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Come on you Greens!

The Argyle Squad 1975:
(this'll take your breath away!)

Promotion '75

Farewell 3rd Division

I trust that being 27 years old, the copyright on this record won't be an issue. See the notice at the foot of this page.


May 2012 Argyle 5 Man U 3

May 2012 Argyle 5 Man U 3

May 2012 Golf & Dinner

May 2012 Man U. Evening

May 2012 Olympic Flame

May 2012 Romain & Friends

Apr 2012 On Your Bike Kev!

Apr 2012 HP Clean-Up

Apr 2012 GT's Curry Night

Feb 2012 Le Grand Ball

Feb 2012 Man Utd Legends

Jan 2012 Open Meeting

Jan 2012 Sponsors' Lunch

Nov 2011 Reader's Digest

Oct 2011 City Council meeting

Sep 2011 James Brent (part 1)

Sep 2011 James Brent (part 2)

Sep 2011 James Brent (part 3)

Sep 2011 Flags at Brighton Go Green

Sep 2011 Strike action threat

Aug 2011 Home Park vigil

Aug 2011 Save the Club march

Aug 2011 Save Our Club!

Jul 2011 GT's Fun Day

Jul 2011 Pasoti v Exeweb

May 2011 GTs v Fans cricket.

May 2011 GTs, Pasoti & Legends

May 2011 Season awards

Apr 2011 A tribute to Stanno

Mar 2011 AFT open meeting

Mar 2011 On the brink

Feb 2011 Meet the Manager

Dec 2010 Inaugural Fan's Trust meeting

Dec 2009 Youth v West Ham

Oct 2009 PADSA's Cream Tea

Sep 2009 Shilts' Nearly Men

May 2009 Thanks for Memory

Apr 2009 Pasoti @ HP

Mar 2009 Pasoti's H4H

Dec 2008 Carol Concert

Dec 2008 Emirates tour

Nov 2008 Photo Exhibition

Aug 2008 The Pasoti Challenge

Apr 2008 Trigger's big night

Apr 2008 Awards Night

Dec 2007 Luggy at PASALB

Nov 2007 Holloway at Leicester

Jul 2007 Austria Training

Jul 2007 Off to Austria

Jul 2007 Elton John at HP

May 2007 HP, pre-Elton

May 2007 Gosling for England

May 2007 Gosling for England

May 2007 Gosling for England

Presentation Evening

The Final Whistle

FA Youth Cup: Palace 4 Argyle 2

Printing the Programme

Argyle v Falmouth at Bolitho Park

Fans' Forum, Aug 2006

Hinchy's Run for Youth

Meet the Manager: Tony Pulis 

Paul Wotton's Testimonial

Wotts' 1st 10 years: 1|2|3|4  

Argyle's Strip, 2005-06

Wayne O'Sullivan in Oz 

Argyle Hostel Open Evening 2004

Open Day 2004

New Manager: Bobby Williamson 

Michael Foot's 90th 

Open Day 2003 



Oct All about Pasoti

Oct Chris Webb before Council debate

Oct James Brent before Council debate

Sep Romain Larrieu on Reid's departure

Sep James Brent on Reid's departure

Sep Chris Webb on Reid's departure

Sep Chris Webb on the latest news

Sep The latest from James Brent (2)

Aug The latest from James Brent (1)

Aug Sparksy at the vigil (2)

Aug Sparksy at the vigil (1)

Aug Leigh Rapson on the Home Park vigil

Aug Lee Jameson on the latest delay

Aug Ian Newell at the start of the season


Jun Lee Jameson on the PB news

Jun Chris Webb on the June pay news

May Chris Webb on Ridsdale news

May Graham Clark on the week ahead

Apr Graham Clark & the CVA proposals

Apr Graham Clark & James Brent

Mar Ian Newell ahead of administration

Feb Graham Clark after the deduction

Feb The latest from the AFT

Feb Graham Clark, the Trust's new Chair

Jan Trust news from Lee Jameson

Dec Trust news from Lee Jameson

Dec Lee Jameson after the High Court

Dec Lee Jameson about the Fans' Trust


Oct John Lloyd on Summers' departure

Aug Tony Campbell


Dec John Lloyd & Arsenal

Aug Craig Noone

Jul Losing Halmosi

Oct The launch of the Argyle Foundation:

Paul Stapleton

Andy King

Steve Davies


May Giraffes and Gazelles

Apr Luggy's clear-out

Apr Paul Sturrock and the Japanese

Feb Paul Stapleton and finances

Nov Paul Stapleton's hectic week

Nov New manager, Paul Sturrock

Nov Swindon's Manager

Nov LCFC's Press Conference

Nov David Norris

Nov Paul Sturrock

Nov Ollie's reasons

Nov Peter Jones' reaction

Nov Going, going, nearly gone

Nov After Akos

Oct Paul Wotton

Sep Ollie's book (3)

Sep Ollie's book (2)

Sep Ollie's book (1)

