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An original, comprehensive and thoroughly researched account of Plymouth Argyle Football Club from its earliest roots to the present day.

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An original account of Plymouth Argyle Football Club from its earliest roots to the present day

This is a printed representation of one chapter of GoS's History of Argyle (, provided for ease of reading and personal retention. Inevitably it lacks links to associated pages, including match and player records, and its layout has been simplified to allow page breaks. Note also that Greens on Screen's online History of Argyle will be updated and new material added from time to time.

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Chapter 12: 1910-1920

04/10/2018 21:07:43

Peter Kinchin [Plymouth]

23rd April 1935 my father a serving Royal Marine later Capt 42 commando Walter Richard Kinchin played in goal for Argyle just reading a letter from Robert Jack asking him to play at Home Park v Bristol on 2nd May. Would be interested to know what memories you have and did he play as an amateur for the first team?

Chapter 18: 1950-1953

4/1/2018 1:04:53 PM

Steve Rhodes [Romsey]

Re "The last photo of the team emerging from the old dressing room" - I think the third Torquay player back on the right (as we look) is Ellis Stuttard. The Torquay goalkeeper may (but I am not sure) have Argyle connections. Richard Davis's Dad was a goalkeeper for Torquay in that era. Was it a Devon Professional Bowl game which we lost 1-0?

Chapter 18: 1950-1953

28/03/2018 10:03:23

Mike Gale [Plymouth]

Realy enjoyed reading this chapter brought back many memories, the 51/52 team was the first I can remember watching , the green and white shirts they wore is what I call "Argyle green"

Chapter 17: 1945-1950

10/01/2018 19:47:54

David Strohacker [Bournemouth]

I was an Argyle fan from 1954-1961 and I found this chapter extremely interesting and informative. I was particularly interested in the picture of Argyle v. Wolves 1950 as this was on the cover of the 1956-57 Club handbook, which a copy I still have.

Chapter 16: 1939-1945

09/09/2017 20:48:27

Alan davis [Plymouth devon]

Excellent my uncle played for plymouth argull in 1960s reg michell

Chapter 12: 1910-1920

5/7/2017 1:01:24 PM

Steve Dean [Plymouth]

That's a really good question, Blair. Trawling through the newspapers, it turns out that the decision for a different format that year was made by the F.A. in the March of 1913, so before Argyle had secured the title.

The Charity Shield was first awarded in 1908, and you're right, the contestants were the winners of the Football League and Southern League. However, the F.A. Council decided that it should revert to a traditional format of professionals v. amateurs that year, that being the format of the Sheriff of London Charity Shield, the trophy that was replaced by the F.A. Charity Shield.

The game was played in October 1913 at New Cross (Millwall) and the professionals won 7-2. Maybe the score emphasised the changing times, and that six years after the demise of the Sheriff of London Shield, professional football well and truly dominated.

The format varied over the following 17 years, until it settled into the League v. FA Cup winners that we know today, albeit now as the Community Shield.

So Argyle were simply unlucky!

Chapter 12: 1910-1920

05/05/2017 15:52:46

Blair [Plymouth]

Why did Argyle not contest the 1913 Community Shield after they won the Southern League that year?

Annex 1

20/10/2016 07:36:18

Andy Soper [Aotearoa (Land of the Long White Cloud) /]

What a superb page Steve. The simplicity of it explains Argyle in one easy go. After the best part of 60 years supporting, I never realised that we had spent so long in Div 2 (old money).

Thanks for everything that you do for the club...and us supporters.


General Comment

04/09/2016 07:38:25

Steve Dean [Plymouth /]

Hi Rosina. I'm afraid I can't confirm that your father was with Argyle, but that's not to say he wasn't. He didn't play for the first team, that's definite, but he might well have played for the Reserves or Plymouth and District side. Did he play for other clubs? Perhaps you could get back to me by email (

Chapter 15: 1934-1939

02/09/2016 12:06:28

rosina heaney [currently Greece /]

I am trying to research my father's connection with Plymouth Argyle, I am told that he signed for Argyle in 1938/9. His name was George Squire, are you able to confirm this?

Chapter 11: 1903-1910

7/29/2016 2:18:21 PM

Hugh [Feniton /]

Congratulations for a well-written, WELL RESEARCHED piece on the early times at Home Park.

Chapter 11: 1903-1910

27/07/2016 13:37:10

Brian Wyatt [119 Simpson Road Eldorado Ontario Canada K0K 1Y0 /]

I'm looking for some information on my Grandfather Sydney (Sid) James Wyatt who played a couple of games for the Argyle.

