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A free Greens on Screen app brings the GoS website direct to your Android phone or tablet. But why would you want that, when it's already accessible from a browser?

That's a fair question because essentially the new app displays the standard Greens on Screen website, much as a browser does, but it allows you to gain access with one tap on your mobile's home screen, and GoS's pages can use the full extent of your display rather than being confined by the browser's needs. So, for instance, photos will appear in a larger form. Also, 'Picture of the Day' and 'On This Day' appear up front, allowing a quick view of the daily features.

Follow these steps to install the app:

  1. Your Android device must be set to allow installation from third-party sources, as follows:
  2. For Android 4.0 and higher: Open System Settings, select Security and set Unknown Sources.

    For Android 2.3 or lower: Open Settings, select Applications and set Unknown Sources.

  3. To download the app, TAP HERE on your Android device. You can 'OK' any warning messages - the app is safe.
  4. Look for the downloaded Greens_on_Screen app in your device's notification area and tap it to install.
  5. Once installed, remember to reset your Unknown Sources setting to maintain control over third-party software.