Aug Paul Mariner

Aug Paul Stapleton

Aug Season Preview

Jun John Lloyd


Apr Michael Dunford

Mar Michael Dunford

Mar Ian Holloway

Feb John Lloyd

Feb 6th Round Cup Draw - The Manager

Feb 6th Round Cup Draw - The Players

Feb 6th Round Cup Draw - The Chairman

Feb Paul Stapleton

Jan John Lloyd

Jan Ian Holloway

Nov Paul Connolly

Nov Ian Holloway

Oct David Friio

Aug Michael Dunford

Aug Ian Holloway

Aug Barry & Sylvan

Aug Ian Holloway

Aug Ian Holloway

Jul Ian Holloway

Jun Tony Pulis (part 1)

Jun Tony Pulis (part 2)

Jun John Lloyd


Apr Matt Evans, Trigger's brother

Apr Trigger, a local hero

Apr Tony Pulis (part 1)

Apr Tony Pulis (part 2)

Apr Michael Dunford

Apr Radio 5's Stuart Hall

Mar Peter Swan

Jan Lilian Nalis

Jan Geoff Crudgington

Nov Tony Pulis

Nov David Phillips

Nov David Friio 

Nov Colin Wheatcroft

Oct John Lloyd

Oct Tony Pulis

Sep P Stapleton 1 

Sep P Stapleton 2 

Sep Dave Smith 1 

Sep Dave Smith 2 

Sep Jocky Scott 

Sep Paul Wotton

Aug Michael Dunford

Jul Taribo West

Jun Williamson on Rufus Brevett  

Jun Williamson on his new signings  

Jun Anthony Barness

Jun Bojan Djordjic 



Apr Rick Cowdery 

Apr Bobby Williamson, one year on

Apr Keith Lasley 

Apr Jason Dodd 

Apr Paul Stapleton 

Mar Diehard supporters at Sunderland 

Mar Geoff Crudgington 

Feb Mick Jones 

Feb Steve Castle

Feb Farewell David Friio

Feb New director Damon Lenszner

Feb Dexter Blackstock

Feb Akos Buzsaky 

Jan Kevin Summerfield

Jan Mark Patterson

Jan John Motson  

Dec Bjarni Gudjonsson  

Dec Paul Stapleton 1  |  2  3

Dec Bjarni Gudjonsson  

Dec Michael Dunford  

Dec Paul Wotton

Nov Matthias K Doumbe 

Nov Peter Gilbert and Paul Wotton 

Oct Jocky Scott 

Oct Peggy Prior on AAR

Oct Paul Stapleton and Paul Wotton

Sep David Friio 

Sep Ex player, coach and manager, Steve McCall

Aug Peter Gilbert  

Aug Physio and all round good guy, Paul Maxwell

Aug P@soti and GoS regular Michael Godwin

Aug Argyle's Statto, Roger Cawse  

Aug Paul Stapleton on the season ahead 



David Friio  

Director, Phil Gill  

His Name is Friio  

Lowndes, Lowndes, Nathan Lowndes  

Graham Coughlan  

The Chairman with the latest     

David Friio and the team spirit  

The ball boys and girls 

Club Statistician, Roger Cawse 

Graham Coughlan 

Blair Sturrock

Rafferty & Mariner

Geoff Crudgington on Luke

Ken Jones on PAYD  

Norman Piper 

Ian Stonebridge 

Paul Stapleton

David Friio's award

Romain Larrieu

Nationwide's Chris Hull

Jani Viander 

Clem at Half Time 

Andy "Jock" Morrison

Eugene Kangulungu 

Romain Larrieu  

Graham Coughlan

Radio 5's Clem 

Martin Hodge 

John Lloyd on "Voices" 

Michael Foot on Japanese Radio  

Scouser Paul Connolly

Tom 'Lofty' Watt

Peter Jones on the centenary celebrations

Peggy Prior speaks about Argyle Against Racism

Rick Cowdrey   

Stapleton, 2 years on  

No 90: Michael Foot  

Phill Gill on Austria  


New Head of Communications, Richard Cowdery  

David Norris    

New City Council Leader, Tudor Evans    

John Lloyd & Voices of Home Park    

Lee Hodges  

On loan, Grant Smith

Graham Little, PAFC Secretary 1966-1992

David Friio

Colin Wheatcroft

Paul Wotton

Radio 5: Clem's Quest

Paul Stapleton

Martin 'Buster' Phillips

An upbeat Romain Larrieu

David Friio's century

John Britton - new Commercial Director

John McNulty - a special message

Radio Devon's review of 2002

Roger Cawse, the Home Park statistician

Dave Banana and the Bananarettes: Pasties from Cornwall

Paul Wotton

Paul Stapleton

Mick Jones

Dave Banana and the Bananarettes: I Saw Them Play

Speed Gun on Paul Wotton

Ken Jones & the Argyle Hotel

Romain Larrieu

Dave Smith

David Beresford

Graham Coughlan

Colin Wheatcroft

Chris Robinson & Terry Guswell

Jason Bent

John Blackley 

John McNulty 


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