Would appreciate any information that you can find.

Thanks, Brian -

General Comment

21/07/2016 11:00:54

Collin Goodwin [Devon FA /]

Hi team. Wonderful reading but any chance I can speak with one of you about some old cup history please 07748 183370 or

General Comment

02/06/2016 11:56:26

Steve Dean [Plymouth]

Sandy, please email me at so I can respond 'offline'.



Chapter 9: 1902-1903 Part 2

02/06/2016 11:37:48

sandie webb [wiltshire]

I am putting the 125th history of the Western Football League together and would like to use your excellent work on the sections of history that apply to this league, is that ok with you providing I give acknowledgement?

Chapter 14: 1930-1934

10/05/2016 14:44:50

Valerie Wells [Plymouth Uk]

My dad played for the Devon Heavy Brigade 1933 (photo Plymouth Herald). It said Argyle on the up with the aid of the Devon Heavy Brigade. What did that mean?

Chapter 16: 1939-1945

12/04/2016 18:38:22

Robert Auckland [20, School st. Darfield, Barnsley, s73 9et]

I have found the article to be very interesting as I am researching the career of my late uncle, Len Jones. I have numerous articles on his career which spans over 2 decades playing for Barnsley, Chelmsford, Plymouth, Fulham ( during the war ) Southend Colchester, Ipswich and finally player and ass. manager for Clacton Town.

Chapter 16: 1939-1945

02/01/2016 17:21:24

Doug Binnie [Dundee]

2 January 2016


I wonder if you can assist.

I am looking for any information related to Tom McGovern who played for Plymouth Argyle a few times during the war years or maybe just after them. He worked for the Merchant Navy and was involved in mine sweeping operations. The crew of the ship was known to have a good football team and they were asked to play a couple of games against Argyle’s reserve team. A few were the asked to play for the first team including Tom, although that might not ever have been formally registered. Tom is alive and well (90 on 23 May 2016) and I thought it would great if he had been mentioned anywhere in the history of the club.

A long shot I know – but if you were able to help… would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Doug Binnie

General Comment

28/10/2015 13:19:26

David Copland [North Yorkshire]

I have just purchased 3 medals won by William T. Dyer including one of the famous 1901 Maltese Cross League Medals. I was wondering if you would like to receive photos of the medals when I get hold of them?

David Copland

Chapter 11: 1903-1910

26/09/2015 21:07:35

Judy West [Plymouth]

My great grandfather was the above mentioned George Rowland(s) the coach of Albion and Argyle, who was signed to Burnley the Season WW1 started . He boxed when he was younger and his son in law ,my granddad was a half back for Devonport/Plymouth -Albion

General Comment

15/04/2015 19:42:33

Steve Dean [Plymouth]

Hello James.

I'd be very happy to try (please send the jpg files to the address in 'Contact Us' - see top-right).



Chapter 11: 1903-1910

15/04/2015 18:06:39

James Lindop [Liskeard, Cornwall]

I just found a picture of the 1903/4 team that matches an old postcard that I picked up in a sale. I have another of a team in white jerseys with a dark, horizontal stripe and Australia & plymouth teams. Colud you help identify them? I could send you jpg versins.

Chapter 13: 1920-1930

10/04/2015 14:35:23

andrew harris [Congleton UK]

great site. jack vidler was my grand farher... I think I have his 3divsion winners medal.

General Comment

25/03/2015 17:14:04

Steve Dean [Plymouth]

That's an interesting question (re. the chairmen). I could probably give you an answer, given a little bit of time (maybe a couple of weeks). Please send me you email address (using Contact Us, top-right) and I'll take a look.

Cheers, Steve

General Comment

25/03/2015 16:54:54

D.Marshall [Plymouth]

Trying to find out how many Chairmen Argyle had had over the years? thank you

General Comment

18/12/2014 10:47:53

Ralph Nodder [Back in UK - see below/]

Argyle 1947. Bill Strauss. In 1947 as a sixteent-year-old I left England to settle in South Africa. I wrote to Bill (my hero at the time!) telling him about my journey and asking him about football in South Africa. I was delighted when he replied at considerable length felling me about the state of the game in his country of birth. Such acts of kindness remain with you all your life

General Comment

16/12/2014 16:13:48

David Morgan [Crawley Down West Sussex]

Very interesting. I have a book by one of the ex players which is also good reading. Come on Green Army Div 1 next season

Chapter 16: 1939-1945

15/12/2014 20:21:21

Jason Coon [Plymouth]

First I have read and loved it. Please keep this going.

