matthews  3. Mark Smith  4. Mayflower terracing in the background  5. Geoff Crudgington  6. John Matthews  7. Nicky Law  8. John Brimacombe, Kevin Summerfield and Tommy Tynan  9. Kevin Hodges, John Clayton and Mark Smith  10. Nicky Law squaring up  11. Stuart Evans and Darren Rowbotham  12. Geoff Crudgington  13. Kevin Hodges  14. Leigh Cooper  15. Mark Smith with trademark celebration  16. John Clayton  17. Billy Bremner, Leeds manager  18. Jason Rowbotham  19. For devotees of GoS's redevelopment pages, those tall trees again. Were there more then?  20. Tommy Tynan  21. The final whistle  22. John Clayton  23. Tommy Tynan  24. John Clayton  25. Kevin Summerfield.

If you find that some images fail to appear (a red cross in the top corner),  use the refresh button to correct.


The following article is an extract from Harley Lawer's excellent  book: "Argyle Classics" published by Green Books, Plymouth  (ISBN: 0951381709), and is reproduced with his kind permission.

Sunday Independent:

Come back Dave Smith, all is forgiven!

Before heading up country on a scouting mission the Argyle manager confidently predicted an entertaining game in his absence because Leeds were an exciting side and always worth watching.

With nine goals and umpteen near misses Smith was spot on about the entertainment value but most of the excitement around Home Park was generated by his own much maligned team.

They confounded everyone - possibly themselves included - by ending their wretched run with a blistering volley of firepower.

A side going 10 games without a win might be expected to win the 11th by the odd flukey goal and count their lucky stars just to do that.

But Argyle displayed enough attacking panache to do it in style, revealing a killer instinct that would have given Smith immense satisfaction. They raised premature hopes of a shock result by plundering two goals from John Clayton and Kevin Summerfield inside II minutes, only to kill off the optimism just as promptly by conceding two within the next seven minutes.

They not only surrendered a well-won lead but again allowed their frail defence to be exposed too often for any long-term confidence that they could keep it tight enough to succeed in this or any other game.

But Argyle's defensive problems paled into insignificance alongside Leeds. Some of their efforts bordered on the Kamikazi and Argyle, moving more sweetly as an attacking unit than they have for weeks past, took great delight in punishing the errors.

Summerfield, Mark Smith and Clayton made it five before Glynn Snodin pulled back a third for Leeds. Then Tynan belatedly joined the high scoring spree in the last minute. Goals apart, the action was rough, tough and uncompromising enough to suggest that Weston-super-Mare Ron Groves might consider ordering an early bath for more than one offender.

He was seen pointing to the dressing room at least twice and might have had fewer disciplinary problems if he had imposed more authority in the first half.

Both sides taxed the judgement of the officials to the limit by springing an offside trap at every opportunity.

Leeds, however, grew to rely on it far more than Argyle and yet despite ensnaring every Argyle attacker in turn, they still couldn't avoid suffering their biggest defeat of the season, having conceded only 10 goals before this game.

Argyle started with John Brimacombe in midfield to curb John Sheridan's creative skills but were so confident in their own ability to extract a long-overdue victory that they ditched the close-marking plan at half time.

Brimacombe was given more freedom to attack and a bad tempered Leeds eventually buckled under the strain.

Argyle - Crudgington; J. Rowbotham (D. Rowbotham), L. Cooper, Matthews, Law, Smith, Hodges, Sumrnerfield, Tynan, Clayton, Brimacombe. Sub: Evans.

Leeds - Day; Aspin, Adams (Stiles), Haddock, Ashurst, Williams, DeMange, Sheridan, Taylor, Pearson, Snodin. Sub: Swan. 

Scorers: Argyle -Clayton 2, Summerfield 2, Smith, Tynan; Leeds -Taylor, Snodin (2).

Referee: Mr. R. Groves (Weston-super-Mare).

Attendance: 9,358.


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