Chapter 14: 1930-1934

12/13/2014 12:44:22 PM

Gary Spry [Japan]

A fascinating read, and fascinating photos to boot. I'll look forward to reading the earlier chapters. Many thanks for the tremendous effort involved. Incidentally, my earliest memories of Home Park come from around 1970.

Chapter 12: 1910-1920

17/11/2014 16:37:25

Alan Rockey [Devon]

Fantastic information about the players from Argyle who fought in the war and made the ultimate sacrifice. do you know if there is a memorial to these players at the club at all?

General Comment

15/11/2014 11:19:25

rtipping rtipping [Italy]

Thanks for your marvelous posting! I actually enjoyed reading it, you are a great author. I will ensure that I bookmark your blog and will often come back in the future. I want to encourage you to continue your great work, have a nice holiday weekend!

General Comment

08/06/2014 02:00:40

John Grunnell [Tasmania. Australia]

Sorry to keep on about this Steve, but when do you think we shall be seeing more of The History of Argyle? I am desperate for another fix.

John Grunnell

General Comment

08/06/2014 02:00:23

John Grunnell [Tasmania. Australia]

Sorry to keep on about this Steve, but when do you think we shall be seeing more of The History of Argyle? I am desperate for another fix.

John Grunnell

General Comment

01/02/2014 13:43:47

Steve Dean [Plymouth]

Hi Stephen,

That sounds a wonderful photo! Any chance of passing on a copy to us? If so, could you email me using the address in the Contact Us link (top-right).

Many thanks,


General Comment

01/02/2014 13:15:55

stephen barker [botesdale suffolk]

I have a photograph of a team line-up in 1892-3 including, at outside left, my Great Grandfather, George Turpin. My grandfather told me he was playing for a team called Sherwell at the time. The photograph appears to have been taken outside the front door of a pub. My Great Grandfather was a strict Wesleyan with - apparently - a great left foot.

Chapter 1: 1886-1890

9/15/2013 9:31:00 PM

Richard Moore [Taunton, ex Plymouth]

Really good, informative chapter, looking forward to the whole book!!

Chapter 9: 1902-1903 Part 2

16/08/2013 19:32:00

Rob Crews [Albaston, Gunnislake, Cornwall]

Ernest J Moore was my Grandfather. After leaving the Royal Navy he work at Devonport Dockyard. He married late in life and he has two daughters who are still living, one of which is my mother, Margaret, (86 years old) and my aunt, Pam, who is, I believe 91. Ernest passed away when his children (5 daughters and 1 son)were quite young. Margaret was 11 years old so Pam was about 16. Although Pam was not born when Ernest played for Argyle as they became Professional, she remembers knowing that he played for them.

Margaret currenly lives near Bude and Pam in South Devon.


Rob Crews


General Comment

23/07/2013 06:15:28

Debra and Randy Charlick [Seattle, WA, USA]

We are trying to reach Colin Parsons. Please have him email us at Thank you so very much! Debi and Randy Charlick

General Comment

27/05/2013 17:44:48

Steve (GoS) [Plymouth]

Yes there will, John. I'm very sorry that I haven't been able to keep the chapters coming as regularly as I would have liked, but we will get there. The next chapter should be published later in the summer (winter for you) and I hope to be able to get a more regular rhythm going after that.

General Comment

27/05/2013 04:35:06

John Grunnell [Tasmania. Australia]

Are there to be any more 'History of Argyle' features or have we had the lot? It will be a great pity if this is so.

General Comment

09/05/2013 21:57:05

Beverley Charlton [Uk]

Does anyone call a member of the plymouth argyle management team in late 1940s early 1950s called Terence Nicholls?

General Comment

22/12/2012 23:14:49

John Grunnell [Tasmania. Australia]

How do you do it? Chapter 14 even better than the earlier ones which I thought would be hard to beat.

Only 15 more years to go and then you are in my time.|feedbackend|

General Comment

20/12/2012 08:46:50

Stu Nutt [Plymouth]

Brilliant record of Argyle's History, it's the Bible for any true supporter, keep up the good work.

Chapter 1: 1886-1890

23/10/2012 20:12:44

Steve (GoS) [Plymouth]

Hi Helen,

If you send me an email (to, I'll ask the author if he has more information, and get back to you.



Chapter 1: 1886-1890

23/10/2012 19:23:30

helen jenner [leicester UK]

With interest have found out that one of our family members Alfred Hole Shilston plated for Plymouth Argyle. Do you have any information or even a photo of him.

KR Helen Jenner [nee Shilston]

General Comment

08/08/2012 00:50:31

John Grunnell. [Tasmania. Australia]

Are you able to give any probable re-starting date for 'The History of Argyle', a series which is of immense interest to us older fans?.

Chapter 7: 1901-1902 Part 2

6/24/2012 2:11:19 PM

norman cross [west lancashire]


I was fascinated by your article on the dDevon league and particularly 1901/2 season when some of the men at the plymouth navel depot played.

I wonder if in your reasearch you came across any of the Devon Minor Leagues as my wifes Grandfather

whilst station at Devonport played for Plympton F.C. 1901/2 season his name Samuel Baker (aged 20)

and we have a silver badge comemorating this event.We have written to the F.A. in London, Devon County Football Association,and the Football Association but were unable to help. If you wish to see this badge I would happily send you a picture.

Best regards



Chapter 12: 1910-1920

3/22/2012 7:25:08 PM

adrian head [torquay]

stan reed was a great great uncle to me he was featured in herald express thursday 6jan 2011 page 34 35 as youngest cricketer to score 100 runs for devon

General Comment

28/01/2012 23:06:49

John Grunnell [Tasmania. Australia]

Will there be any more chapters of the History Of Argyle or have we had the lot?

The ones published so far have been top notch in every way so it would be a great pity if nothing more is written.

John Grunnell (Fan from 1946)

Chapter 5: 1900-1901

15/12/2011 23:07:09

Vivienne Lawrence [New Zealand]

Very interested to read about Clarence Newby Spooner, John Dawson Spooner and Stanley Spooner who were nephews of my Grandfather, Edwin Charles Spooner.

Chapter 1: 1886-1890

16/10/2011 01:51:57

chris holme [East Lothian]

Congratulations _ and engagingly written, well-researched and comprehensive chapter which expertly disentangles myth from fact.

General Comment

04/09/2011 00:45:31

Thelma Grunnell [Tasmania Australia]

In a couple of the chapters Lifton is mentioned as a Plymouth team My father had a medalion on his watch chain

Lifton Argyle AFC

League and cup winners 1921-22.

I wonder if you know anything about that.

E mail

Chapter 10: 1902-1903 Part 3

27/08/2011 11:09:16

Keith Ellis [ ]


You have a pic of the Argyle team 1902/3 on this page.I wonder if you would share that with Historical Football kits website as they have a gap for that era .I do some unpaid research for that site but do not want to steal your info ?

Your site is fabulous and i wish every club had this facility ! Should i find an image of the 1901-2 team i will share it with you.


Annex 2

25/08/2011 21:17:00

Neil Harvey [Cambridge]


I found your website via the Torquay United Fans Forum historical section.

Very impressed with your website.

I write in hope that someone at your end may be able to help me with research I am undertaking into the history of the Southern Counties Amateur Championship competition. This ran from 1906 to 1974. Devon were in the competition from the first season and whilst I don't have complete records yet Devon competed in the vast majority of seasons up to the abolition of amateur status in 1974.

My research has been via my local press here in Cambridge, trips to Colindale newspaper library in North London, The Times & Guardian online and club historians.

Devon played at least 65 home ties in the SCAC, with "Plymouth" is listed as the home venue for Devon and whilst I assume this is Home Park if anyone can verify that would be great. I am more than happy to forward a list of what I have. For example, the earliest game at Plymouth is Devon 6 Cornwall 0 on 23rd January 1907.

I have some games confirmed as being at Home Park including Devon 1 Middlesex 12 (twelve) on 27th April 1963.

I appreciate that these games may not have been logged as they are not Plymouth Argyle matches but have my fingers crossed!

My email address is


Neil Harvey

Chapter 10: 1902-1903 Part 3

25/08/2011 08:23:01

Peter Jones [London]

Brilliant stuff, this.

Worthy of being published, without any doubt.

Somewhat ironic that it's appearing at such a perilous time for the club, though!

Chapter 7: 1901-1902 Part 2

15/08/2011 23:16:05

russell moore [tavistock]

dear sirs,

another excellent chapter.

did you know that a copy of the argyle v nottm forest programme from 1902 was sold at auction (sportingold) for £2800 last month.probably the oldest argyle programme in existence ? (don smith may know differently)


Chapter 6: 1901-1902 Part 1

7/28/2011 11:12:07 AM

Tony Squance [Plymouth]

A fantastic read and surprisingly so similar to events of today.

General Comment

11/07/2011 07:43:52

Paul Bickerton [Wolverhampton]

This is totally amazing. Must have taken years to pull together. Just thanks for putting a proper history of the club, and allowing us to share in it

Annex 2

05/07/2011 18:31:49

peter jones [chiswick]

One more thing - the guy Gilbert Slater.

What a great story. A first class economist, the Head of an Oxford College (Ruskin, where John Prescott studied), a visionary in terms of attempting to eradicate poverty in India. He also worked for the Fabian Society.

Oh, and he turned out for Argyle Reserves a couple of times.

Footie would definitely have approved!

General Comment

05/07/2011 18:25:46

peter jones [chiswick]

Great stuff. A real labour of love.

I am surprised and delighted to read in the first Chapter just how central the Plymouth College DNA is to the early Argyle story!

General Comment

02/07/2011 02:07:52

Tony Fitz-Gerald [Dubai]

An excellent labour of love. The work that has gone into this is clear to see. Well done so far!

Chapter 2: 1890-1895

30/06/2011 23:55:10

Jon [Torquay]

Brilliant stuff!

I've posted more about the Torquay matches on the forum below. The 1892 game was sort of at Plainmoor but not quite - a stone's throw from the current away end.

Chapter 1: 1886-1890

6/29/2011 3:44:56 AM

Nigel Rick [USA]

Quite astonishing - the detailed research is beyond compare with regard to Argyle!

Well done all involved!

Chapter 1: 1886-1890

28/06/2011 14:07:24

Colin McEwen [Torquay]

Absolutely fascinating!

Chapter 1: 1886-1890

27/06/2011 21:01:12

Ryan Danes [Plymouth]

Just found it - amazing!

Chapter 1: 1886-1890

25/06/2011 13:41:25

Larry Bignell [Grimsby Lincolnshire]

Well done another first for GOS. Puts all the rumours to bed.

A great read for all greens.

General Comment

24/06/2011 18:15:04

Ian Newell [Plympton]

Awesome, you lot have excelled yourselves this time.

Well done.

Chapter 1: 1886-1890

24/06/2011 17:34:07

William Hare [Pontefract, West Yorkshire]

I have found this very, very interesting. Thank you for all the hard work you have put in to make available. Any plans for making it into a book?

General Comment

24/06/2011 16:38:01

Mike Greening [Plympton]

Absolutely brilliant addition to the site. Hopefully it remains free to save as it will build into an excellent reference about the club we support. Mike G

General Comment

24/06/2011 10:44:37

Peter Yolland [PASALB Secretary]

Several years ago Roger mentioned to me about wanting to get his work published and didn't know if it could get into print. I am pleased that Roger has finally been able to find a media to show off his years of research! I will look forward to reading all about the club's history.

Chapter 1: 1886-1890

6/24/2011 1:42:47 AM

Colin Hoyle, [Papamoa Beach, NZ]

Excellent historical paper and very detailed, look forward to reading the next issue.

Great pity the current debate on Pasoti cannot match the quality of GoS, with regard to the clubs future.

Chapter 1: 1886-1890

23/06/2011 23:08:50

Jon [Torquay]

This is a brilliant piece of work. Well done!

I have been disappointed at how previous "complete histories" of Argyle have contained little or no information on the pre-1903 period.

Now we have what seems to be one of the most thoroughly researched early histories of a football club ever produced!

The development of football in Devon during Victorian times is a keen interest of mine. You may find something of interest on the link below, which mentions the formation of a football club in Torquay as early as 1862.

Thanks again for your outstanding work - I look forward to the next instalment!

General Comment

23/06/2011 21:24:26

Andrew Chapman [Leeds]

Manna from heaven guys - this will be here long after we've all gone and its a story worth telling. Really well done and so good to convey and share with all - nice to see the use of technology to do this rather than fannying about trying to get a book deal! That said, you print it, I'd by it, even if there was still this!

Good luck with the 2010-11 Chapter, you might need to switch the swear-checker off!!

Andy Chapman

Leeds Greens

Chapter 1: 1886-1890

6/23/2011 9:19:35 PM

D Walker (Lofty) [Plymouth]

Great Read. Well done Roger.

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